If you’re looking to grow your business, it’s time to start using social media as these platforms are great avenues to get exposure for organizations of all sizes by increasing the number of followers and likes on related pages, videos, or posts.

Utilizing Social Media For Your Business

Whatever type of business you have—whether it’s tutorial, beauty products, or custom product business like Printful and others, here are some tips for scaling your endeavors through social media:

 1. Find The Right Balance Between Paid, Owned, And Earned Media

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘paid, owned, and earned media’ before. These terms are the different ways of reaching your audience for free or with a minimal investment.

Paid media is when you pay someone such as an influencer to promote something on their social networks, channels, blogs, and others. This type of media can also include advertising on social networks or using sponsored content paid for by the company.

Owned media refers to a company’s own marketing materials such as social media accounts, website, email campaigns, and physical signage at events. These are things you control entirely without having to pay anyone else. Thus, it’s all about your content and how you promote it.

Lastly, earned media is when other people talk about you or your business and share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with others in a positive light. This can be anything from a friend talking about how much they love your product or a TV show mentioning you on air because of a viral post you’ve written. Also, earned media is when your audience does the work for you by talking about your brand, liking your post, or sharing the content you’ve created.

Ultimately, your goal is to focus on owned media and earned media for scaling fast through social media. You may also do so with paid media but only with the minimum amount of advertising. Aim to have the right mix of content between all three types. This tip can ensure all avenues are used effectively without investing too much money into anyone.

 2. Create A Content Strategy for your business

You can also start scaling your business by building a robust content strategy for your social media platforms. This step includes providing social media content with your followers. The content could be a video of you showcasing your latest products, an article on using the product in question, or even a review.

If someone is following you because they enjoy your work and want to learn more about it, engaging them with something new may also help grow their interest. Start by making sure each post is unique and has its distinct voice. By doing so, you can build a following of people who like your work because they enjoy it and not just for the promotion opportunity.

Also, posting on social media is an attempt to connect, so you must provide some sort of response when people mention or comment on your posts. A simple ‘thanks for commenting’ or even just tagging someone in the post will show them their opinion matters, which would help build engagement.

 3. Tap Relevant Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to engage new followers on social media. You can use influencers to help you reach a wider audience, and in turn, they may lead more people back to your page.

Start by finding those who have large followings and are interested in what you want them to promote. After reaching out, be sure to keep your eye on them. Monitor their activity and reply promptly when they mention you or share one of your posts.

On the other hand, if you want influencers you might haven’t heard before, look at those engaging with your posts and those in your industry. You can also look at people who have a similar audience to see if this person would be interested in sharing your content with their followers or vice versa.

Also, if you’re thinking about what influencers would like to have in return, think about your products’ benefits to them. What’s in it for them? You’ll want to offer something of interest and value such as a free product or a mention of their social media account.

4. Build Relationships With Other Similar Businesses

There’s strength in numbers, and you’re not the only business of your kind. Therefore, engaging with other companies in a similar industry and promoting each other’s work on social media can go a long way.

The more you engage, the more likely it is that you’ll have an offer from another influencer or company to collaborate with. This practice can be a great way to increase revenue and create new partnerships, which may help you scale your business eventually.


Social media is the fastest way to scale your business. You must have a content strategy and be aware of how much time and money it may take to build relationships with other similar companies. Perhaps even more important, you need to find the right balance between paid, owned, and earned media for all your social media efforts to pay off.

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