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Need to reach the best journalists in your niche? With a media database of over 75,000 journalists across different industries, we’ve got you covered.

Filter contacts using the things that matter to you

Simply tell us what matters to you and we’ll give you a list of journalists who fit your criteria. Using information such as your industry, your location and the media outlets you’re interested in, we can build a custom media list containing anywhere between 500 to 2000+ contacts. Sit back and let us help you find journalists who are a good fit. 

Find out more about the journalist

Curious about a particular journalist on your custom media list? Easy. Use the database to open up their profiles and learn more about them.

With our curated media lists, we can connect you with the best contacts in your industry

We pick only the contacts you need

Our account executive sifts through our media contacts to find ideal media contacts for your brand. By taking into consideration not only your criteria but also your brand story, we can match you with the best journalists to cover your brand. Since we’ve developed this network ourselves, we can recommend people who would be excited to hear from a brand like yours.

Personalize your email outreach

We provide you with email addresses, phone numbers and social media details so that you can personalize your outreach process while reaching out in a way that is convenient for you.

No time-wasting with bad emails that don’t get you through. Save time, get quality emails and be heard.  

Assured deliverability

The constant updates to our media database ensure we stay current with the ever-changing media scene and bring you contacts that get you through to your target. High deliverability is the difference between a media list that works and one that does not.

Hours of Saved Time

Thanks to our media database, you don’t need to spend countless hours rummaging through out-of-date directories and millions of media outlets. We bring you the media contacts you need at the click of a mouse saving you and your team hundreds of hours every year.

“It was difficult to find the right journalists for our startup when we needed to get the word out. Thanks to Pressfarm, we can now find journalists specific to our goals and needs. We are no longer wasting time and energy.”

Milton Jackson

Founder and Director of User Experience (UX) at PicSpotr

Need a ready-to-go media list on demand?

While we have made our media database easy to search and select contacts to reach out to, we understand that some companies don’t have time to do this. Rather, these companies want a media list that can be used on short notice and on-demand. Included in all our packages are ready-to-use media lists for companies that might not have that extra hour or two to do a quick search in the database but want to be sure they are reaching out to the right contacts.

All you need to do is submit your company information along with your preferences to us. Once you’ve done that, you can sit back while our account executive sifts through our comprehensive media network to find journalists who are a great match for your brand. We then provide a summarized list of targeted media professionals for your press coverage needs from our media database.

We filter these by:

  • Job interests

  • Publications

  • Industry

  • Location

Depending on the size of your company as well as the news you have to share, we can connect you with journalists from top-tier publications as well as niche journalists who specialize in writing stories about your industry. By matching you with these journalists, we help you to put your brand story in front of the right audiences.

With your custom media lists, you can continue doing media outreach for your brand long after we finish working on your campaign at Pressfarm. What’s more, you now have a ready-to-go list of journalists who you can pitch whenever you have news to share. No more spending hours digging through media databases to find the ideal media contacts before each launch.

By cutting out the time you would spend doing your own media research, we allow you to focus on improving your product or service. This way, you’ll have things in top-notch condition in time for your big launch. 

Easily reach out to journalists in the US, UK and beyond. Share your story with the world today!

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A comprehensive media database




With a database populated by over 75,000 journalists across different industries, we can scan media outlets, journalists, bloggers and influencers to find matches which align perfectly with the niche that you want to put your voice into.

Journalists who match your criteria




We’ve made it easy to find the best journalist to report your story. We use your criteria to help you search for journalists across niches, publications and categories.

Leave the hard work to us




Not feeling like doing it alone? Our on-demand media lists will come in handy for your immediate needs. We build a media list for you with utmost care and professionalism to make sure it is worth your time.