Do you think you can summarize your business growth and expansion plans in one press release? Can you fit your entire corporate strategy into 500 words? You may have heard that your business growth and expansion press release should include your business plans for cycle expansion and economic growth among other aspects. What’s more, all of this needs to fit within 300 to 800 words.

Well, if you’re writing a press release for your business to get media coverage, there’s no need to include all of this content in one press release. In fact, if you do this, you might leave your audience bored. If you truly want to capture media attention, you should share the most relevant brand stories.

Instead of boring your audience with intricate details about your business growth strategy, you can contextualize your announcement against the backdrop of current trends. Alternatively, you can provide compelling facts about your upcoming events. You don’t have to rush. Come up with an idea, and then turn it into a newsworthy story before converting it into a press release.

Your goal for the press release should inspire the hook. Write a head-turning headline and catchy lead paragraph. You can create several drafts and choose the best option. You must ensure that whatever you write will capture the audience’s attention. Most importantly, ask yourself if the release will add value to your reader. If it does, then you’re on the right path and your chances of getting press coverage are higher.

You should also create opportunities for interested readers to access more information about your business growth and expansion strategy. But how do you do all of this?

Important elements to include in your press release

  • Catchy Headline
  • Company Details:
    • Provide data to support the growth and expansion of your business (e.g. expansion, diversification, modernizations, strategic alliance, joint venture, or acquisition.
    • Biasness operation, mission, niche
    • Services/ Products
    • Impact of growth or expansion
    • Owner
  • Relevant Quote: this should come from your strategic partners, managers, investors, or CEO.
  • Relevant Visual: you can use the company logo if you have one, investor, CEO, or image portraying your brand.
  • Site URL for your company
  • Release Date
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate
  • Contact Info

Looking at a sample can help you understand what a successful press release should look like. It helps you master the recommended format and guides you on what fits where. It also helps to guide you on how to organize info in your release.

Press release templates

While reading a press release writing guide helps, getting the structure right is always a challenge for many people. Luckily, these days you can find many press release templates online and use them to guide your writing. Many of these templates are free, but you can also pay for premium templates from the company of your choice. Press release templates often come with formats for many different announcements. With the right template, all you need to do is paste your content in the relevant spaces.

Example template

[Press Release Headline]

(City) (State) Date of Launch: [Provide a Fixed Date or an Instant Release Date]

[Summary Part: In a few lines, describe the theme of your release – in this case, it’s business growth]

[Add a Quote: Use a quote from one of the leaders in the company. Ensure it adds value to the release]

[Additional Paragraphs: Use this to expand your announcement. You should also respond to  most of the five Ws – who, where, when, what, and why.]

[Introduce another quote: It should provide more insight on the products or services your business is offering.]

[Add a CTA (call to action), URL link, or references to allow readers to access more info if they want to. These should all lead to your company.

[Boilerplate: in the boilerplate, you need to provide two vital details – contact information and about information. About information is a brief description of your company, and the services or products you’re offering. The contact details on the other hand include the following:

Contact Person:

Email Address:

Phone Number: this one is optional

This is what a press release template looks like. All you need to do is develop the required content and fill in the missing information.

How a PR agency can help with your press release writing

While using a template is all well and good, adopting a more personalized approach to press release writing will leave you with a more effective press release. A PR specialist won’t just copy-paste information into a template and call it a day. They will use engaging storytelling techniques to convert your press release announcement into a newsworthy story that your audience cares about.

Pressfarm is equipped with a team of professional press release writers who have vast experience in writing press releases for various niches. Therefore, regardless of what industry you’re in, they will ensure you have a striking press release with the highest probability of earning press coverage.

As you can see, the experts at Pressfarm will be more involved in the writing of your release than someone using a template would be. They can optimize your press release for better visibility and distribute it widely to ensure it’s published on respected media outlets.

Furthermore, when you sign up, the account executive at Pressfarm builds a custom media list to help you continue doing media outreach long after they’ve wrapped up your campaign. In this way, you can connect with respected journalists in your niche and tell a consistent brand story that will draw more people to you.

Over to you

As you can see, writing a press release for business growth and expansion isn’t that hard after all. In fact, once you stop focusing on all the overly technical details and instead look for a way to transform them into an engaging story, you will have a much easier time with the writing. However, even with a well-written press release, the level of influence you’re targeting can make it challenging. While anyone can write a press release, not every press release will get published.

The media outlets and journalists only want to cover the best press releases – the ones that tell a newsworthy story. If you’re new to writing press releases, creating this kind of press release is close to impossible. This is where partnering with PR professionals comes in handy. By collaborating with someone who knows what it takes to earn positive media coverage, you can spend more time on business growth and product development.

Remember that with a professional press release, you can boost your credibility and give people reasons to believe in your business plans. For this reason, if you find yourself struggling at any point in the process or you want confirmation that you’re on the right track, it’s important to reach out to PR specialists.