As anyone who loves cooking will tell you, precise cutting makes your food more aesthetically pleasing and more delicious. It’s no wonder, then, that so many people are queuing to own a Kurenai – the newest Japanese kitchen knife on the market. After all, these kitchen knives are forged by the same artisans who first forged the Samurai sword. As such, these knives are unbendable, unbreakable, and exceptionally sharp.

The rise of home cooking

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have been cooking at home. This rise in home cooking has created a community of foodies who are constantly looking for ways to make their dishes as tasty as a professionally cooked dish – the kind that you would have at a 5-star restaurant.

In the process of this search for ways to improve the flavors of home-cooked meals, Japanese kitchen knives have gained worldwide popularity. Known for their quality, sharpness, and robustness, these knives are every foodie’s dream come true. These knives are not only ideal for cooking Japanese dishes that have gained popularity over the last two years, but they’re also the ideal kitchen tool for any enthusiastic cook.

Unfortunately, as the popularity of Japanese kitchen knives has gone up, so has the number of cheap, imitation Japanese knives on the market. Kurenai stands out from these alternatives – a genuine Japanese-made knife designed to last a lifetime and be passed down to the next generation.

The history of Kurenai

Kurenai knives are forged in Seki city, home of the Samurai sword that was used by ninjas across history and in popular culture. In the Edo period, Seki’s pristine waters and high-quality soil attracted skilled swordsmiths who forged Samurai swords for these invincible warriors. Centuries later, the skilled artisans behind the design of the Samurai sword have resurrected this indestructible blade in the form of Kurenai kitchen knives.

By introducing these remarkable Japanese kitchen knives to households and kitchens across the world, douzo inc. has created a new culture of home cooking while carrying on the legacy of the Samurai.

About douzo inc.

douzo inc. is a “Japan-made Lifestyle Brands Company” dedicated to exploring the untapped potential of Japan and expanding into international markets by creating original products that incorporate traditional Japanese craftsmanship and cultural values, tailored to align with the values of overseas consumers.

With a track record of several years in the industry, douzo inc. has been actively involved in the sale of Japanese products to international consumers in various capacities. However, the company has recognized the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan when it comes to overseas sales. Language and cultural barriers have proven to be substantial hurdles, particularly for businesses deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and craftsmanship.

Since these barriers pose significant challenges for many enterprises, despite their rich history and excellent craftsmanship, douzo inc. has taken on a crucial role. The company seeks to support these remarkable Japanese companies, emowering them to overcome these obstacles and expand their sales channels globally. By doing so, douzo inc. aspires to breathe new life into these enterprises, preventing the decline they might face without the support of a seasoned partner.

In essence, douzo inc. is on a mission to bridge the gap between Japan and the world. By delivering high-quality Japanese products to customers worldwide, the company not only facilitates the growth of these enterprises but also acts as a cultural ambassador, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich heritage and craftsmanship that defines Japanese products.

The science behind sharp knives and delicious food

Sharp knives create clean cuts through food ingredients, minimizing cell damage. When these cells are cut more precisely, there is less exposure of their contents to the air. During cutting, the surface area of the food that is exposed to the air releases the enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO) that interacts with oxygen in the air. Oxidation of these food cells changes the flavor of the food. On the other hand, food that is cut more precisely is less exposed to the air and retains its natural flavors.

Kitchen knives that make more precise cuts also cause less bruising of the ingredients they’re used to cut. This is particularly important with delicate herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Bruised food cells get oxidized faster. Since sharp knives reduce the instances of bruising, they preserve the full taste of the food.

Sharp kitchen knives allow for more precise slicing, ensuring that each piece of food is cut uniformly. This uniformity encourages consistent cooking, where all pieces of food are exposed to heat evenly. This helps to create a more balanced blend of flavors.

Finally, the clean cuts made by sharp kitchen knives help to retain the natural juices found in both meats and vegetables. On the other hand, a dull knife tears through the fibers, resulting in flavorful juices leaking out of the food. Keeping these juices in the food ingredients helps enhance the overall flavor of the food.

What makes Kurenai the perfect kitchen knife for foodies?

The journey of a Kurenai kitchen knife from the hands of a skilled artisan in Seki to your kitchen begins with the careful selection of materials. Each knife is crafted from 33 layers of Damascus steel, a material known for its exceptional strength, durability, and ability to maintain a sharp edge. Once the blade is layered and forged into one piece, the blade is transformed into an elegant kitchen tool that celebrates the elegance of the Samurai sword.

The choice of black and red colors further accentuates and celebrates the Japanese cultural roots of Kurenai. Forged withthe enchanting pattern of a burning flame, the Kurenai blade is a conversation starter in any kitchen.

Kurenai is the ideal kitchen companion for any foodie. In addition to being extraordinarily strong and sharp, it is also rust-resistant. When sharpened well and taken care of properly, this knife is designed to remain sharp for decades. Built to stand the test of time, this knife can be passed on to your children and grandchildren, carrying on the legacy of the Samurai blade for generations to come. Since it’s designed to be long-lasting, you won’t have to dispose of your Kurenai knife so soon after buying it, the way you normally would with the average knife.

If you want to earn more praise in the kitchen for your tasty food, Kurenai is the way to go.

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