Did you know that your website is just a single website among an ocean of 1.8 billion websites (with the number changing every second)?

You are probably leaving no stone unturned to get content or your product in front of your target audience to get them to engage or buy from your brand.

But with conversation rates hovering between 2.5% to 3.5%, your brand really really needs to stand out to boost your online sales and increase your website conversion rates.

From removing any barrier to conversion to using live video streaming, you need to minutely scan and analyze every aspect of your website to convert it into a lead generation magnet.

In this article, we will discuss various strategies to increase your online sales and conversion rates.

5 Ways to Increase Your Online Conversion Rates and Sales

Use these five strategies to see an upward trend in your online sales and conversion rates.

1. Make PR your best friend

As rightly said by Patricia Fripp, “It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have a chance to forget you.”

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, achieving higher online sales is becoming an uphill battle.

With the quest to attract customers more competitive than ever, there isn’t a magic formula that automatically increases your online sales. Nevertheless, there are marketing strategies like Public Relations (PR) that can help your online sales boat sail to the shore.

PR? Yes, you read it right!

PR campaigns are no longer used just to rectify the mistakes your business committed. Today, it’s more about building brand awareness and reputation – two things that drive customers to your brand.

Though PR increases your sales indirectly, it also lends a helping hand to build brand credibility.

You may be offering a groundbreaking product capable of revolutionizing your industry. However, unless customers know where to find you or who you are, it doesn’t make a difference.

That’s where PR comes in.

When used well, your PR campaign can help in capturing customer attention, enhancing credibility, increasing website traffic, creating authority, meeting customers’ demands, and enhancing your digital marketing efforts.

how to increase online conversions and sales

Interestingly, in your PR campaign, the PR team is likely to use your brand name across a wide variety of websites to increase your organic reach. As high-authority websites will link back to your website, your SERP ranking will see a jump. This results in another knock-on effect; as your SEO ranking improves, your website conversion and sales are likely to improve too.

2. Capitalize on the power of live video shopping

With the continuous advancement in technology, the digital customer demands more value because they like investing in their preference and taste. They want nothing less than a tailored experience that resonates with their requirements.

Shopping for products from the comfort of your couch is nice but can be risky because it becomes difficult to imagine how a product will look like in real life or whether the product is what its description and FAQs claim it to be.

That’s why more and more companies are witnessing a gradual shift to live video shopping. After all, it brings together the best of offline and online shopping.

Live video shopping offers your brand the ability to advertise and demonstrate products to live audiences. Your customers interact with you during the live streaming session that increases communication and helps instill trust in customers’ minds.

Using Whisbi’s live video shopping guide, you can craft a higher value service for your customers and take online shopping to another level. With live-stream shopping, your viewers are provided with a better explanation of your products. They also have an opportunity to ask questions in real-time.

how to increase online conversions and sales

As you bring the human factor into the picture, the risk associated with online purchase reduces because your customers interact with a real person instead of a chatbot.

Live video shopping is a compelling way to drive traffic, increase conversion rates and enhance sales. As live shopping brings your store closer to your customer in a way, it feels engaging.

With live-stream shopping likely to reach a whopping $25 billion by 2023, the grass will be greener for marketers who leverage this latest marketing tactic.

3. Experiment with the functionality, layout, and content style of your landing pages

A good landing page is powerful enough to convert your visitors to leads, thereby increasing your online sales – all while delighting your customers.

Your biggest website conversion rate gain will not come from your targeted ads; in fact, it will come from your landing pages. The primary objective of your landing page is generating qualified leads, informing customers what your company offers, explaining why you’re different from competitors, and making it easy for your user to convert.

In short, your landing page gives information to motivate visitors to convert into customers and guide them in that direction.

Your landing pages’ content layout, style, and functionality are a part of it – it can either increase website conversion or tank all your efforts.

how to increase online conversions and sales

For example, a landing page full of content may confuse your readers, and a page with wrong or insufficient information may not motivate your users to convert.

That’s why it’s important to give preference to the aesthetic appeal of your website’s landing pages.

According to statistics, pages with one CTA have 1.6% more conversion than pages with two or more CTAs. While 30% of landing pages have too much copy; giving importance to functionality and content layout and style is imperative for higher conversion rates.

So, it’s necessary to keep your finger on the pulse of your landing page strategy to boost your conversion and online sales.

4. Optimize your website

With billions of websites fighting hard to capture customers’ interest, brands need to think of their website as a living thing that adapts itself based on the visitor’s usage.

Websites that take too much time to load or have a complex navigation system are rarely preferred by visitors. For this reason, to optimize your website and ensure higher conversion rates, lay your focus on these three aspects:

  • Rework all pages that have a high bounce rate
  • Updates your articles or website parts with the latest data and news
  • Add images and videos optimized for websites

Usually, websites with less visual complexity and those that are prototypically designed appeal more to customers. So, ensure your website sends the intended message to your customers by using the appropriate design elements.

Understanding your user experience once your customer lands on your website can help you ensure customers stay long enough on your website to take the desired action.

One good way is to use heat maps that show how visitors navigate your website and their actions.

For example, a heat map can show that customers are not clicking the ‘Book a Demo’ button because it’s located near the bottom of your page, and most visitors don’t scroll down to the bottom. Lifting the CTA to the upper section of your website can improve your website conversion rate.

5. Add a trust badge to your website

Another great way to instill trust and ensure your customer purchases your brand is by adding trust badges on your website. A few trust signals that customers prefer to see are:

  • Social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn)
  • Contact information (live chat, email address, toll-free phone number)
  • Payment assurance (SSL, trust badge certification, or other payment badges)

Apart from building customer trust, these badges can also help with your SEO because Google prefers to rank websites that it trusts. So, adding these small trust badges is a great way to improve SEO and instill trust in customers.

how to increase online conversions and sales

Apart from these badges, an active blog on your website is proof that your company is trustworthy because you’re spending ample time creating, posting, and updating new information with customers. Customers are less likely to trust brands that haven’t posted a single blog or article for a very long time.

Interestingly, if you run an eCommerce store, consider adding the trust badges next to the payment option will increase conversion and build trust.

The best way to improve your conversion rate and online sales

There are countless things to do that can impact your conversion rates. But everything boils down to the starting point you choose.

While these five ways offer a great start to boost your website conversion rates, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Some other ways to accelerate your sales and ensure more visitors convert are: removing distractions from your website, adding testimonials, logos, and reviews, making your CTA bold and clear, and making your site search and recommendation more robust.

Before finalizing the tactic you choose, take a minute to think about the money you spend on generating website leads. There is no point wasting these precious leads by choosing a method that falters and doesn’t produce the intended results.

So, put in all your efforts after considering your business requirements and customer behavior.

Which of these five tactics are you planning to use first? How are you going to improve your online sales?