Managing a restaurant is no easy feat. The same goes for liquor stores, wine and spirits stores, and bars. What’s even more demanding is the process of managing your inventory. As the owner, manager, or chef, managing an inventory can consume a significant amount of your time. It’s even more exhausting if you have to contact the suppliers or distributors yourself.

It’s not unusual to hear about restaurant managers losing sleep over managing their spreadsheets. Thanks to KEXY, this is now a thing of the past. KEXY is a robust tool that connects distributors, restaurants, brands, and retailers. As a result, you can run all your operations from the same place.

That means no more late-night inventory management. No more stopping by the restaurant to manage your orders. Most importantly, no more carrying around a long contact list of your distributors. After all, this is an all-inclusive commercial space for businesses in the food and beverage sector.

What’s KEXY?

KEXY is an all-inclusive commercial space that forms the missing link between distributors, retailers, and hospitality brands.

The inspiration behind KEXY

Scott Graham, founder and CEO of KEXY, has over two decades of experience working in the hospitality sector. From firsthand experience, he has identified the communications and operational inefficiencies in this sector. As a result of these inefficiencies, distributors, restaurants, and brands have been experiencing adverse supply chain issues.

Even worse, these problems are intertwined. For instance, restaurants lose money through improper inventory tracking. On the other hand, distributors lose about 20% chances to sell their products. Brands are also affected by these issues, resulting in loss of opportunities. According to the law, they cannot sell their products directly to restaurants. This dramatically restricts their market reach.

Thankfully, KEXY creates a commercial space that ensures everyone in each sector of the hospitality industry wins. This platform creates connections between distributors, retailers, and restaurants. As such, each one can tap into the opportunities available to them. Furthermore, this platform improves the efficiency of running all the above operations.

Now, distributors can identify available opportunities in the market and know when it’s time to sell their products. Restaurants, on the other hand, can access products efficiently and conserve money lost through inventory tracking. Brands can now improve their market reach without worrying about regulation laws.

What makes KEXY unique?

KEXY is a robust marketplace that links three different parties. It allows restaurants, distributors, and retailers to collaborate on the same platform.

On the other hand, similar platforms have developed tools that only cater to the interests of one party in the marketplace. By addressing the needs of all parties in the industry, KEXY takes a unique approach. This platform reimagines how suppliers, bars, and restaurants do business among themselves.

What is KEXY’s ultimate mission?

The team at KEXY aims to create a better business environment for the hospitality sector to thrive. They believe that we need something better than the existing systems. Their ultimate goal is to establish a thriving community of businesses in the industry.

How does KEXY work?

KEXY an all-inclusive commercial platform. Retailers can benefit from the inventory management system. Brands can leverage it as a marketing platform. Finally, distributors can use it for sales. With these features, KEXY creates a link between the various segments in the hospitality sector.

The team behind KEXY is passionate about their clients’ successes. Moreover, they are fully committed to turning the hospitality sector into a great place for all the parties involved.

About the founders

  • Scott Graham

Scott Graham is the co-founder and CEO of KEXY. He is a visionary, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. For over two decades, Scott has been working in the hospitality sector. In addition to his experience in hospitality, he’s a tech guru. He’s dedicated to developing processes that make it possible for companies to run their operations efficiently. He’s also earned a reputation for his ability to stretch the value of the dollar value up to sevenfold.

Besides working in the hospitality sector, Scott has been a lecturer in several notable institutions of higher learning. These include USC, Stanford, and Harvard. In 2008, Black Enterprise Magazine named him the top young entrepreneur.

Beyond this, he has received several honors. Cal State University, Fresno offered him the prestigious award as a residence entrepreneur. This made him the youngest person of all time to receive such an award.

He has also been featured in several local and national publications like CNN and Newsweek over the years. Other publications that have covered his contributions to the industry include Orange Coast Magazine, OC Metro, MOVES Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Financial Times.

  • Forrest Young

Forrest Young co-founded KEXY with Scott and also plays the role of COO. His expertise lies in product strategy and operational optimizations specifically in the food and beverage sector. He is a leader focused on providing quality service in all segments of a business. As such, he brings in a distinct perspective when it comes to product development. He also has over a decade of experience running operations in the food and beverage sector.

He’s also tech-savvy, with over half a decade of experience in business development and automation in the manufacturing and recruitment fields. Thanks to this, he has become an efficient problem solver. More specifically, he’s an expert at discovering ideas and developing clear and exact roadmaps to execute them.

Who can Use KEXY?

The following are some of the best candidates for this application. These businesses will find this tool resourceful. They include:

  • Restaurants can order both food and beverages with the help of this application.
  • Liquor stores deal with all types of beverages including spirits, wine, and beer. Managing their inventory can be strenuous. KEXY can make it easy.
  • Bars – like liquor stores also deal with beverages. This tool can help with inventory management

Streamline your operations with KEXY today

Get your team plugged into KEXY today and give your business a chance to grow and expand. Here is an opportunity to improve the inventory management process in your business. With this tool, your business stands to gain significantly. You will be saving time, meaning your staff can channel their efforts into improving service delivery.

It also means you will be saving a lot of the cash you lose when creating and managing inventory from scratch. Most importantly, there will be no more need to spend hours developing and managing spreadsheets for inventory. Instead, you can manage all your orders from this platform.

What’s more, you no longer have to be at your business premise to manage the inventory. Simply log into your account from wherever you are and manage your orders. KEXY isn’t built for the local market alone. Restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality sector abroad can also use it. Join this platform today if you want to be part of the vast and valuable worldwide network of distributors, retailers, and hospitality brands.

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