Imgur scraps off Pro version, everything is now free

Imgur has now made their Pro version of image hosting free according to a blog post on their site yesterday. With immediate effect, if you wanted the features offered in the Imgur Pro hosting account like ability to post unlimited images but couldn’t pay for the service, you are one lucky person. The $3 per month or $24 per year subscription has now been scrapped off which means that Imgur will now earn all their income from advertising.

The downside is that whether you like it or not, you will be exposed to adverts on the site which is basically already a subject of much criticism on the platform since Imgur announced the move. Like much of the Internet, we all turn to image hosting services to share and store our images and Imgur is basically the most known platform on the Internet for this service. The ability to turn off ads by paying the required subscription fee has always been such a savior. C’mon, everyone hates ads, but Imgur will take none of our rants. When questioned by some Pro users who are protesting against the ads and requesting for an ad-free option on the site, Imgur said they will take that into account as feedback. In my experience, that usually means “Live with it, we shall take none of your rants.”

What’s changing?

  • Free accounts which had a limit of 225 images at a time after which the oldest photos would disappear can now enjoy the Pro pack which means they get unlimited image storage.
  • Every user will get aceess to imgur’s analytics that will show how many people viwed your image and where they come from.
  • Except for animated images known as GIFs which can be upto 200MB in size, everyone at Imgur will now be limited to host only images that are 5MB or less which is a downgrade for the initial Pro users who could host an image of upto 10MB prior to this change.
  • You will receive multiple thumbnail options on all your uploads.
  • You will also be able to manage, edit or delete any uploaded image at any time.

If you purchased an account within the last 30 days you will get refunded by Imgur automatically.


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