If you’re looking for ways to boost the demand for your book then writing a book launch press release might just do the trick. By getting this press release published before you launch your new book, you can create a buzz and inspire curiosity in people who might just turn out to be readers of your book. A press release will help boost awareness and generate excitement that will inspire the media to cover your book.

Since you know your book better than anyone else, you are the best person to communicate its benefits to the readers. Remember that you need to do this in a relatable way so that your audience can actually envision how your book will change their lives. When it comes to the actual launch of the book, there are critical elements to consider.

Elements that your book launch press release MUST include

  • Striking Headline
  • Book Title
  • Name of Author
  • Date of Release
  • Introduction: main points, topic, genre
  • Publisher name
  • Where to buy it
  • Relevant Visuals: book cover, author’s headshot picture
  • Author Details: experience, background
  • Quote: from author, critics, fans, publishers
  • Website URL
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate: Author bio, contact info, address, phone number, publisher contacts

Sample book release

A press release can help launch your book successfully and boost its money-making potential. By enhancing the awareness of the book, as well as its upcoming launch, you can reel prospective readers in. In fact, if your press release is engaging enough, you might even be able to use it to encourage potential readers to make preorders. As such, your launch will be followed by a frenzy of sales.

Creating a press release is not an easy task, and it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re determined to create your own press release, then you should observe the basic rules of press release writing. Failure to do so will only take away from your credibility and challenge your professionalism as a writer.

If you need inspiration, you can find many sample press releases for books online – for free. These samples will provide you with ideas on how to develop an engaging press release topic. Keep in mind that a good press release covers all the details you would need to market your book virtually and in person. By covering all the important points listed above, you can create a press release that you can use directly as marketing content.

However, it’s also important to avoid being too promotional. Instead, you should focus more on the storytelling aspect of your book. What inspired you to write this book? What’s the story about? Why should it matter to your readers? By covering all these points, you can write a press release that leaves your readers dying to get their hands on your book and read the rest of your story.

Press release template for a book launch

If you are traversing the journey of press release writing alone, then you may need a map to guide you through. The following template can guide you through where to insert each piece of information from the previous list:

City, state: The standard press release should include your location so that press release distributors know where the story you’re sharing originates from.

Release date: You need to specify whether your release needs to get published right away or on a given set date.

Summary paragraph: Make sure you describe the highlights of the launch event for your book briefly.

Add quotes: You can include quotes from the author, critics, fans, or publishers.

Additional paragraph: The lead paragraph briefly describes the entire release. In the next few paragraphs, you should expand on the details you’ve shared in the lead paragraphs. You can use the five Ws to guide you with this. These include who, when, why, what, and where.

Another quote: If you have several quotes from different sources, you can insert additional quotes further into the press release. Just make sure every quote adds value to your story.

CTA and URL: Near the end, you will need to include a call-to-action button or hyperlink. This should guide the readers on the next cause of action. You can use the CTA to encourage the readers to buy your product. If you have references or a landing page for your book launch event, provide this information in the form of URLs or hyperlinks. Don’t forget to include a link to the main website for the book itself.

Boilerplate: Present an author bio, talk about the goal of the book and then provide the following information:

  • Contact info
  • Contact person
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

The importance of getting expert help with this

While the original idea from the book came from you, organizing your content can be very challenging. Fitting all the above points within a few paragraphs and lines can be overwhelming. And we’ve not even gotten to the written and unwritten rules that determine whether your content gets published or not. To conquer the press release writing process without too much of a headache, you can simply hire a PR writing expert. A professional will be able to go through the important details and help you craft a newsworthy press release for your book launch.

The best PR professionals, such as those at Pressfarm, will go beyond this to identify the best places to publish your press release. Using a targeted media outreach strategy, they will then pitch the news of your book launch to these outlets and make sure your press release is published on platforms that will increase your visibility.

The expert writers and certified designers at Pressfarm can also write guest posts and design a media kit for your book launch. With this content, you can boost your media coverage even further before your book launch. Finally, the account executive at Pressfarm builds a custom media list to help you connect with respected journalists across different media outlets. By connecting with these media contacts, you can keep doing extended media outreach long after the team at Pressfarm has wrapped up your PR campaign.


Hopefully, you now know the role a press release plays in generating publicity for your book launch. When you combine a well-written press release with targeted pitching rather than mass distribution, you can get the news of your book launch in front of the exact type of reader who would be excited to read your book. With help from the right experts, this is actually feasible.


What constitutes a great press release?

In order for your press release to be effective, it must be newsworthy. Look for ways to make it relatable and explain to the audience why they should care about what you have to say. How will this book change their lives? What do they get out of coming to your book launch?

Where can I get inspiration for this press release?

Consider using the following as a point of inspiration for your press release:

  • Think about a captivating or shocking incident in the book and then use that as inspiration for your release.
  • Expand on the book title if it’s fascinating and unique.
  • If you have received a rare award for writing books, then you can also mention that.
  • Has this book helped you reach an impressive milestone?
  • Is it linked to a renowned figure?
  • You can create a buzz by connecting the story in your book to trending topics. For example, talk about how it’s a representation of our collective attitude towards spirituality or how it’s an adept portrayal of the millennial generation. Using trending topics like these will make it easy to evoke the interest of a journalist who wants to write the next big story that people will care about.