As a music artist, getting people to listen to your songs might be easier if you create a music performer press release to generate some buzz for that new album or song. By creating this kind of press release, you can make sure that you connect with audiences who appreciate your music.

In this virtual era, you can simply share your track online through streaming platforms, email marketing, and social media. While these avenues offer you an opportunity to reach your target audience, it’s not always that easy because of the intense competition in this space. Just like you, countless other musicians are striving to get the audience’s attention.

Fortunately, press releases are an alternative and lesser-known tool with immense power to leverage music fans. Using a text-based approach to promote a product that exists in audio format might seem extremely unconventional. However, this is the exact reason why your music performer press release will stand out. As an artist, you can use a press release to announce your latest releases, gigs, and listening parties. Unfortunately, many artists are not aware of the resourcefulness of this tool. In this guide, we’ll look at how to write a music performer press release in 2022:

What’s a press release?

A press release is a formal document that businesses, individuals like artists, and organizations can leverage to make announcements. Press releases normally take the form of an official document that you can share on various channels for coverage. You can use it for important highlights like announcing launches and updates as well as sharing newsworthy content.

When you use primary keywords in your release, you can boost its online visibility. These keywords can help you to optimize the press release for search engines. With the right keywords, your press release will feature in online searches conducted using related keywords. This is even more important to the music sector since users often search for the latest music releases online.

Given how effective press releases are for SEO, this is a resourceful tool that will help to promote your music in a highly competitive space. You can also use it to announce your tours, video releases, and band updates.

How to write a music performer press release

Anyone can write a press release, but not everyone can write an engaging press release. In order to write an outstanding music performer press release, you need to master the standard guidelines of press release writing. Once you’ve done that, you need to go one step further to weave an engaging story into your press release. In fact, the most effective press releases are personalized to fit the band’s interests.

The following are key points of interest that you must cover when creating a release for your new song, album, or performance. These elements can apply to whatever announcement you’re making whether it’s an update or product launch:

  • Compelling headline – Include your music genre or mention the venue where you will be performing as well as the date of the performance
  • Specific details about what you’re promoting – Is it a single or an album?
  • Details about the band or artist including music genre
  • Background information on the musician’s background
  • The inspiration behind the music
  • Further details regarding upcoming singles or albums
  • Relevant visuals –  You can include photos of band members, artists you’re collaborating with, and cover art
  • A relevant quote or review
  • The URL of your website – Ideally, this URL should lead to your landing page
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate
  • Contact information

Using these guidelines, you can use the press release for all the announcements regarding your music. As such, you can include it as one of your main marketing strategies. While it can work collaboratively with other marketing tools, a press release is also powerful as a stand-alone tool. You can even customize it for specific functions or audiences.

Tips on how to write a music performer press release in 2022

1) Press release title

You should start your release with a compelling headline that gives the reader a good idea of what to expect in the main body of the press release. enabling the reader to know what’s in the main body. Since the headline is the most vital part of the release, you need to ensure it’s engaging., Without a compelling headline, your release has no chance of getting published let alone getting read. A good formula to use for writing your headlines is (Artist Name), (Event Name), and (date).

Make sure that you’ve also placed a striking photo that is relevant to the event beneath the catchy headline. The album cover is your best option here.

2) Introductory statement

This paragraph must be brief while remaining insightful. Within a few lines, you should provide the striking details of the event, bio, and a bit of history. This should be enough to entice the reader to stay for more information. The bio should describe you as the musician or band, where you were born, as well as your current roles.

In the next one or two paragraphs, you can provide the reader with more information to expand on the first paragraph. Even so, you must be brief. Stick to facts and avoid any fluff.

3) A quote and a closing statement

A quote adds a personal touch to your press release. Make sure you use a memorable quote – one that reporters can use to create an engaging story. The quote can be from you as the musician or one of the other musicians involved in the news you’re announcing, the investors, managers, or stakeholders. After the quote, you can end your press with a brief closing line. The closing line needs to summarize the rest of your press release. If you have a CTA button, you should also add it at the end of your closing statement.

4) Location and contact information

It’s important to give your readers a good idea of where to find you after they’ve finished reading your press release. Make sure you remind the audience of the date, location, and venue of the event. You should also add social media links so that readers can follow you closely for updates. Consider adding links to your Instagram, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Website, and TikTok accounts. Finally, you need to add information that can help journalists or fans to reach out to you directly. Your readers will appreciate this information and it also benefits you to have this information on your press release. For example, your contact information is valuable to a journalist who needs to follow up on some details so that they can write an accurate story about you or a fan who would like to book you for a future event.

5) Attachments

In order to avoid overwhelming your readers with information, it’s always a good idea to include additional information or supporting documents as attachments or links. The following are examples of content that should be shared in attachment or link form.

    • Poster for your music release event
    • Promotional photo or logo
    • Private link to samples of your music


These guidelines should help you create a release for your music event. Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a band, you’ll find that following these guidelines can help you write an engaging press release that puts you in the headlines. To make your press release count, you should also consider hiring an expert. After all, you rely on professional managers to help you succeed with your music career. Writing a press release should be no different.

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