Let’s be honest; at a time when thousands of crowdfunding campaigns saturate the market and new products are surfacing on a daily basis, gaining exposure can seem like a rather daunting task. It’s true, the market is filled with so many services or products, stories and speculation that grabbing any attention at all is a challenge in itself.

But what sets apart the most successful kickstarter campaign launches from the rest?

Well, many things. And a successful press release is usually among them.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how to write a press release to launch a Kickstarter campaign:

The purpose of a press release is to inform the media about your latest news. In the case of launching a kickstarter campaign or general product launch, this news should be a short and snappy introduction to the limited-time offering.

Writing a press release requires a slightly different approach in every instance but there are templates or unspoken rules should still apply.

Most new businesses will employ a PR agency or an in-house marketer to put this press release together. But if you follow the steps in this article, you should be able to write a press release that gets noticed. When writing a press release, the process requires both time and concentration to be successful.

Journalists are busy people and always on the lookout for important news. More specifically, they know what makes an interesting story and have little to no tolerance for a sub-standard press release.

When they receive a compelling headline, they are ten times more likely to pay attention and at least inspect the content of a press release.

The Unspoken Rules of Writing a Press Release

You want to tilt the odds in your favour with a press release and there are certain factors which are critical to the process. It might sound a little simple but the most important components of a press release are often the smallest details. Here are just a few examples:

The Hook – Every worthy press release will have a hook to the story. In other words, you need to give a reporter or publication a very specific reason to care about the news.

Style – You need to write in such a way that the information is clear and easy to understand. Any less and you risk the reader losing interest in the content.

Distribution – Needless to say, you also need to make sure that people actually read the press release. Who will want to read your press release? How will you get them to read it? Pressfarm’s packages help you to get your press release read by hundreds of thousands of people through great distribution.

The Characteristics of a Kickstarter Press Release

You should also find that the best press releases are comprehensive and address each of the following aspects:

Informative – Every press release should tell the full story about the reasons for launching the Kickstarter campaign or product. What is the origin and value?

Short and Concise – Reporters prefer short and snappy information.

Leave No Questions – Provide every detail that the reporter will need, leave no reason for them to ask for more information.

Relevant Quotes – Use a quote in the press release. Reporters like to copy and paste quotes for publications.

But what do you need to write a press release so that it does not disappear into the background?

What you Need to include in a press release – broken down into components

Save yourself some time and headaches by utilizing an existing template. There are many free templates online which provide the correct structure for a press release. Furthermore, make sure that you are totally clear on the most important features in this press release and what one might call the unique selling point of your news.

Here’s the basic format that should be used for a press release:

Headline – Clear title that explains the importance and significance of your news.

Initial Info – Basic contact information.

Main Body – Digress on the headline, include highlights and explain the story in full.

Boiler Plate – Include a boiler-plate at the end of the copy which explains a little about your organization.

7 Steps for Writing a Press Release

Step 1 – Finding the Angle

Identifying the “Five W’s” is crucial for writing up a compelling press release. In. Fact, this is one of the most important aspects of a release and usually acts as a blueprint for the rest of the document. Aside from the following points, the press release should outline the importance of the Kickstarter campaign and explain the solution it provides along with the benefit this product or service will have to the people who use it.

Who – Who is behind the campaign?

What – What is happening with the campaign?

Where – Where is the campaign launching?

When – When is the campaign launching?

Why – Why is this campaign newsworthy?

Step 2 – Creating the Perfect Headline for a Press Release

Writing a catchy headline will ensure that people actually read the press release. In fact, most copywriters and marketers account for the headline as being the single most important part of the press release.

For this reason, take time to formulate the perfect title and make sure the headline fully explains the launch of your campaign. Don’t rush this part of the process and choose a headline that reporters are unable to resist.

Step 3 – Constructing the First Paragraph

In every press release of a campaign, the first paragraph is most important. In short, you need to capture the readers’ attention and give a strong outline of what the press release entails.

As already mentioned, the “five W’s” should be the focus of this paragraph and as such, this paragraph should outline the most important details that you identified as part of step one. For this reason, refer back to the who, what, where, when and why in order to craft this section.

Step 4 – Mastering the Hook

We explained the hook previously and this is often created in the midst of writing a press release. However, that is not to say the hook is an after-thought, for it’s a crucial component of the document.

As already mentioned, you need to use this part of the process to create a rhyme and reason for the campaign. In many cases, this is achieved by creating an emotional connection between the reader and the subject of the release. But with a campaign, the best way to approach this step is to emphasize the solution that the campaign presents to a particular issue.

Needless to say, the hook is entirely different for every campaign but needs to be mastered and it must be communicated efficiently within the press release. If you have one takeaway from this section, making the reader care is probably the best way to remember what needs to happen.

5. Tell the Rest of the Story

As for the rest of the press release, use short and concise paragraphs to inform the reader the remaining details. During this section, try to include a relevant quote from the founder of the campaign which conveys the good work and value of the project.

As a rule, this section should consist of no more than four or five paragraphs. Most importantly, try not to focus on any one area too much and stick to the most important details that need to be discussed.

6. Campaign Contact information

You should include all contact information at the bottom of this press release including email, cell number and social channels such as LinkedIn. Also, this is the spot in which you can leave your mission statement and write a short bio of what the Kickstarter campaign is trying to achieve.

7. Editing Out the Fluff

Finally, the press release needs to be edited and proofread many times over. Scan through the document and remove unnecessary or duplicate information. This also includes words that may not be needed in a particular sentence.

When you remove the fluff, it’s time to proofread the article and ensure the finished document is 100% accurate in terms of spelling and grammar.

Final Tips for Writing a Press Release to Launch a Kickstarter campaign

Write Like a Reporter – Reporters hate nothing more than having their time wasted so tell them up front what the press release is about. Also, try to avoid cliché’s, keep the message short and when in doubt, write like a reporter.

Define the Audience – You need to contact the right people so make sure to ask yourself if the press release is relevant to the publication? In other words, if the campaign is designed for the medical industry, don’t waste any time pitching your news to a luxury food magazine.

Maintain Structure – Keep the most important information at the top, the secondary details in the middle and additional information or contact details toward the end.

Edit and Proofread – Even when you think the article is finished, try to go back with a fine tooth-comb and remove any of the remaining fluff – there’s always more!


As you can see, writing a press release to launch a kickstarter campaign requires a lot of planning and careful execution. But one last thing you need to get right is the actual timing of the press release. Most publications like to send out their most important news at the beginning of the week, while the secondary stories are usually left until the last minute (Friday). For this reason, send out your press release on a Tuesday or Wednesday to give the release a better chance of being seen by an editor.

Either way, after reading this article, you are already ahead of most companies and by following the above process, you should be well positioned to start writing your own press release for maximum visibility and coverage.

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