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Connect with the best journalists in your industry

Why you need our media database

So you want to share your brand story with the world. A media database helps you to connect with skilled storytellers who can help you tell this story. Whether you’re looking for journalists, bloggers or influencers, you should be able to find them all in a good media database. The best media databases also help you organize your media outreach.

We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive media database of over 1 million journalists, bloggers and influencers across different industries. In order to gain access to this media database, you first need to choose a PR package that fits your PR needs. From there, you can get access to the best media contacts in your niche who can help you share your brand story with the world. This gives you continued press coverage for a full year.

Our database is designed to make ongoing media outreach easier for you. Whenever you need to contact a fresh batch of journalists, all you need to do is look through our database and pick the relevant contacts.

How do you ensure assured deliverability?

The constant updates to our media database ensure we stay current with the ever-changing media scene and bring you contacts that get you through to your target. High deliverability is the difference between a media list that works and one that does not.

Can I reach media professionals in different industries?

We pull our media contacts from a wide range of industries. Use our powerful search engine to connect with professionals from the tech, fashion, cryptocurrency, business, and entertainment industries, among others. 

You want to capture your target audience’s attention, so you need to partner with a trusted authority to promote your brand. We make this easier by giving you an entire database of people to pick from.

Our database gives you access to journalists, bloggers and influencers. How do you decide who to reach out to? By finding out where the people in your target audience spend most of their time. After all, you’re hoping these media professionals will help you reach your target audience.

If your target audience keeps up with the news, then reaching out to a journalist would make sense. Is your target audience composed of millennials who respect influencer recommendations? Reach out to an influencer so that you can connect with these people. For a target audience that reads lots of blogs, reach out to bloggers.

For each contact in our database, we’ll let you know what media outlets they produce content for. This will help you to identify who each person’s audience is and whether this audience aligns with your target audience. With this information, you can choose the best storytellers and thought leaders to help you share your news with the world. This personalized information also boosts your chances of success during pitching.

Filter contacts using the things that matter to you
Use our powerful search engine to search for the best journalists in your niche. Don’t have time to dig through the database yourself? Simply tell us what matters to you, and we’ll give you a list of journalists who fit your criteria.

Using information such as your industry, your location and the media outlets you’re interested in, we can build a custom media list containing relevant media contacts. Submit your information and relax or spend more time on product development while we help you find journalists who are a good fit.

Find out more about the journalist
Curious about a particular journalist on your custom media list? Easy. Use the database to explore their profiles.

We’re committed to helping you connect with the best media matches for your brand. Our search engine is designed to help you filter through our pool of contacts by:

Beats/topics: Find contacts who specialize in the same topic that your story highlights.

Outlets/journalists: Find the contact information for specific journalists, bloggers, influencers or media outlets that you’ve had your eye on.

Keyword: Find media professionals who specialize in writing topics that align with particular keywords.

Using this intuitive search engine, you can connect with the best media professionals in your niche. Simply select the search criteria that aligns with your interests and sift through the results generated to choose the people you’re interested in.

You can also save your searches for future searches. Since you don’t need to keep building your search criteria from scratch every time, you can save lots of valuable time.


While we have made our media database easy to search and select contacts to reach out to, we also understand that some companies don’t have time to do this. Rather, these companies want a media list that can be used on short notice and on-demand. With your custom media lists, you can continue doing media outreach for your brand long after we finish working on your campaign at Pressfarm. What’s more, you now have a ready-to-go list of journalists who you can pitch whenever you have news to share. No more spending hours digging through media databases to find the ideal media contacts before each launch.

By cutting out the time you would spend doing your own media research, we allow you to focus on improving your product or service. This way, you’ll have things in top-notch condition in time for your big launch. 

Want to reach out to a market beyond your borders? Our media lists aren’t restricted to your local region. Simply give us a profile of the kind of journalists and outlets you’d like to connect with, and we’ll make it happen. Easily reach out to journalists in the US, UK and beyond. Share your story with the world today!

How do you build my media lists?

In order to build a media list that works for you, we use information about your brand and your target audience as well as the kind of journalists you’re interested in reaching.

All you need to do is submit your company information along with your preferences to us. Once you’ve done that, you can sit back while our Account Executive sifts through our comprehensive media network to find journalists who are a great match for your brand. We then provide a summarized list of targeted media professionals for your press coverage.

Customized outreach at your convenience

Personalize your email outreach
Whether you’re using the media database or our custom media lists, we provide you with email addresses, phone numbers and social media details to make reaching out easy and convenient.

Personalize your outreach process while reaching out in a way that is convenient for you.

We pick only the contacts you need
Our Account Executive sifts through our media contacts to find ideal media contacts for your brand.
By taking into consideration not only your criteria but also your brand story, we can match you with the best journalists to cover your brand. Since we’ve developed this network ourselves, we can recommend people who would be excited to hear from a brand like yours.



Still have questions? Check out our FAQs or reach out to our team directly and we’ll be sure to help you out.
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Is the database global?
At the moment, our contacts are primarily based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Even so, we’re widening the scope to include more regions. Since we work with clients all over the world, the upcoming country filter will help people like you to find the perfect media match in your region and beyond. 

How often do you update this database?
Pressfarm works round the clock to ensure that journalists’ contacts are up-to-date. We are always welcoming new media professionals to our database. While we strive to only work with updated contact information, we sometimes miss one or two contacts that may need updating. If you think a contact is out-of-date, you can let us know by sending us feedback through our live chat or emailing info (at)

Can I save my search criteria?

Our database has been built to be used on-the-go. Even so, you can also download mass email addresses from the database in .csv files. However, you need to be careful when doing this, because it encourages mass emailing. This might seem convenient to you, but in the media world, mass emailing is regarded as spam. Our PR experts have enough experience working with the media to know that personalized email pitches are always more effective than mass pitches. There is no world in which spamming will help you achieve effective media coverage. Trust us on that one.

Can I send personalized pitches from the database?

Absolutely. Our database is designed to make your life easier. In order to do this, we’ve equipped the database with an email distribution feature. Simply select the media contacts you’d like to reach out to, craft your email and hit send. You can pick from our pitch templates and personalize your email for each media contact, or draft an email of your own. 

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