You’ve just completed one of your cybersecurity assessments and now you want to write a cybersecurity press release to highlight your improvements. In this article, we will highlight how you can convert your assessment report into an engaging press release that generates income for your business.

Let’s start by talking about why you should even bother writing a press release for your cybersecurity company:

How a press release will benefit your cybersecurity company

1) Builds credibility

A well-written press release will only add to the professional image you’re trying to build. Getting this press release published is a form of social proof that your company is trustworthy. Trustworthy enough for your target audience to consider working with you.

2) Widens your reach

A press release can be distributed to hundreds of media outlets within your niche, thus widening your reach. When your press release is picked up by reputable media outlets, you can benefit from improved visibility online. This kind of press coverage also makes it easier for potential clients to find you through organic searches that use your keywords.

3) Breaks down the metrics into an easy-to-understand format

A press release presents an opportunity to break down any complex figures in your assessment report into a format that’s easier to digest. After all, a press release utilizes a more engaging storytelling format to present this information. By breaking down the jargon, your press release can help you connect with more potential clients.

How to use a press release to announce your cybersecurity assessment

It’s fair to say that many auditors don’t think of themselves as marketers. Even the idea of assuming this role is off-putting to some. These days, however, that trend is changing. Cybersecurity assessments have a vital role to play in the marketing campaigns of a business. They help build credibility and trust for the company, which is important when attracting new partners.

Now, let’s look at how to create a press release that will create an impact on your marketing and PR efforts.

How to maximize the reach for your cybersecurity press release

The press release is an integral part of major business announcements such as the announcement you would want to make following an assessment. However, in order for a press release to create an impact, it must reach the readers. Therefore, before drafting your press release, you need to figure out how it will reach the target readers. The following tips should help you with that:

Leverage newswire services

You can use several newswire services to distribute your release to media outlets and reporters. Most of them provide their services at a fee. Look around to see which option fits your budget.

Write blog posts

Press releases have an official format. On the other hand, you can make your blog posts personal. Make sure you provide a link to your press release in the blog posts.


Short emails are very powerful. If you craft them well, your release can reach many audiences. You can also ask the recipient to share it with their colleagues and friends.

Social media posts

On social media, you can create a strikingly beautiful visual post and use it to share your press release. Your staff can help you boost the rate of engagements, likes, and shares.

How to write your cybersecurity press release

In this section, we’ll look at the basic steps you can use for the formatting and writing of your release:

  • Use the main idea as your focus

Don’t be too quick to put pen to paper. Think about the main idea you want the readers to derive from your press release. You will need to use the main idea as the foundation of your release. The good news is that you can still explore beyond the facts and figures here. For instance, what was the reason for running the assessment? How will it affect your customers? How does it influence the values of your company?

The best press releases deliver the message in one blow and with supporting information in the rest of the press release. Additionally, if you want to create a powerful press release, consider the goal or outcome of your assessment as you start writing. Here is an example of how to do this – “As of now, we are done with FedRAMP certification. Thus, we can maximally target the Federal Market using our product.”

  • Craft a newsworthy headline

The headline provides you with a shot at making a good impression. If you lose this opportunity, no one will read your announcement. Therefore, you must not take your headline writing lightly. The same goes for your subheading. By simply reading these two, the reader can judge whether your content is interesting or not. Take your time in this step because it’s a crucial part of your release. Don’t rush it. Simply craft a headline that accurately expresses the main idea of the press release.

  • Be straightforward

Ever heard the popular advice not to bury the lead? If you bury the lead, you’re failing to introduce the crucial part of a story at the beginning. Instead, you’re dropping it somewhere in the center as if it’s not significant. If you do this with your press release, you will lose the reader.

These days, people have shorter attention spans. Therefore, you need to mention the most crucial outcomes of your assessment in the beginning when your readers are still engaged. The biggest mistake you can make, when you have important information to share, is filling the introduction of your press release with fluff and taking a long time to get to the point. Don’t beat around the bush – introduce the main idea as soon as you can.

  • Include quotes

Get quotes from the company leaders, auditors, or experts and include them in the release. You can write them in the second or third paragraph. The quotes you use must be relevant to the assessment. For instance, these quotes could express the significance of the assessment. To make these quotes really count, the language you use must be simple with no technical terms. Assume it’s for an 11th-grade student. You can also include a quote from a client.

  • Talk about the next steps

In the last paragraph of the release, you can talk about the auditing process in more detail. Share the experience and lessons that readers might find useful.

  • Include a boilerplate

The format of a press release dictates that it must end with an “About” section. You should use this section to provide a brief description of your company. As much as your boilerplate is at the end of your press release, it’s still important. Some readers may skim through after reading the headline and the first paragraph. With a boilerplate, they can learn about your company without having to do additional research. Remember to include your address and contact details.

BONUS press release tips

  • Make it relatable

Remember, your release is designed for the average reader. Therefore, you should leave out technical terms that might confuse them.

  • Keep it brief

The release shouldn’t be more than 4 to 6 paragraphs, and shouldn’t cover more than 800 words. If you can keep it to 500 words, this would be even better. You should strive to cover the key details in a few paragraphs for readability.

  • Don’t treat it like a marketing tool

Press releases are mainly designed to present facts to the readers. Therefore, you should avoid including marketing fluff. Instead, use accurate information as it is to make the announcement. The language must be direct and provide answers to how, why, where, what, and who.


Announcing the results of your cybersecurity assessment is a big deal. That’s why you need to treat it with a high level of professionalism. That being said, if you find that writing the perfect press release is too much pressure, you should consider hiring a PR agency.

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