ICO marketing campaigns are exclusively built to promote Initial Coin Offering events. It’s essential to back an ICO launch with marketing strategies. Without this, you can’t tell for sure whether your project will succeed or fail. Remember, the reputation of your brand is at stake. The only way to earn public trust is through ICO marketing. With ICO marketing, your business will also earn credibility.

To successfully promote your ICO, you can’t just copy and paste any strategies to your project. Rather, you need robust strategies with proven success. Just as is the case with traditional finance, promotion is crucial, especially before the launch. While listing on a cryptocurrency exchange can help your project with basic marketing, you still need other promotion strategies to supplement it. In this article, we’ll tackle 5 effective tips to promote your ICO in 2022.

The importance of crypto marketing

To achieve success during fundraising, crypto marketing is one of the top promotion techniques available. Thus, it’s important to master this marketing model to leverage it to its fullest. For example, you can use crypto campaigns to reach your fundraising target, gain followers, and build a community, among others.

How to conduct ICO campaigns

To promote an initial coin offering successfully, you need robust campaign techniques. These strategies will help you capture investor attention and reach the funding target. Having said that, here are some of the steps other cryptocurrency developers have used to promote their ICOs successfully:

1) Create a roadmap

In most industries, to launch a product successfully, you must account for growth strategy, product, and target audience. The same applies to an ICO launch. Oftentimes, creating a roadmap begins with drafting the whitepaper. This document demonstrates the basic aspects of your project.

Additionally, it serves as the blueprint of the entire project. Your whitepaper must feature in the roadmap of your project. It must describe the schedule and set out expectations that investors can look forward to during the launch

2) Build a team

Thereafter, you’ll need a professional team that can help you with executing various operations in the project. Relationships play a crucial role in the success of any project. You must account for this in your ICOs. Working alone will stunt your project and prevent it from achieving its purpose.

On the other hand, when you have a team to assist you, it’s easier to account for essential aspects during the launch. Building a team of experts with experience will actually add value to your ICOs. The members of your team should be passionate about the blockchain industry. They should have the aspiration to make a difference in this field.

3) Build a community

Building a crypto community boosts the potential for a successful ICO launch. That’s because with the right community you’ll have a group of audiences with an interest in your project. There’s no guarantee that all these people will invest in your project. However, you can persuade a good number of them to take part in the launch. Moreover, it’s well known that building a community sets a stable foundation for a successful ICO launch.

In the community, you can inspire hype and attract additional users. If you manage to build a massive and powerful community, this will also attract prospective investors, press, and fans.

4) Run technological checks and track the viability of the business

Some ideas are quite inspiring. Some can capture the attention of many audiences even before the implementation phase begins. However, they can only make it to the crypto marketplace if they are feasible.

Having said that, you must run a viability check of your idea before you unveil it to the public. Investors may love it at first sight. However, if challenges keep on popping up, they’ll abandon it. Therefore, scrutinize every aspect of your ICO project including technological viability.

Furthermore, in the process of developing a project, you may come up with a better version of it. Whether it will completely or partially transform the basic structure of the project, you should unveil it. It’s also good to know that any improvement that touches on security and salability is always welcomed by investors.

To build a feasible project, you can invest in technical audits and smart contract reviews. Moreover, testing the security capability of the project is important. Meanwhile, avoid making any mistakes regardless of their magnitude. That’s because they may damage your reputation.

5) Create a marketing strategy checklist

The marketing strategy you decide to use can determine whether your ICO is successful or not. That’s because they determine your project visibility in the space. Without visibility, even prospective investors cannot find you. As we mentioned, the crypto space is packed with competitors.

The marketplace welcomes dozens of new businesses daily and has 4000+ existing companies competing for investors. Since there are no shortcuts to brand awareness, marketing is the only option you’ve got. The following is a checklist you can use for your ICO marketing:

  • Whitepaper

Any standard campaign checklist for an ICO will mention developing a whitepaper. This shows how critical having this document is. Before the launch, you must have the whitepaper ready for publishing. A whitepaper is a document that enlightens potential users about a project. Once they’ve read it, they can decide whether buying your token or investing in your project is profitable.

The document covers the coin’s technological, commercial, and financial aspects. The language in use is simple enough for the novice. Moreover, it must demonstrate the project idea, industry analysis, and future projections.

  • Landing page

Building a site for a business is an important step regardless of the industry. In a crypto ecosystem, you can use the site to market your ICO. Meanwhile, you can optimize your landing page to capture website visitors during the exploration phase. To multiply the chances of your ICO attaining its goals, there are critical factors to consider. First, the market condition, major rivals, and their key strategies. With a robust site, you can manage several key operations at once.

