Kraftwerk, your first portable power station that can recharge your devices for weeks

A small engineering team that started out of a research firm in Germany is generating a lot of buzz on Kickstarter, and for the very right reasons. The firm also known as eZelleron is a startup working on Kraftwerk, a full fledged power plant in your hands. Kraftwerk is a name adopted from German and it stands for “power station”. This device can regenerate its power in 3 seconds to help you power your devices for several weeks when you are away from electricity or on a vacation in areas without electricity at all.


With a whooping 56 days to go for the Kickstarter campaign, the engineering startup has already surpassed half their goal, raising $338,00 of their $500,000 goal as of the writing of this article (Jan 8th). The Director, Sacha Kuhn, is one of the 25-member team that has worked on Kraftwerk since 2008 and obviously seeing them receive such a huge welcome and support on Kickstarter is breathtaking for the company.

Kraftwerk doesn’t rely on any power source so you do not have to connect it to any socket to charge it. The device is the first hand-held fuel cell generator that regenerates in 3 seconds to provide the energy you need to power your devices. It works by converting chemical energy into electricity instead of plugging it into the power grid like normal power banks would have it. Hence, a power station and power bank in one device that has been designed to look like a battery pack.

The device is available in three colours that the company calls Urban, Outdoor and Glam. Well, I would just have said Grey, Yellow and white but it’s not upto me so yes, Urban, Outdoor and Glam.

kraftwerk colours


The device weighs 160g when empty and 200g when full which makes for a very portable power plant. You only need your USB cable and all your USB compatible devices like phones and tablets will be powered forever.

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