Crafting a compelling press release for your restaurant can be the ultimate game-changer to boost your visibility and attract new customers. But, how do you write a press release that truly stands out in a sea of competition? In this article, we delve into insider tips and tactics to help you create an attention-grabbing press release that will make heads turn.

Whether you’re launching a new menu, hosting a special event, or simply want to generate buzz around your restaurant, we’ve got you covered. From creating an enticing headline to including mouth-watering descriptions of your dishes, we’ll show you how to captivate the media and entice potential customers. We’ll also share the secrets of incorporating captivating visuals and testimonials to further enhance your press release’s impact. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn proven strategies that will put your restaurant in the spotlight. Get ready to craft a press release that will make your competitors green with envy.

You can use a press release to announce partnership deals. You can also use it to announce upcoming events like a restaurant anniversary. You might be hiring new staff like the head chef or manager. With the help of the release, you can announce this new hire to your clients and investors.

All of this is great news, but do you know how to write a press release for a restaurant? If you don’t, then you’re in the right place. This guide will help you learn how to write the best release for your restaurant.

How to write an effective press release for a restaurant

While it’s important to follow the standard rules for press release writing, you’ll find that there some differences in the recommended press release format for a restaurant. After all, you’re in a very unique industry so the advice for a fashion press release can’t apply to your restaurant word for word.

1) Title

The title is a crucial part of your press release. After all, this is the first section of your press release that your readers will focus on. Your title will either convince them to dive in and read the rest of your press release or turn them off and send them looking for the next distraction.

If you want to reel the audience in, then you need to learn how to write engaging headlines for your PR content. Ideally, the title must be striking. So striking, in fact, that the reader gets intrigued and is convinced to read the whole thing.

The best headlines always get the attention of the reader and inspire them to read the entire content. In the headline, you can give the readers a glimpse of what’s in the body. Since you only have one short line to use, ensure you come up with the most engaging headline you can possibly develop. Don’t waste this chance on uninspiring headlines.

2) Main body

1st Paragraph:

You need the first paragraph to be insightful and provide the reader with critical information. In this case, declaring the reason for the announcement among other important details is important. Make sure you also let the reader know the name of the restaurant as well as the location, time, and date of launch. You should mention your restaurant’s specialty so that the audience knows what to expect when they visit.

As part of this section, make sure you give some examples of the types of dishes that you serve. If you specialize in special delicacies, you should mention them here. Your audience will probably also be curious about the types of drinks you serve. Don’t forget to provide a link to your site as well as a link to your menu to allow your readers to peruse your offerings some more. Hopefully, you also have a photo gallery on your website. Keep in mind that the atmosphere of your restaurant is just as important as the food, so people will want to know what the place looks like.

2nd Paragraph:

In the second paragraph, you want to make your restaurant sound as unique as possible. Remember, there are other restaurants where your target audience can go. Therefore, you need to highlight what makes your restaurant stand out. This should give people a reason to stop by your business regardless of its location.

3rd Paragraph:

In the third paragraph, you need to start wrapping your press release up. This is the best place to include reviews and quotes. Any quotes you use should give your readers a good example of the kind of experience that they will have if they visit you. A quote from the restaurant owner, a loyal patron or an employee should do the trick.

If you don’t have quotes to include, you can always talk about something else. If you have some unique dishes, you can use this part to talk about them briefly.  More specifically, you can also highlight the signature dishes and drinks, but don’t mention everything on the menu. Reveal to the target clients what makes you stand out.

4th Paragraph:

Keep it simple by just developing a memorable closing statement. Alternatively, you can wrap things up by reiterating one of the striking points from the first few paragraphs. To make this paragraph especially memorable, you should incorporate a bit of personality in it.

A feature image:

Food is very visual so you need to choose an image that displays the appealing food that you serve in your restaurant. You can also use an image that gives an impression of the welcoming ambience you’ve created for customers. We’ve added this tip at the end because we believe that you need to write the entire press release before you choose an image that perfectly sums up your news.

A note about the writing structure

You should use the inverted pyramid layout to write your press release. In other words, you should start with the essential details and move on to the less important points further on. Make sure you place any critical information in the first one or two paragraphs to ensure the readers can access it easily. Remember, most of the readers may end up stopping at the first or second paragraph. That’s why you need to provide all the critical details in these sections. This ensures that they get the message even if they don’t read your entire release.

A note about press release distribution

Reporters receive press release emails in bulk daily. A significant portion of these press releases always ends up in the recycle bin. On the positive side, not all emails end up in the trash. It’s only the unworthy releases that get tossed aside because of their irrelevance. This is good news because if you take the time to develop an engaging press release, then you can feature in a reputable media outlet.

There are many media outlets that you can target. While you may be tempted to use a mass outreach approach, you should focus on a targeted approach instead. Simply reach out to relevant media outlets, food bloggers, and journalists who deal with content in your industry. Make sure you personalize your content and you’ll be golden.

To emphasize the importance of targeted pitching, think about this for a moment: would you, as a journalist in the clothing industry, publish articles on food or restaurants? Probably not, right? Regardless of how delicious a menu may be or how striking the place may look, you can’t logically feature it. Therefore, as a restaurant owner, you shouldn’t target the wrong news outlet and expect to get featured.

How to find relevant media outlets

There’s more to targeting the relevant news outlet than simply running a Google search and sending an email. When you reach out, the first point of contact presents an opportunity to build a long-term partnership. Thanks to these partnerships, you’ll have a better chance of getting featured in the magazine, article, or food blog the next round.

When sending a press release email, you need to include an engaging email. In this email, introduce yourself and explain why you’re reaching out to that particular person. Make sure you make it clear why the launching of your restaurant deserves media coverage.


Running a restaurant can be very stressful because of the bulk of things you need to do for it to be successful. When you add writing a release to the list of things you need to do, you may get overwhelmed. Even if you have the time to write a press release, writing one without the right expertise can be a tall order. For this reason, you might find it helpful to reach out to a press release writer to take care of your press release writing.

PR professionals, such as those at Pressfarm, will go beyond writing your press release to identify the best places to publish your press release. Using a targeted media outreach strategy, they will then pitch the news from your restaurant to these outlets. They will then make sure your press release is published on platforms that will increase your visibility.

The expert writers and certified designers at Pressfarm can also write guest posts and design a media kit for you. With this content, you can boost your media coverage even further. Finally, the account executive at Pressfarm builds a custom media list to help you connect with respected journalists across different media outlets. By connecting with these media contacts, you can keep doing extended media outreach long after the team at Pressfarm has wrapped up your PR campaign.

When done right, writing a press release for a restaurant can do wonders. It’s an effective way to capture attention. Beyond that, it will attract journalists, food bloggers, and customers.