When you run a business, you simply cannot expect it to get very far without a proper marketing plan. The marketing world can seem big and scary with all the constantly changing strategies and brand-new information. However, if you have a certain product or provide a certain service, you likely worked very hard on it and want it to reach as many people as possible. That’s why you have to keep up with this ever-evolving world to make informed decisions regarding your marketing techniques. Are you already following a marketing plan that just isn’t working, or taking too long to achieve results? Consider the following tips to make your product reach more people at a faster pace.

1. Introduce A Story

One of the underrated strategies to make a product reach more people is to personalize it with a story. Many marketers get caught up with the products that they lose sight of giving their potential customers an experience. Try crafting a detailed story around your product, whether how it came to be, or how it can be used, highlighting in those details its benefits. Try to engage the customers’ emotions and senses with the story to have the product truly resonate with them.

2. Utilize Email Campaigns

Many people think email is no longer a viable way to promote products to more people. However, 72% of customers prefer email over other types of communication, according to a study by MarketingSherpa. The key is to ensure your emails have interesting, engaging content and are not too frequent, making customers get frustrated and unsubscribe. You also need to gather data to target the right customer via email instead of sending them to your entire contact list.

3. Improve Your Google Shopping Feed

It goes without saying that to quickly reach more people, you need to push your product using Google Shopping Ads. These must include the product’s description, image, and price, but it doesn’t stop there. You need to constantly do product feed optimization, fix Google shopping feed errors, and implement targeting and bidding strategies. Make sure you regularly update the basic feed fixes like the availability, prices, description, and image link. If your Google shopping feed runs smoothly, you’ll notice a significant increase in sales.

4. Try A Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a marketing strategy that encourages customers to return, improving customer retention. They can either be free or paid and are also used to promote specific products. Paid programs will require paying for a membership and, in return, receive perks like discounts, free returns, and other exclusive benefits. As for unpaid programs, they use a point system in which a certain number of points grants the customer a reward, like a discount or free delivery. This will generate more repeat purchases and improve your average order value.

5. Use Social Media

We all already know the power social media holds in spreading the word about anything, anywhere. It would be very unwise to not use that to your advantage to make your product reach more people. Your product should be searchable on various social media which can only be done if you regularly post about it as well as any deals and offers associated with it. Also share content related to the product to give a chance for engagement with people and run contests, allow shares, comments, and reviews of the product.

6. Content Is King

When it comes to promoting a product on a website or social media, content is the main key to success. It’s important that you run diagnostics on your target audience on several platforms and start tailoring your content to reach them. If you haven’t already, starting a blog is a great step towards achieving a quicker reach. A blog post on the product you’re trying to sell, with all its features, benefits, and other details can go a long way if properly crafted for SEO research. Try to also guest blog on other people’s websites who have a similar theme to the product.

how to make your product reach more people

These are the top strategies you can use to reach more people quickly with your product. The process might take a lot of hard work and patience, but implementing strategies the right way will significantly impact your sales. Just make sure to choose the strategies that most suit your product or service. Not everything works for everyone, which is why you will most likely go through a testing phase. The most important thing is to do your fair share of research on how to perform each marketing strategy in a way that ensures you reap all its benefits.