  • Brand promotion
  • Launch a product
  • Market validation
  • Identify target users
  • Discord marketing

Discord marketing is gradually becoming one of the best marketing techniques for ICOs. The Discord platform is a reliable tool for promoting project visibility and building brand awareness. Using Discord, users can participate in crowd fundraising via unique mechanisms. Through this channel, you can target a massive audience including contacts. As such, everyone will get the chance to participate and make your event a success.

  • Social media

Most crypto users are also active on different social media channels at any given time. Therefore, it’s important to have social media accounts on several channels if you’re serious about promoting your ICO. Through this channel, you can capture the attention of your target audience, engaging them and connecting with them. Some of the social media channels you should join for your ICO include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also try other channels with crypto audiences as well.

  • Blog posts

Blog posts are traffic magnets. Quality blog posts will also intensify brand awareness, build market authority, and educate the community. When developing your blog posts, your focus must be quality, especially if you’re using them for ICO promotion. You can think of ways to communicate the goals of your ICO while offering insight to the community. You can also share some of your best blog posts on Discord to generate engagement and attract traffic.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is vital when deploying ICO campaigns. Through SEO, you can drive more traffic to your business site. Moreover, SEO has additional benefits, such as building credibility for your ICOs. When users notice your project ranking among the first results on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), they’ll view it as an authority. That’s because only websites with the best SEO and quality content make it to the top.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is no longer a foreign marketing approach in the crypto space. It’s now one of the ultimate campaign tools with huge potential. Across the crypto realm, many projects are leveraging influencer marketing. As such, you can do the same during ICO campaigns.

When using this strategy, keep in mind that several channels support it. These include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Thus, you can choose an influencer depending on the platform where they have more influence. Moreover, they must be relevant to your project or else your investment will go to waste.

Some influencers accept cash payments while others can take a percentage of what you get from your ICO. It just depends on the agreement you arrive at. YouTube influencers must be part of your campaign. That’s because they’ve got massive numbers of crypto subscribers.

YouTube also supports dense marketing content. In addition to your marketing content, the influencer will also create striking and engaging videos. Using these videos, they can promote your ICO while entertaining their users simultaneously.

  • Paid ads

On some major channels, paid ads that promote crypto projects are against regulations. Nevertheless, not all platforms have banned this kind of content. For the few that remain, you can use paid ads to reach target audiences. Sponsored posts, banner ads, and PPC are popular means of promoting ICOs through paid ads.

ICO promotion services

It’s no secret that ICO campaigns create immense opportunities. However, launching and maintaining these campaigns is what overwhelms many people. After all, the process is demanding in terms of effort and time. That’s why many blockchain companies turn to ICO marketing agencies for help.

By hiring services from experts, your company can focus on development, as the agency brings in more traffic and investors. For example, the experts at Pressfarm will create and distribute guest posts, press releases, and press kits to further your market reach.

Post-ICO promotions

After fundraising, you will need to engage in post-ICO promotional strategies. At this point, your project is in the market and the team behind it is also advancing. This step includes product development, security, and marketing. The main objective is to deliver the value of the token to holders and get listed on top-level exchanges. Through post-ICO promotion, you can also update investors on the project’s success and new developments.

Effective post-ICO promotions include content marketing. You can create informative blog posts or write about your products and publish guest posts on other sites in your niche. The content must also include the latest updates, among other essential pieces of information.

Meanwhile, you can use AMA sessions to stay in touch with your audience. While content publishing keeps them updated, this technique promotes interaction with them. It’s an opportunity for potential users to contribute and get involved with your project. To attract more audiences to your AMAs, use crypto media to enhance awareness.

How Pressfarm can help

Why stress over ICO marketing, when you could spend more time perfecting your project? Pressfarm can help you with your ICO promotion. The PR specialists at Pressfarm have experience dealing with various fundraising models both within the crypto industry and in the traditional financial market.

The Pressfarm team can help you create quality content that can attract media attention and earn public trust. With a professional press release, some engaging guest posts, and a branded media kit, you can earn credibility in your niche and excite potential investors.

In addition to creating this content for you, the team at Pressfarm can distribute it widely, thus boosting your online visibility. The experts at Pressfarm pitch this content to the right media outlets, startup directories, and professional networks. In this way, Pressfarm can make it easier for your target audience to find you through organic searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Once you sign up, the account executive at Pressfarm also builds you custom media lists containing the best media professionals in your niche. You can combine the use of these media lists use of with Pressfarm’s media database of 1 million+ journalists, bloggers, and influencers. With all these media contacts, you’ll be able to continue doing extended media outreach for your brand long after Pressfarm has wrapped your PR campaign up.

Over to you

An ICO is a vital event that determines whether a project will have a future or not. As such, it’s not something that you should take lightly. Having invested your money and time in building your project, you should aim at nothing short of success. While deploying the best strategies in this list can have an impact on your market influence, you may still need external help.

Like any other successful campaign, your timing, experience, and choice of strategies matter. Investing in the right strategy at the right time will provide a positive outcome.