Little Haven Art Studio is a place where art lovers can find healing through pieces created by mixed media artist Amanda Craig. Her pieces form a unique collection that guides individuals through a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Amanda built Little Haven Art Studio on her belief in the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of mixed media art. She employs a thoughtful and strategic approach to create art inspired by her Christian roots. Thanks to her faith-centric approach, she’s created several pieces that promote emotional release, self-reflection, and healing.

In addition to the creation of art on canvas, Amanda promotes the practice of art journaling to guide her audience through a personal journey to navigate and process their emotions. Art journaling is the process of creating a visual journal to capture feelings, emotions, thoughts, and to work through life’s challenges. Whether they’re facing life’s challenges, seeking comfort, or simply looking to discover themselves, art journaling is a therapeutic tool for individuals to document their healing process.

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The inspiration for Little Haven Art Studio

Having struggled with debilitating fibromyalgia symptoms for years, Amanda has found peace through the process of creating art and in art journaling. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by symptoms of widespread chronic pain and chronic fatigue, as well as cognitive challenges. While not an easy journey,  art has become a part of that healing process. As a result, she has gained a passion for sharing the healing potential of mixed media art with the world. Driven by her own personal experience, she in turn inspires others to embrace art as a powerful medium for personal healing.

Amanda’s art often showcases beautiful landscapes from Bastrop, Texas as well as Christian themes that help viewers find healing, forgiveness, and true peace. She also creates specific art pieces to educate people about Sheep Dog Initiative’s fight against human trafficking.

Apart from adding beauty to her clients’ homes, Amanda believes her art can be a powerful visual reminder that helps them find healthy ways to work through challenges in life and in their relationships.

The benefits of using art journaling to heal

Amanda believes that anybody can harness the power of art journaling on their own to process difficult situations. Using art journaling can help people overcome life’s hurdles in a variety of ways:

  • Promotes emotional release: Art journaling allows one to express complex emotions in a non-verbal but visually impactful manner, facilitating emotional release and relief.
  • Provides space for self-reflection: The very nature of mixed media art encourages introspection, encouraging individuals to explore aspects of their identity.
  • Supports holistic healing: By incorporating faith-based components to their art journaling, individuals can engage in a holistic healing process that is individual to them and promotes well-being.
  • Offers creative empowerment: Individuals who experience the healing benefits of this kind of art first-hand walk away with a fresh perspective on life.

At Little Haven Art Studio, Amanda has leveraged her unique talent in mixed media art as a tool for healing and self-discovery. Her vision transcends the traditional boundaries of art, inviting individuals to embark on a transformative journey through an expressive and visual landscape.

Amanda’s pieces are available for purchase on the Little Haven Art Studio website. She will also be one of the vendors at Bastrop Art Fest this weekend, on November 11, 2023, where she will have her original canvas prints for sale, as well as some giclee prints of her work. She will also be selling smaller pieces that make meaningful gifts, including handmade art journals that can be used for art journaling, art journaling ephemera that can be used, handmade mixed media cards, watercolors, and seasonal mixed media pumpkins.

Drop by the Little Haven Art Studio booth and go home with a piece of art that speaks to you and offers the inspiration you need for this phase of your life.

You can also get updates on Amanda’s art collection on Facebook.

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About Amanda Craig

Amanda Craig’s inspiration to create impactful art started years ago, when she first started art journaling. As she grew as a mixed media artist, she started designing handbound journals and creating eco-dyed art. She also experimented with plaster and acrylic on wood and canvas substrates, with unique results. Amanda believes that art should not be stuffy, and her pieces reflect this sense of freedom. Amanda’s original art pieces can be purchased at Little Haven Art Studio as well as Lost Pines Art Center in Bastrop, Texas, where she is a member.