How Launch Your Product via Email: 25 Examples from Real Brands

Launching a product requires a lot of preparation. At Pressfarm we advise you to begin your product launch campaign with a PR strategy that stretches sometimes 3 to 6 months to launch date. Once you begin getting some media attention and driving possible prospects to your landing page for signing up, you will end up with a lot of emails giving you a good pool of possible clients after launch.

As you accumulate your email list, you will start to send out information leading up to the actual product launch including the launch email. It is possible to be confused about the amount of emails to send, frequency, and what to say in them.

However, as a rule of thumb, you will have a couple of the following emails going out for a product launch:

  1. Product Release
  2. Upcoming features
  3. Pre-Order
  4. Event – webinar
  5. Future Sales

However, to prepare the users for the launch, send out emails within two weeks before the event, in a sequence of every 3 days.

Your first email could a be teaser, like what Apple does before it launches the new iPhone. It is short, often fun, and it doesn’t let out all the information. You send it out 2 weeks before the launch date.

The second email is your actual announcement of the product you are launching. This will have explanations in brief about what your product is and why people should care. It will also have a call-to-action such as a pre-order in exchange for free shipping, or a coupon for the first users. This email will go out about 1 week to 5 days before the launch.

The third email is announcing the actual product launch, and it is sent on the date of launch. This to let people know that you are now in business.

Chamaileon have done a proper article on this, together with 25 examples that explore the power of product launch emails. Check out the article here: 25 Product Launch Announcement Email Examples (From Real Brands)

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