Many NFT developers find it beneficial to write an NFT press release to promote their NFT project. Unfortunately, writing an effective NFT press release is not that simple. It requires knowledge and skills that you can’t master overnight. If you need positive results, patience and dedication are key. In this article, we will highlight all the information you need to create an outstanding NFT press release for your project.

Using the release, you can promote your oncoming project launch. You can also reveal the benefits of your project to the audience. To offer greater insight into what works in this field, we will look at a few varieties of NFT press releases you can consider for your projects.

What’s the purpose of an NFT press release?

A press release is a formal statement from a brand, company, or organization that has news to share with the world regarding a new development that could affect the public. Keep in mind that this announcement needs to be newsworthy if you want to capture the attention of media professionals and create excitement among your target audience. An NFT press release will help you share your news with the world and appeal to NFT buyers who are looking for the next big thing in NFTs. For instance, the statement could announce an upcoming NFT project launch, introduce partnerships, or reveal new developments.

Classes of NFT press releases

  • Announcement of NFT launch

When writing a press release about your upcoming NFT launch, you must indicate the date for the launch. It must also reveal what’s unique about your upcoming NFT.

  • NFT rebranding

If you feel your business needs an image that’s better and more persuasive, then you might want to consider a complete rebrand. You can write a rebranding press release to announce your new brand identity to the world. You must include the new name you will adopt. You also need to highlight the new changes that you will be implementing and share your brand repositioning plan.

  • Event announcement

Do you have an oncoming event for one of your NFT collections? An event announcement press release will help to create buzz for your event beforehand. This is an effective tool to use if you want to deliver the message to prospective clients.

  • NFT partnership

In your partnership press release, you must indicate who the new partners are, the benefits they bring, and the reason for the partnership.

  • Technology integration

In the release, indicate the new enhancements your brand is introducing. You can also highlight the impact these changes will have on your products and projects.

The importance of a headline in an NFT press release

The best time to write a headline is after the editorial process. This allows you to come up with the most accurate and engaging summary for your press release. It also makes it easy to express the main message.

In order to write an engaging headline, you need to identify your target audience and determine why they should read your news. Keep in mind that there are different types of NFT audiences and each of them might be drawn to your project for a different reason. For example, some of them are NFT collectors, project investors, and project owners.

Regardless of the type of audience, the message you’re sending must convey value and highlight a key reason to read it. One of the best techniques you can leverage to get this right is using the inverted pyramid writing style. Based on this format, vital information must come first, and the least important details come last.

Top NFT press releases

The following list provides some examples of outstanding press releases in the NFT industry.

  • Star Trek NFT – Partnership press release

Star Trek is the first major franchise to unveil an NFT in collaboration with Paramount. It will feature unique starships generated algorithmically. Rumor has it that after Star Trek is done developing its NFT project, Paramount has plans to partner with Nickelodeon on a new NFT collection.

Paramount’s partnership with RECUR will lead to the production of 20,000 Start Trek NFTs. In addition, there will be an extra 2000 as a reserve.

  • NFL NFT launch

This was an announcement about their oncoming NFTs for the 2021 NFC and AFC teams targeting the Super Bowl. These tokens would feature the logo of the winning team, conference trophies, winning scores, and important dates. It went on to mention plans for NFL NFTs from Dapper Labs.

  • DraftKings NFT – Product launch

DraftKings is preparing to launch a blockchain system that’s environmentally friendly and scalable. This blockchain will allow you to enjoy cheaper costs of transactions, throughput, and more possibilities.

Furthermore, the press release went on to highlight plans to create a link between companies and athletes. DraftKings is doing this in four major verticals: investment content, marketing, and licensing. This will allow athletes to maximize their likeness asset, image, and name.

The drawbacks of creating an NFT press release

Writing this kind of press release can be challenging, especially if you’re not NFT savvy. After all, there are many technical NFT terms that holders love to use in this space. It’s important to have a reliable source who can help you understand these complex terminologies. It’s crucial to find this source before you start writing your release. This isn’t to say that you will need to use technical terms in your press release. In fact, you should avoid using these terms unless you want to turn readers who aren’t familiar with them off.

How to enhance the value of your NFT press release

  • Provide quotes

Including quotes helps boost the authenticity and quality of your press release. It provides an insider perspective, and this is something that the reporters and your audience will be looking for. When including the quote, ensure it comes from some of the developers or artists who have contributed to the project or external stakeholders who are inspired by the project. For example, you could use a quote from the CEO, head of technology, or the marketplace where you’re selling your NFTs.

  • Provide facts

Media outlets rely on facts when writing an article about your brand. Therefore, you should make their work easier by providing all the facts they will need. Some of the details you should not leave out include the company’s full name, time, and date of the event. Just think about any information they will find useful and include it.

  • Reach out

Who will you send your release to? Well, you should do an online search to determine the media outlets that will cover your story. For instance, you can run a search using the phrase “Submit NFT News” or alternative phrases when searching for relevant news outlets. Once you have a media list, share a custom NFT press release with each. By reading your press release, they can determine whether it’s newsworthy enough to publish or write a follow-up story on.

  • Include your email address

Don’t forget to add your contact information to your press release. You can include it at the bottom or top of your release. Contact details are important because reporters as well as your readers will use them to reach out. For example, a journalist may need clarity on something about your press release. Without any contact details, they will have no idea where to reach you and will probably drop the story.


An NFT press release is vital for the success of your business. Besides dispensing vital information to the audience, it can boost token sales during a launch. That’s because it helps to spread awareness about your oncoming business activities. As you’ve seen, NFTs come in various forms that allow you to fulfill different goals.

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