Owning a business is overwhelming and stress-inducing, especially if it is not as successful as you would have hoped. You may be constantly trying to establish a name for yourself in the market by incorporating digital marketing into your plan. It cannot be denied that your content plays the main role in proving your website’s worthiness. However, SEO is an important aspect to consider to increase your rankings.

One of the underestimated and neglected strategies nowadays is link building. As opposed to what people think, it is not dead; rather, it is continuously improved. You should learn more about it to know how to implement it to gain more traffic. That being said, we are here to shed light on the hidden truths that SEO services don’t want you to know about.

To Use or Not to Use Meta Tags

In the past, pieces of HTML called meta tags were the holy grail for being recognized by search engines. They were created to inform the browsers about the content of any website. Unfortunately, like anything that was supposed to be used for good, it got misused and became misleading. As a result, poor-quality websites got into places that they weren’t supposed to reach.

When browsers realized that they were being misled, they stopped considering meta descriptions as credible sources. However, what SEO services fail to mention is that this meta-information is still helpful when it comes to increasing traffic to your website. That is because customers will still check them when they are searching for a link to visit. So, you should consider this because they will help you one way or another.

Target Quality, Not Quantity

The real trick towards creating a good link building strategy is to look for powerful links. Even though getting the help of multiple weak links will help you, landing the right one takes less effort and gets better results. It is about quality, not quantity, however, you should gather as many links as possible until you stumble upon the right one that will boost your ranking.

Steer Clear from “Write for Us” Pages

Some websites include “Write for Us” pages which are the easiest route towards link building. All you have to do is search for these websites and reach out to them by sending an email. On the other hand, they are full of irrelevant content that some browsers devalue any link that comes from these websites. That’s why marketers like Matthew Woodward recommend steering clear from SEO services that use the help of “Write for Us” websites. You may get blacklisted for being on their list and you may get demoted as well.

Use LSI Anchor Texts

Latent Semantic Indexing is a mathematical theory that helps search engines measure the relevance of a website to its links and anchor texts. You may already know that using keywords attracts potential clients and reaches them faster. However, overusing them may result in over-optimization, which is not good for your business. That being said, LSI is all about using synonyms instead of the same word for a dozen times. You can also reach out to other customers through long-tail keywords that you didn’t target in the first place.

Since browsers tend to update their rules regularly and change the criteria for the organic links, you need to protect yourself against getting penalized. LSI will help you through diversifying your anchor texts to prove to the search engines that you are creating the optimum user experience.

Comment on Blogs

The purpose of jumping up the ranks through link building is to attract more clients, you can find ways to expand your reach without having to get the approval of the search engines. Well, an easy and fun way is to comment on blogs whenever you come across one. Some people may argue against its effectiveness, however, it is still a valid way to build links.

The real question here is; how can commenting increase traffic? The art of expressing requires you to ask questions or catch the blogger’s attention through an interesting insight. Other visitors and webmasters may find your point intriguing and check out who you are, so you will get the number of visits you are aiming for. On the other hand, you should avoid compliments because even though people root for them, they won’t reply.

Reach Out to Mobile-Friendly Websites

One of the ranking algorithms that browsers use is whether the website is mobile-friendly or not. When you choose a specific link to add, you need to make sure that people will be able to check it from any device. You may not have full control over all links especially if your website is being mentioned by other bloggers.

Fortunately, you can check the website’s compatibility with phones by pasting the page’s URL in test tools, and voila, you will get the answer you want. Another option is to build links by yourself to adjust them and ensure that they have a lite version.

Avoid Mainstream Strategies

A crucial professional tip is to go against the flow and take the road less traveled by. Search engines are in a continuous lookout for any mainstream to remove them from the ranking algorithms. That’s why when you hear about a link building strategy that most people are using. You should look the other way. However, you can revive old and dead methods that are no longer being used. You may find yourself on the first page of web results.

Browsers’ criteria are changing every day so you need to be aware of the updates to be able to act accordingly. Link building requires some effort and patience to avoid penalties and getting demoted. Some secrets are too valuable to be shared with the world, so they are being kept away from business owners. However, we took the liberty of enlightening you to help you become credible through legitimate ways. Remember that your content plays an important role as well. So you need to focus on both aspects at the same time.