How your smartphone battery drains could give away your geographical location

Researchers have found out that the way your battery drains could give away your geographical location to advertisers, hackers and other snoopers. Through machine learning techniques, the Android operating system could be exploited to eventually give away your geographical location and that is some bad news right there.

Android by default provides information regarding the state of the battery to each application that has been installed on a device. That goes to say that this method of location-tracking could make millions of people susceptible to hacks and other malicious practices. But before you lose it, the study was only conducted on the Nexus 4 which is a very old version of itself.

Using the information provided to each mobile app on a device, the researchers were able to find the location of the phone’s user through guesswork. By guessing about the cell tower a device was connected to at the time the info was given, they were able to tell a user’s current location with varying degrees of accuracy.

However, for you not to be worried yet about such methods of snooping, the bait is that the battery information is useless to anyone who gets it. The battery information requires data about the battery drain caused by connecting to various cell towers to function so for as long as nobody gives out the cell tower information which is very difficult to find, everything should be alright.


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