The world is moving from the traditional way of selling products as the Internet of Things continues to take shape. Selling products at your physical shop face-to-face with your customer has been the tradition for a long time and for the most part, it still is. However, Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba are prime examples of successful online shops that have succeeded in changing how we shop today. This has led to many people wanting to set up their own online shops to sell their products.

At Pressfarm, our aim is to ensure you go through a smooth process building your own Online shop and securing your online business. We help you get there by offering guides, tips and tutorials on how to get there including an insight on the available frameworks, tools and software to ensure you reach your objectives. That’s why we have created the Build Your Online Shop series. This is the first post of many under this series which we shall be exploring for the next few weeks.

Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba are different companies in very many ways. Ebay acts as an advertising platform for your products, Amazon has inventory in their stores all over the United States and is an ideal shop online while Alibaba is a platform for various sellers to have their products listed and sold, Alibaba does not hold any inventory. Two things are common if you are selling via any of these platforms:

  1. You are depending on the customers they will bring your way.
  2. You cannot create a brand online shop like Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba because you are selling on their platforms.

For these two reasons you are probably thinking about starting an online shop to create your own Amazon. You crave your own renowned online shop where you can sell products of your own selection and get as many customers as you want. At the end of this series you should be in a position to create a thriving online shop for yourself.


When developing an online shop, setting up your website without using a proven eCommerce solution will be very expensive and time consuming because you will have to hire a developer, and pay them serious amounts of money to set up a stable website and online shopping database.

Another disadvantage of developing your own platform is that when you want to scale, it will be a process of spending money, time and resources to test the expansion of your platform making it very difficult in the long run.

For this reason platforms like Shopify and Magento exist to make work very easy for you. There are hundreds of other platforms but we will be focusing on this two for our series. We shall do a comparison of these two platforms in our next post to find out which one is better and why.

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