Over the years, we’ve seen press releases playing a critical role in the success of many real estate agencies. With a professional press release, you can make a name for your real estate business in the industry. Moreover, with the right strategy, you can establish a solid presence online and attract even more clients. While other promotional strategies might boost your business temporarily, publishing a well-written press release can position you as a trusted authority in real estate. And once people know they can trust you, they’re more likely to do business with you.

How a press release helps you earn trust

The real estate industry runs on trust. After all, if a client doesn’t trust that you will help them find the best deal within their budget, then they’re unlikely to pay for your services. Instead, they’ll look for a real estate agent who they can trust with their hard-earned dollars.

The good news is that a professional press release boosts your credibility in the industry. Additionally, having it published on a respected media outlet is a form of social proof. By publishing your press release, media outlets are essentially displaying a vote of confidence in the services you’re selling. Both these factors combine to earn trust among your target audience.

In order for your press release to earn you trust effectively, it needs to be written well and follow the standard industry guidelines. Many people who are new to the art of press release writing turn to press release templates to guide their writing. However, if you’re new to press release writing, you still need an expert copy editor to look over your press release and ensure that you’ve met the industry guidelines. A copy editor who is trained in press release writing can also ensure that your press release is newsworthy enough to capture the attention of both the media and your target audience.

How Pressfarm can help with this

Pressfarm is a PR agency composed of PR specialists, expert writers and certified graphic designers who are skilled at creating content that makes heads turn. By leveraging years of experience across different industries, our skilled press release writers can write a professional press release that showcases the most newsworthy aspects of your brand. In addition, these writers can optimize your press release to make sure that it is visible online.

Finally, we can leverage the industry connections we have and the network we’ve built to ensure that your press release is published in respected media outlets. In this way, we help you reach your target audience with your news when it matters most.

As a company, we help clients attain their goals by tapping into our skills and experience. We don’t rely on mere intuition, and that’s probably why our clients have many success stories to share. We know the power of a press release for promoting a real estate business. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s the quickest and the most powerful way for real estate businesses to acquire quality leads.

How your real estate agency can benefit from press releases

If you’re looking to boost your agency’s online presence, then you are in the right place. By learning to write a press release, you can widen your agency’s digital footprint and reach more prospective clients. We’ve seen it happen many times – enough times to know that a robust press release will make your business stand out from your competitors.

A well-written press release evokes the interest of potential buyers and inspires them to reach out and learn more about your offers. As a real estate agent, building a reputation for your business is a crucial thing. The good news is that it’s not that hard if you know the right strategies to leverage. By simply getting your business featured on a reputable site that your target audience trusts, you can elevate your business profile among the public.

Furthermore, you can also enhance your digital visibility by securing coverage on blogs with high organic traffic. Your business can benefit a lot from guest posts and backlinks published on reputable sites in your industry. These placements are what it takes to acquire quality leads for your venture.

Where to use your press release

Using the press release for your marketing campaigns can help you reach clients in the digital space. Additionally, sharing your announcement via news channels and getting featured in relevant publications will improve your visibility. In the real estate sector, there’s always a client, business, or organization looking to buy a property. Reaching out to them is a challenge that a press release can handle.

Opportunities for real estate agencies are there, whether you’re selling or renting properties. By creating a press release for your business, you can tap into these opportunities.

Not sure what to write about?

Since we’re assuming you’ve been in the real estate business for a while, you must have at least some experience in the industry. This is a good place to start. You can simply share a newsworthy professional opinion the clients might find useful. Talk about local real estate trends, and new housing code regulations that prospective property buyers should know.

You can also host special events for property sellers and buyers. If you’re planning to relocate to a new premise, you can base your press release on this relocation. If you’re participating in any local community event, you can make a press release announcement around this event. With a real estate press release, there are many newsworthy topics to write about.

When used well, a press release is also an efficient tool for creating hype. When you generate hype, your business gets to be the talk of the town. This will give your business the visibility it needs to reach potential buyers. For example, you can create a buzz by talking about current real estate trends, market trends, and market data.

How to write a real estate press release

To make your life easier, we’ve developed a checklist you can use to write a press release for your venture. We will also provide you with a sample template to give you an idea of how you should organize your release.

  • A striking headline
  • Information about the property or your agency. Valuable information includes:
    • Location
    • Features
    • Value
    • The type of seller or buyer you’re focusing on
  • Property market insights, especially your region or local area
  • Quote: use a quote from the owner, partners, or stakeholders
  • A relevant visual: employee, property, agent, agency logo
  • Website URL: Real estate agency
  • Date of release
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate
    • About agency
    • Contact details
      • Telephone number
      • Agency address
      • Contact person

It’s easy to get more clicks on your press release when you use a striking title. To hook the audience for longer, keep your content brief. Beyond that, you’ve got to identify your target clients so that you know what kind of story angles will resonate better with them. With help from an expert, you can optimize your press release. You can also specify the type of sales you’re looking for, including the price range and the number of properties.

Real estate press release template

City – State – Release Date: Specific date or Immediate Release

Headline: Highlight the most newsworthy aspects of your announcement.

Summary: In a few words, describe your news in form of a subheading followed by a brief introductory paragraph.

Quote: Get a quote from an agency rep, your clients, or stakeholders.

Additional paragraph: Expand the announcement by providing more information. Make sure you address questions like who, what, why, when, and where.

Another paragraph: Provide an additional insightful quote or explanation for your announcement.

CTA and Site URL: This tells readers where to go for more information

Boilerplate: A brief section about your agency. In addition to sharing the important details about your agency, make sure you provide the following contact information:

  • Name of contact person:
  • Organization:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number:

You can use this template as a guide when you’re writing a press release for your agency. Many of our readers have already used it to create effective press releases. With a good press release, you can create a positive image for your business in the community. As a result, you end up creating relationships with prospective buyers.

Over to you

Today’s online market is highly competitive, and this is especially true in the real estate industry. With the help of a professional press release, you can spread the word about your agency and attract prospective clients. If you need help creating a professional, optimized press release that meets industry standards, you can always reach out to the experts at Pressfarm. They understand the industry requirements and they will help you get the results you desire. By combining your expert services with their industry experience, you can create a press release that attracts the right clients to your business.