According to the universal law of attraction, your life aligns with your feelings and thoughts. In other words, the energy you give out attracts specific people and things into your life. What this theory suggests is that you’ve got the power to shape your future. That is if you can learn to properly use the power of manifestation that reigns inside you.

However, tapping into this power and using it to make your desires come true requires mastery and control. That’s where Unlock the Universe Manifestation Journal comes in. This journal guides you through how you can fulfill your desires through positivity. With the techniques in this journal, you’ll be able to clarify your desires and direct your thoughts, actions, and feelings to attract those desires.

Product Overview

Learn How to Manifest your Desires with Unlock the Universe Journal

Title: Unlock the Universe Manifestation Journal

Author: Paige Cormier

Product Site: Unlock the Universe

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How does ‘Unlock the Universe Manifestation Journal’ work?

This journal is packed with 200 pages of knowledge and tips that draw on the Law of Attraction. Furthermore, the journal enlightens you on how you can leverage this law to manifest your dreams or desires. Beyond that, it’s packed with lessons and tools to help you change your actions, feelings, and thoughts to get what you desire in life.

If you want to fulfill your purpose or dreams in life, Unlock the Universe offers a quick route to it. Getting yourself this journal is an opportunity to fix the drawbacks that have been preventing you from progressing in life. And if things have been progressing well in your life lately, you can still reach for more success. Unlock the Universe Manifestation Journal is designed to ensure you accomplish all your dreams.

About the author

Paige Cormier has drawn on years of studying spirituality, mental health, and the Law of Attraction to create this manifestation journal. She believes that anyone can tap into the power of their mind and turn their dreams into reality and she’s on a mission to help people all over the world to do just that.

Unlock the Universe is packed with over 200 pages of powerful tools, activities, and affirmations to help readers clarify their desires. Beyond offering this clarity, the journal is designed to help users create a plan to make those desires come true. This manifestation journal covers the following topics:

  • How to Successfully Manifest
  • Law of Attraction meaning
  • Signs from the Universe
  • 15 Manifesting Activities
  • 30 Days of Journaling
  • Morning Affirmation
  • Evening Affirmation
  • Inspirational Daily Quotes

The science behind the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is backed by quantum physics, which is based on positive and negative vibrations. Basically, every feeling and thought that you put out into the universe produces a frequency or vibrations. And whatever vibrations the universe receives are usually reflected back to the source. This means that whatever we feed to the universe, it gives us back in equal measure.

A study from over a decade ago proved that people with a positive mindset were more likely to be successful and happy. And another study from 2010 revealed that visualizing your goals, desires or dreams improves the likelihood of fulfilling them.

As you can see, positive thoughts and visualization are powerful arsenals when it comes to realizing your dreams.

The Unlock the Universe Journal leverages this concept to help us channel our positive thoughts and use them to build the reality we desire. By believing that our desires are achieved, we’re generating a positive vibration in the universe.

Are there drawbacks to believing in the Law of Attraction?

Unfortunately, there’s a noteworthy drawback when implementing the law of attraction. As we get lost in adapting to positivity, we tend to forget that there is goodness in experiencing negativity. Also, there’s a growing culture of enforcing positivity even when it’s not necessary.

Experts in the mental health space refer to this as toxic positivity. This is the kind of mindset that completely denies the possibility that bad things can still happen, even when you have a positive outlook on life. By failing to make room for negative experiences and process them in a healthy way, you actually do yourself a disservice. After all, bad things happen to everyone. The first step in developing the emotional strength and coping mechanisms to face negative situations is accepting that a positive outlook does not guarantee a problem-free life.

People who deny the reality that life is a mix of both good and bad can easily end up with an extreme level of emotional repression that leaves them ill-equipped to handle life as a whole. Additionally, there’s the fact that without experiencing negative situations, you can’t fully appreciate the positive ones.

However, if you can balance negative feelings and the positive thoughts required for progress, then you’re safe. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

What makes ‘Unlock the Universe Manifestation Journal’ unique?

Let’s face it, there are various versions of Unlock the Universe journal available on the web. While some of them can promise you instant solutions or heaven on earth, only a few fulfill that. What makes this journal a better choice than the others?

For starters, Unlock the Universe Manifestation Journal is a woman-founded business. The journal has been thoughtfully designed by an expert in spirituality, mental health, and the Law of Attraction. Paige has poured her passion for all these fields, as well as years of experience into the concepts on each page in this journal.

This journal is also very comprehensive. It covers everything you need to know about desire manifestation. Furthermore, it also comes with additional resources like a YouTube channel and social media communities that you can plug into to help you on this journey.

Who can use Unlock the Universe?

Unlock the Universe is specifically designed for people between 25 and 55 years old.

Regardless of where you are in life, Unlock the Universe can help you deal with drawbacks and help you forge innovative ways to succeed in life. With this journal, you have the power to dictate what your future will look like.

Getting started

Hard times and unrealized dreams shouldn’t get you down. There’s no reason to get stuck in a rut when things aren’t going well. You shouldn’t get complacent when things are looking up either. Learning the art of manifestation can go a long way toward helping you unlock your true potential and unleash all your desires.

Paige Cormier believes that everyone has a shot at manifesting and living a prosperous future. With Unlock the Universe, you can finally turn your dreams into reality and live the future you’ve always envisioned.

To get this journal, click here. You can also keep tabs on updates and upcoming events via their social channels like Instagram and YouTube.