Meet YikeBike, the award winning electric folding bike

There is evolution happening on every sector especially in technology and owing to how much the area of bikes has lacked innovation for sometime, YikeBike wants to put a little effort in making sure that there are better designed bikes on our streets. YikeBike is a folding electric bike and looking at the design and the use you would be surprised someone wants you to actually get on that bike and take a ride to work or a meeting somewhere.


It is an invention that is almost as frightening as it is fantastic. Designed in two versions, Model V and Model C, YikeBike features premium design from a small team that dared to think there can be a better form for motor transport.

The project that is running a campaign on Kickstarter and is now already past 50% funding of their $100,000 goal with 39 days left promises that the ride will be worthwhile. Personally, I don’t see how I would get on YikeBike and ride on busy streets with it, but it will sure be a nice adventure doing it on less busy streets and probably within my estate that is not crowded with the bustling life of the city roads. Perhaps for the curiosity of wanting to try the YikeBike, or maybe because some people believe in it… they are ready to go all the way to get their models and Kickstarter presents the opportunity to receive it earlier in 2015.

The Model V version of the YikeBike is the simpler version with less features and less premium design. It is still premium though. The model V is constructed of hydrofromed aluminium and composite reinforced polymer. The model V comes with both the 2 and 3 wheel configurations and these can be simply swapped over with the single screw and tools that are supplied – providing instant satisfaction as well as building the riders confidence. (the 3 wheel configuration is only available on the model V). The recommended retail price for this bike is $4995.


YikeBike’s Model C is the company’s “prestigious premium product”. This one has a recommended retail price of $7995 and according to the startup:

Meticulous material preparation and finishing delivers the ultimate in bragging rights. High-tech carbon-fiber construction materials and hand finishing means there are only a few model C’s available to the discerning buyer. The model C is the lightest and most rigid YikeBike we can offer, with carbon fiber – Frame, Rear Leg, Front Wheel and Handlebar assembly. We are using the latest Panasonic Lithium Ion batteries offering a range of 20km and regenerative braking.

The intimidating nature of this project made me write about it especially because it is such an invention that has been carried out with extreme courage. However, before ordering for one, probably go through your country’s laws to see if YikeBike can be allowed by authorities in your geographical location. Mixed feelings about YikeBike will emerge in the coming days and despite the awards it has received so far, it is still a work in progress as far as am concerned.


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