Writing a powerful social media press release is one way in which you can capture attention on social media. As with all other press releases, it’s not impossible to write a good social media press release. Of course, you may encounter a few challenges, but that shouldn’t worry you. After all, once you’ve read our guide, you’ll have everything you need to write an effective social media press release.

This guide will cover the steps you need to go through when writing a social media press release in 2023. By the end of it, you should be able to create an attention-grabbing release. Remember, the primary goal of any press release is to share your brand story. Typically, a press release focuses on the following:

  • How your venture can save the world
  • Announcing a breakthrough in your niche industry
  • Announcing the launch of a new line of products or an improvement on the existing one

As with any other press release, the main objective of the social media press release is obtaining media coverage. Additionally, you are using it to boost business awareness. Traditionally, that would mean getting your content published in print publications. These days, there’s a little more to it.

Besides print publications, getting featured in major publications like Forbes is important. Getting a shout-out from a trendy influencer on various social media channels also counts towards your social proof. As you can see, the purpose of a press release has greatly evolved over time. And it pays to keep up with the trends if you want to benefit from your press release.

While getting a shoutout from a TikTok influencer might seem like something that would only benefit brands in the fashion or cosmetics industries, all brands can benefit a lot from a simple shoutout on social media. With a press release, you can get media professionals to write about you, bloggers to blog about what you’re doing, and influencers to give you a shoutout on their platforms.

When written well, a press release is a great channel for making important announcements. That being said, when writing the press release, an integral part of the process is considering the target audience. In a short while, we’ll highlight why press release format is important when you’re trying to obtain traction.

What’s a social media press release?

Before we get to that, what marks the difference between a traditional press release and social media press release? Well, both releases rely on text to share information with the readers. However, a social media press release contains a little more content. This includes images, videos, or anything that will capture influencer attention. Most importantly, the content must be inspiring enough to capture an influencer’s attention if you’re to stand a chance of them sharing it with their audience.

That’s not the only difference – there’s more to social media releases than their traditional counterpart. Usually, the primary target audience of a traditional press release is normally is industry insiders and journalists. A social media press release has a different target audience. The main audience is the consumer.

That means the mode of writing a social media release is unique. It takes a different approach from that of a traditional release. For starters, it doesn’t focus as much on facts as the typical press release does. Instead, you’ll have to craft your content in a way that makes it even more engaging than a traditional press release. The trick here is sharing information with a hint of entertainment.

Do you know what a social media press release in your industry looks like? Well, you can find resourceful samples online to use as your reference. These samples will help you learn how to prepare one for your brand.

Why is a social media press release important?

There are countless reasons why your business could need social media marketing. What stands out is the fact that it outperforms the traditional release. In fact, you will find it being shared more widely than a traditional press release. In addition to helping you reach your potential clients, a social media press release will also reach media professionals who are active online. With a social media press release, people can easily:

  • Find you through a simple Google search
  • Link to your press release
  • Share your release on social media channels among other digital platforms

The resulting boost in views is beyond minor. Beyond that, over half of the organic traffic resulting from social media press releases is from search engines and social media channels. When you include multimedia content in your press release, the resulting traffic is greater. According to findings, press releases that include multimedia have almost 10 times the viewership of those without.

Many journalists and editors are aware of this fact. As such, they’re looking for ways to incorporate multimedia in their content, especially articles. On your part, you should provide multimedia for your social media release if you want to generate more engagement. When you do so, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • You will have captivating and engaging content for your readers
  • Your probability of earning media coverage will be higher
  • You will earn the trust of influencers in your niche.

Most importantly, you will have ultimate control of your story. Even better, since your press release is published on your owned channels (social media), you can easily update it as needed. This gives you the flexibility to update your story anytime at your pleasure. That means you will have an interesting story throughout, regardless of what point someone reads your press release.


The above guide covers all that you need to know when you’re writing a social media press release. Once you make note of the important elements we’ve covered, you can apply them to your press release. With a social media press release, you have more control over your brand story.

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