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How Tucker Max went from“fratire” to a Successful Founder – How He Did It

TuckerMax is the person that everyone likes to hate and widely regarded as the leaderof the “fratire” literary genre. At the same time, this notorious man is also ahugely successful founder of several startups and one of the best-sellingauthors in the United States.

Buthow did Tucker achieve so much and what can we learn from the process?

It’snot your average story and in many ways, Tucker’s behavior and opinionated natureis largely responsible for his immense success. In other words, this outspoken,straight-talking and often rude individual seems to have mastered the art ofmarketing and even taken PR to an entirely new level.

Inthis article, we look at how Tucker Max made the big time and how we can makesense of his controversial approach:

How Tucker Max went from “fratire” to aSuccessful Founder

Afterreceiving a BA in the University of Chicago and qualifying as a lawyer, Maxchanged direction and decided to focus on his personal interests and hobbies.As a result, he wrote a New York Best Seller called “I Hope They Serve Beer inHell” and this book went on to sell an incredible two million copies.

Asyou may know, he later produced a movie based on this book which led to theaforementioned reputation of being the leader of fratire. However, he also wenton to write “Assholes finish first” and “Hilarity Ensures” before Time Magazineincluded Max on the 100 Most Influential List in 2009.

Sincethen, Tucker Max has assisted many successful startups, and he is the founderof Scribe, a company that helps leaders write and publish their own books.

Anyway,the point is, in spite of his controversial ways, Tucker’s achievements areundeniable and this is especially true in the context of PR and Marketing.

What the Success of Tucker Max Tells UsAbout PR and Marketing

Success Means Nothing WithoutPurpose

Inrecent interviews, Tucker Max opened up about his experience with success andwealth in particular. According to the author, his millions of dollars andrelentless womanizing brought little more than temporary fun and anunfulfilling feeling. He also went on to say that no matter what a personachieves in life, they should always pay attention to purpose and remember thatoutward success has no real meaning.

Froma PR and marketing perspective, this clearly implies that without demonstratingany genuine purpose, a brand is unable to connect with the target market in ameaningful way. What’s more, without trying to nurture a meaningfulrelationship in this regard, it’s difficult for founders or employees to feelany great sense of satisfaction or meaningful achievement.

Helping People is the BestWay to Create Value

Inhis books, Max talks about taking a ruthless approach to business and dealingwith people in general. However, this belief slowly subsides and Tucker nowtries to emphasize that helping other people is the key to making money.

Morespecifically, he explains that riches mean nothing to people when they arestruggling with a certain aspect of their life and providing a solution to thisproblem is the key to making money.

Asyou know, Marketing and PR is all about capturing the attention or a targetmarket. However, at a time when most people are disentitled to conventionaladvertising or marketing efforts, it’s more important to focus on creatingvalue. That is to say, businesses are now better served when they stop tryingto sell and start focusing on how they can solve the customers’ problems.

Doing Great Things Because“Knowing” Is Never Enough

Indeed,many of Tucker’s comments are unnecessary and of poor taste, but he has alwaysbacked up the talk with books, movies and new businesses. With this in mind,Max suggests that most people don’t seem to realize that knowing something isnot enough and doing great things should always be the focus. In terms ofmarketing or business decisions, this also highlights the importance of actingon trends, data and any other important knowledge. 

Legacy and Reputation areMost Important in the Long Term

Afterall the nasty quips and horrible statements, you might think that Tucker Max isa shallow individual with no sense of remorse. On the contrary, Tucker isalways quick to play down this past and point out that he resents hisreputation as an uncaring, woman-hating straw man.

Accordingto Max, the media helped create this impression and most of his statements aretaken out of context in order to seem more controversial. Either way, it’sclear that Tucker is not completely happy about how he reached this point,regardless of the fame and wealth it brought into his life.

Itshould go without saying that being controversial and being offensive are twodifferent things. Tucker has obviously taken a route that no startup orbusiness should follow but at the same time, his remorse is a reminder thatlegacy and reputation matters.

Forexample, many busnisses use unsavory methods when it comes to PR and marketingbut in the long run, attention is temporary and people never forget. That is tosay, it’s never wise to risk the legacy and reputation of a business in orderto gain traction in a market.

Taking a DifferentApproach to Business

Onthe other hand, the movie for “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” is a ratherextreme example of how taking risks is also needed in order to stand out. Forexample, instead of caving into the demands of Hollywood, Tucker took theunorthodox approach of finding independent investors for his movie beforeself-distributing the finished product in movie theaters throughout the UnitedStates.

Butwhat might this mean for every other business?

Itsimply means that there is more than one way to get things done and there isoften a reward for being different. What’s more, this is also a reminder thatsitting on the fence is rarely a good option and businesses that dare to dreamare usually the one’s that manage to do great things.

Final Thought

It’strue, Tucker Max will always be the guy that everyone likes to hate but thereis still a certain genius to his approach and lessons from which manybusinesses can learn to get ahead.

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