This platform is a comprehensive solution for sending newsletters and abandoned cart emails

There’s more to email marketing and optimization than sending newsletters and abandoned cart mails. A simple confirmation notification for an order can make for a productive email campaign. In fact, if your clients aren’t getting their transactional emails on time, you’re losing a potential marketing chance. Even worse, such delays can also frustrate your clients.

That’s why choosing an effective transactional email platform should be a priority for your virtual business. Without this platform, you may lose your clients since they will feel abandoned in your virtual store.

How KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional can help

With its suite of email marketing features, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional is an ideal platform for email marketers and agencies to try out. The platform brings together the best features of other platforms such as MailChimp, Zerobounce, and Amazon SES, with additional unique features of its own.

Before the launch of this platform, you had to run email marketing, email validation, and transactional emails on different platforms. As a result, you would have to pay the individual prices for each service. Since these costs add up, the profit margin of such a system would be much lower.

After years of experience using the other email marketing platforms on the market, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional founder Fikry Fatullah was determined to build a comprehensive platform. He founded KIRIM to provide a lasting solution that offers everything an email marketer might need. Thanks to this platform, you can have access to email validation, email marketing, and transactional email – all in one place.

The best part is that you can get all of this at a single pricing model. As a result, this is an affordable pricing solution. By using KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional, you can appreciate a great profit margin since you don’t have to incur charges for these services on different platforms.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this is an all-inclusive platform for email validation, email marketing, and transaction email. Unlike its counterparts, like Mailchimp, Sendgrid, and Amazon SES, it offers affordable pricing. Additionally, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional boasts a suite of competitive features that allow you to outdo your rivals in the marketplace.

What’s a transactional email?

Have you ever bought an item online or perhaps you set up an account on a new site? Well, then you must have received emails during these processes. These emails are what industry experts call transactional emails. A transactional email is a response email that a client receives after taking a certain action. These emails are set up to be sent out in response to a specific trigger. Oftentimes, the email is sent in response to the recipient buying a product from an e-commerce site or setting up a new account. Such emails are customized to fit the actions of that client. Through automation, they’re sent efficiently in response to a trigger that is set up in advance. This reduces the need for human intervention.

Even though any form of transaction would trigger a transaction email, they’re basically used for:

  • Account creation
  • Password resets
  • Receipts and invoices
  • Notification tracking
  • Confirmations of orders and shipping

Transactional emails are not the same as marketing emails in that they have more practical applications for clients. However, if used properly, they present valuable marketing opportunities. When you’re launching an online business that depends on conducting customer relations through email, it’s essential to optimize the client experience. In this case, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional can help you with that.

Key Features 

  • Email marketing
  • Transactional Email
  • Email Validation
  • Affordable pricing plan

How KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional works 

KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional works like any other transactional email service, except that it has more to offer. Unlike Sendgrid, Mailgun, and Mailchimp, it has additional features to offer. You’ll find email validation, transactional emails, and mail marketing on this platform. It’s impressive. The best part? They all come under one pricing plan. In other words, there’s no individual cost for each service.

Why pick KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional? 

  • All-inclusive platform

This is perhaps the main selling point of this platform. You’ve got email validation, transactional mail, and email marketing – all under one roof.

  • Scalable infrastructure 

Crafted from years of experience, this platform is designed to handle both present and the future email marketing needs. The infrastructure is built to support you as your business grows and begins handling millions of clients daily. Just reach out, and the infrastructure will be scaled up to fit your business needs.

  • Top-notch email deliverability 

Instant delivery of emails is one way you can gain a positive reputation from your clients. In this case, this platform allows you to do more than that. It will enable you to optimize all the deliveries and evoke email responsiveness. When you have a list of reliable recipients, it’s easier to track your success through analysis.

  • Reseller opportunity

If you run a marketing agency, you can sell email credits to your clients. With this feature, you can help your clients to build effective email marketing campaigns of their own while generating more revenue for your business.

More features 

  • This platform simplifies the process of managing your emails. You can automatically clean and filter your email list. In this way, only responsive emails are left, allowing you to enhance the response rates.
  • It comes with a magic import tech. This feature is responsible for sorting and verification of emails on the imported list. You don’t have to put up with bogus email addresses anymore.
  • The platform supports continuous email validation, which prevents you from sending emails to bots and spam traps. Also, it comes with an inbuilt system that can confirm whether the recipient is junk mail or still active. Since it’s a continuous process, email validation occurs in the background. As such, you’ll be able to avoid duplicate deliveries and unnecessary fees.
  • Supports landing pages that are compatible with mobiles. You can create a landing page with the help of pre-made templates or build one from scratch. Also, these landing pages are highly versatile in that they can merge with various tools like WordPress and Google.
  • It allows you to create personalized landing pages without coding skills. The same applies to personalized business domains.
  • The platform supports email automation and broadcast triggers. Also, there are click links that prompt certain actions. With both email personalization and email sequence, you can boost sales conversion.

Brand benefits of using KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional

  • Builds trust

Timely delivery of transactional emails to clients highlighting information about their purchases or accounts helps build trust. Clients want to feel cared for and part of the process they’ve initiated. Sending transactional emails is one way you can express that your clients are important to you. When you’re sending these emails, make the email as detailed as possible. Send these emails frequently but be careful not to overwhelm your clients with emails.

Doing this also helps you reduce some of the inquiries from your clients. For example, with these emails, they won’t have to inquire about the status of their order. Also, they will feel at peace when they realize you’re sending them constant updates on the process, especially if it’s a purchase.

  • Boosts client engagement

You should also send personalized transactional emails. Such emails make the clients feel special. By doing so, you’ll be encouraging them to engage with you more, whether it’s through questions, comments, or providing feedback. This is an essential step since they’ll still reach out even after receiving their order.

  • Promotes brand recognition

With transaction emails, you’ve got a powerful tool to leverage in promoting brand recognition. This has the power to generate a lasting impression among your clients. Without branding, clients will rarely consider trying your services. And once they purchase a product from you, you will remain top of mind.

Through cohesive branding paired with transactional emails, you can evoke an emotional connection with your brand. By adding some branding aspects to your transactional emails, you can remind clients that you’ve got more to offer. In case they ever need a similar product, they’ll consider your brand first. Branding embeds a visual memory in the mind of the viewer, and this is an effective strategy that encourages repeat sales.

  • Boosts your sales 

When you’re sending post-purchase emails, you’ve got an opportunity to encourage your clients to stop by again. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional allows for timely delivery of these emails, notifying clients of the current state of their purchase or order. Include info on items on offer or products on frenzy sales to inspire more purchases. To drive more purchases, provide bundled shipping if the client makes more orders within a given timeframe after receiving your emails.

With KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional, you can save money while running more effective email marketing campaigns. To learn more about KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional, visit their website. Sign up today and wave goodbye to cumbersome and expensive email marketing tools.