Meet Sony’s new Walkman, the ZX2

Sony as usual will always have several things planned for every year. Some of those things are released during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and others during the other numerous technology conferences during the year. As CES 2015 kicked off, the buzz was that Sony was going to launch a new walkman. That came to pass.

Sony’s new walkman is dubbed ZX2. Earlier on in July Sony launched the ZX1 but their new walkman is a much improved device. Sony says it is designed for the people who need a highy quality audio device. However, what captures your attention when you see the ZX2 is the design.

The ZX2 has a black matte casing with playback buttons placed very carefully on the side. The playback buttons include a rewind, play and pause button that seem to be easily reachable.Th ZX2 also has a gold-toned headphone jack and a microSD slot in case you need more storage. The current internal storage is upgradable to the tune of 128 GB. It runs the old Android and that’s boring. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean debuted in 2012 a month before the new year and it obviously beats logic why Sony would not think straight here. There is Android 5.0 now also known as Lollipop, you’d think Sony should probably know that, but no they don’t. Also, there have been around 4 releases of Android since Android 4.2, why wouldn’t they choose the previous Android 4.4 even? We’ll never know.

The walkman supports DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossle among other file types. You can also use bluetooth if you want to stream music wirelessly or use NFC if you want a faster connection to headphones or speakers. The ZX2 seems to be built for the premium audio experience and it is not meant to function like today’s smartphones. That should explain why it is using an old Android version. Please note that you can download compatible apps from the Play Store to install on this walkman.

Everything nice has a price to pay. It looks like you will have to pay huge for the walkman. A whooping $1,119.99 is what it will cost you to afford this piece of work from Sony. That’s a lot to ask but to each their own. Sony ZX2 will launch in Spring.

Check out the walkman in action in the video below:


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