Are you about to launch an app but worried about getting lost in the sea of competition? Don’t fret. A well-crafted press release can be your key to standing out and grabbing the attention of your target audience.

In this article, we will show you how to master the art of writing a winning press release for your app launch. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, a compelling press release can generate buzz, drive traffic to your app, and boost downloads. But it’s not just about writing a run-of-the-mill press release. You need to craft a story that piques the interest of journalists, bloggers, and potential users.

From crafting an attention-grabbing headline to writing a captivating opening paragraph, we’ll guide you through the essential elements of a successful press release. You’ll learn how to communicate the unique features and benefits of your app, create a sense of urgency, and include relevant quotes and statistics that add credibility to your release.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the tools and techniques to write a winning press release that effectively promotes your app and positions it for success in the competitive app market. So let’s dive in and perfect your app launch press release.

How to write a press release for your app launch

Do you know how to write a press release that will drive traffic to your new app? If not, worry not. This guide will walk you through the steps that you need to keep in mind. Before we get to that, the most crucial thing to consider when writing a release is the format. Failure to stick to the standard format that is recognized by journalists, media outlets, and bloggers will result in your press release being tossed before anyone has had a chance to read it.

Once you’ve gone over the recommended format, you need your press release to stand out. Other companies will also be jostling for coverage on the same platforms you’re targeting. In order to ensure that your press release stands out from the press releases that your competitors have no doubt sent over, you need to make sure it’s newsworthy.

Before a reporter writes a story about your upcoming app launch, they need to read your press release first.  It’s up to you to ensure that they have something worthwhile to write about once they’ve clicked on your press release.

When should you send the press release for your app launch to reporters?

The best time to send your press release out is often a few days before the launch. Since getting press coverage isn’t that easy (we wish it was!), you still need to start pitching earlier. Fortunately, as you send your pitches out, you can place an embargo on your press release to indicate the day you would like your release to get published. Always use an embargo with caution because there’s usually a chance that your news will leak ahead of time. For this reason, you need to develop a contingency plan that you can put into motion in case of a leak.

Who should you target?

When you’re sending your press release emails, don’t just send them to any reporter. Run background research and identify reporters who publish content related to your field. Regardless of how newsworthy your release is, sending it to the wrong reporter will not get it published. For example, a fashion journalist wouldn’t be interested in your new app, unless you’ve built an app to allow people to try clothes on virtually. If your app offers something equally tangible and exciting for customers who want to look stylish, then go ahead and send it to that fashion journalist.

Important elements to include in a press release for your app launch

1. Company name/application name and icon

Start by inserting your company name at the top of the press release page. Thereafter, highlight the application name. Alternatively, you can work with your brand logo and name. The second tip only applies if your brand is renowned. If it’s not a popular brand, then using the app logo and name will be more effective.

2. Subject line

The subject line needs to remain straightforward and factual or else you will lose the readers’ attention. Even so, you should still find ways to summarize your news in an engaging way. The more captivating it sounds, the more the reader will want to dive into your press release so that they can read the full details.

3. Summary line

At this point, if you still have the reader’s attention (whether the reader is a reporter or a member of your target audience), you now have a chance to convince them to read your press release in its entirety. You should develop a subtitle to provide your readers with a compelling summary of your press release. By the time they’ve gotten to the first paragraph, they should know that your press release is newsworthy and exactly why it’s newsworthy. Make sure you enlighten them on the basic operations of the app and how it will help people.

4. Introduction

Begin by providing the app release date and the location of the event. Briefly explain the significance of your app once more in less than three lines. Remember, your focus is on how the app functions and what problems it solves. The last thing your readers will want is to read through a list of your fancy features – they just want to know what your app can do for them. For this reason, make sure you keep any descriptions of your app as straightforward as possible.

5. Screenshots

Screenshots can evoke excitement and make your press release look interesting. It will also help the reporter to get a picture of what you’re talking about.

6. Description

At this point, you are in the body of your release. This space gives you an opportunity to explain your app in detail. You should explain how it works and even mention the features it comes with. Don’t leave out the benefits. Most importantly, explain where your app performs better than similar apps on the market.

If it’s a unique app, explain why the readers should consider using it. To give your readers a complete picture of what your app does, include quotes from industry experts or top executives in your company. If it’s a startup, including a quote from the founder or your partner is good enough.

7. Pricing and availability

Provide not more than two lines of facts outlining any fees required to use your app. Additionally, you need to talk about the countries where the app is available and the OS requirements. You can also mention future updates. Don’t get too lost in the technical details, though. Doing so will only confuse the reader.

8. Site information 

Make sure you include a link to the landing page of your application. Encourage the readers to visit it for more information.

9. About your business/company

At the end of the release, you need to talk briefly about your brand and the company behind the application. Try not to write more than 4 sentences for this section. If you go overboard, you will overwhelm readers who have already gone out of their way to read the first part of your press release.

10. Press release ending

To indicate to the reader that you’ve gotten to the end of the release, use the three # symbols (“###”).  Place it at the bottom center of your last page.

11. Contact details

Your contact details are crucial because the reader may want to contact you for further information. You should provide both your email address and an active phone number. You can also include additional ways in which the reader can reach you.

Are press releases too traditional for an app launch?

Press releases might have been around for decades, but they’re still a vital part of a successful app launch. If you are reaching out to a media outlet or a news reporter, wiring an official release will boost your chances of getting published in the same media outlets that your target audience scans for news every day.

Also, you can tweak your press release for use on different platforms. If you want to communicate to the social media community, for example, there’s a unique format for that.


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