Content is king. No doubt. We have been able to grow Pressfarm to thousands of customers seeking help with their PR strategies through content campaign. We can attest to the fact that content for us has not just been a medium to bring visitors to the platform. But a life-saver and the engine by which the company runs. We have seen companies struggle with content marketing campaigns, churning out content after content but it doesn’t seem to place well in the search engines.

There are rules to building content. The most obvious is that you need a broad niche on which your content will be anchored. After this, you have to do keyword research and find the best possible search terms to build your content on.

While you build your content, you must realise the importance of the following elements:

  • Page titles

Having an eye-catching title is important. However, that is not the only part. You need to have the url structure right too to rank better.

  • Meta description

Before most people click on links from the search engines,they will check the snippets below the title to have an idea if the post fits their needs. You need to have your meta descriptions in place.

  • Images and text

Images and their naming has to be done right if you would like to rank your images too.

  • Internal links

Link to your own content. Internal linking is important as it improves navigability of the site as well as directing users to cornerstone articles that are more informative.

  • Canonical tags

You need to check if your canonical tags are set up correctly. Most of the time they will be but it depends on the content management system you are using. If you are using a custom theme they will need to be checked.

There are more issues in the list that have to be checked, like data schema, social sharing and tracking. For a more detailed guide, read: A checklist: Important SEO points to cover in a content campaign