Many people fill their bags to the brim with things that are supposed to help during unforeseen events. In fact, a lot of us don’t even remember what we put in our bags while preparing for the unknown.

With more people trying to live a minimalist life, solutions for decluttering are getting more and more popular. Additionally, people are gravitating towards products that have multiple functions rather than a separate product for each need and want.

According to an article written by Business Insider, the key things we keep in our bags fall under the following categories. Essential, compact, and multi-use. Depending on the individual, these items can include a travel pack of tissues, business cards, a compact mirror, breath mints, medication, and more. Even so, a standard essential for everyone is their mobile phone. Mobile phones have now become a necessity for people who value staying connected, especially when they’re on the move.

The perfect mirror for minimalists

While minimalists are passionate about reducing the amount of stuff they haul around every day, they still care about making a great first impression. For this reason, while decluttering, it’s hard to do away with a compact mirror completely. After all, whether you’re going for a job interview, meeting with clients, or just unwinding after a busy day at the office, looking your best is essential.

ICU Designs has come up with a new cellphone case that provides excellent protection while also incorporating a built-in, high-quality, scratch-resistant mirror and adjustable two-tone light diffuser that can be used in any lighting situation. Rather than lugging around both a phone and a mirror, with the ICU phone case, you have easy access to protection for your phone as well as a good quality mirror with great lighting.

The multi-functional phone case is made out of high-quality, robust, and durable thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. There are bumpers on all four corners to defend against any accidents or drops. Additionally, the case is compatible with 5G, 4G, and all other standard networks and works for all wireless charging devices. With its two-toned diffuser, users can set the lighting to their comfort level using the built-in light from their cell phone. The translucent and opaque diffuser mechanism is ideal for both day and night needs. This diffuser mechanism prevents the light from being intrusive to others around them while you’re using the light feature from their phones in low-light settings. With this new phone case, you can carry the perfect mirror around in the palm of your hand.

Lighting systems

Several apps already offer a lighting system to help users take the perfect photo. ICU Designs complements these apps by offering something slightly different. With this mirror, users can check their appearance in any lighting situation prior to taking the perfect photo. The cellphone case will be launching on Indiegogo on June 28th. ICU Designs will be done with the production of their cellphone case by late August for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, after which they will ship it by air to Los Angeles. Once the product has been received, the company will ship out orders to their Indiegogo supporters. All orders for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 cases will be fulfilled between late September and early October.

To fully understand the need for their cell phone case, ICU Designs also created prototypes to distribute to their community to see whether their product fits the needs and wants of their target consumer. The initial distribution process proved to be a success among different industries, from real estate to film and TV. Users have stated that since they are constantly on the go in addition to meeting clients and many influential people, the ICU Designs mirror and diffuser mechanism was a discreet way to make sure that they were looking their best in any situation. The mirror also helps people to go on with their day with confidence, and make a great impression no matter what time of day.

Why the ICU Designs cellphone works so well

Minimalists pride themselves on only owning a certain number of things. It’s true that some people may not consider having easy access to a mirror as essential. However, many of us need to access a well-lit mirror multiple times every day. Whether you getting ready in the morning, you want to make sure there is no food on your face at a restaurant or you want to check your general appearance, you use a mirror at some point in the day. Why not have one that also functions as protection for your mobile phone? That way, you can check yourself out and protect your phone at the same time.

The ICU Designs cellphone case is more than just an accessory to protect your phone. It is also an accessory to the user because it complements existing apps and lighting mechanisms to help you look your best whether you’re stepping into an interview or you want to take the perfect photo.

With decades of experience in the customer service and sales industry, husband and wife duo Antonio and Morgan Cullari have made their product easy for anyone of any age to use. After all, we are all a little vain. With the ICU Designs cellphone case, you no longer need to worry about your compact mirror getting crushed in your bag, or struggle to find great lighting to take that perfect photo. This all-in-one cell phone case is ideal for minimalists who care about how they look.

For more information about this cellphone case and the upcoming Indiegogo campaign, you can connect with them online.