What is one of the biggest concerns of cold email outreach? The answer is email deliverability. There are many emails that fail to reach the inboxes. Do you know why? Because new email accounts are not warmed up enough. So, before starting your cold email campaign, get started by following the warming-up techniques for the new email account.

But first things first,

Define email warm-up

It is the process of establishing a good sender reputation for your new email account, avoiding spam filters, and increasing the email sending limit. If you don’t warm up your email inbox, there is a high chance that the email service provider will put a ban on your IP address, and all your emails will go to the spam folder.

Let’s now get into the techniques of warming up an email account before sending a cold email.

Account authentication

Account authentication is the first thing you need to do with your new email account to protect your email against spam filters. It makes your email deliverability easy and proves that your email account is not forged. Engage the recipients authentically with the help of sending genuine and non-promotional emails to spark their interest. As you grow in your email-warm-up process, increase the frequency and volume of emails. Adopt the right account authentication method like Sender Policy Framework, Domain Keys Identified Mail, Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance to ensure the credibility of your emails. Refrain from using spammy language. Email account authentication encourages favorable responses from the recipients.

Use Warm up tools

Leveraging email warm-up tools before sending a cold email impacts deliverability and engagement positively. You need not put any manual effort into cold emailing if these warm up tools are by your side. These tools not only increase the number of emails sent out daily but also enhance your email reputation. They also play a key role in the email authentication process. In short, warm up tools automate the entire process so that you don’t have to entangle yourself in meeting the technicalities of the email warm up. You can choose from numerous warm up tools existing in the market today. Choose the one aligning with your organization’s needs and budget and increase the odds of your cold emails reaching the intended inboxes and hence garnering meaningful responses.

Keep a time interval between two consecutive emails

There are different algorithms in the email service provider that allows you to check how emails are sent and received. These algorithms should know that you are not a robot sending emails. Keep in mind not to send innumerable emails simultaneously. Doing this affects the domain’s reputation and also triggers spam filters. It may also result in blocking your account temporarily and sometimes even permanently. So, what should you do to avoid this? Maintain a time gap of a few seconds between 2 consecutive emails while warming up the new email account.

Maintain conversations

Do you think email accounts are meant only for sending messages? If yes, you need to reconsider it. In addition to sending emails, you should also receive some responses in return. Create engagements in your email warm-up process to ensure maximum deliverability. Having regular conversations with your customers is necessary. Engaging in conversations consistently implies that you send the relevant messages and recipients pay attention to you, resulting in building a stronger sender reputation.

Send individual emails

Sending individual emails increases the conversation. Start the process of sending 10-20 individual emails from the new email account. The initial emails are more likely to give you the results in the form of consistent engagement. Consequently, it helps increase the volume of emails. Moreover, it makes the email service provider assured about your authentic activities, and hence your email account can become ready for email campaigns. Want to enhance your response rate further? Include an effective subject line while sending the email.

Subscribe to newsletters 

There are a lot of publications related to almost every profession that send out weekly newsletters, whether it is sales, recruitment, or marketing. Subscribe to such 10-15 newsletters from highly reputed sources within your industry. It implies that you actively engage with the content of the newsletters. Furthermore, it boosts engagement signals in the form of opens and clicks to ensure that the email address you are using is legitimate. It will increase the email inflow of your account. Regularly receiving emails is as much important as sending emails to warm your new email account.

To make a long story short

Remember that warming up an email account has the power to get you the engagement you want. You just have to take things slowly to avoid rushing the process. Follow the above-mentioned steps, and don’t forget to keep the cold email outreach process appear as natural and authentic. It isn’t wrong to say that the one golden rule that can take the success of your cold email a notch higher is: Act human.