Our tips to run a crypto influencer marketing campaign that will boost your position in the marketplace

In today’s digital age, leveraging the power of influential personalities has become a game-changer for businesses seeking to make an impact in the cryptocurrency industry. But how do you plan a successful crypto influencer marketing campaign that grabs attention and drives conversions?

In this article, we will dive deep into the art of planning a campaign that not only aligns with your brand’s voice and values but also resonates with your target audience. We will explore strategies and tactics that will help you navigate through the complexities of crypto influencer marketing, from finding the right influencers to developing compelling content that drives engagement and generates results. With the right approach, a well-executed crypto influencer marketing campaign can exponentially amplify your brand’s reach, build credibility, and drive meaningful conversions.

By incorporating the insights shared here, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to take your crypto marketing efforts to new heights.

Why you need a crypto influencer marketing campaign

If you’re unveiling a new crypto project, then a crypto influencer marketing campaign can give you a significant boost in the marketplace. By partnering with the right crypto influencer, you can drive your new project to success.

This is a vigorous strategy with an impressive success rate in this industry. Even so, choosing a crypto influencer is all it takes to determine whether the technique will favor your project. Unfortunately, many crypto project developers find this task overwhelming.

Moreover, some crypto entrepreneurs are unable to launch an effective influencer marketing technique that’s result-oriented. Learning how to leverage crypto influencer marketing campaigns can make all the difference for a project that you’re launching.

How to develop a crypto influencer marketing campaign

1) Know your audience

How well do you know your audience? Well, learning about your audience is an important step if you’re planning to invest in crypto influencers. There are tons of influencers out there in the virtual space. However, it doesn’t mean they’re all suitable for the job. Once you know your audience, you can choose a suitable candidate.

What’s more, you can use that knowledge to prepare a list of suitable crypto influencers. You should ensure this list is comprehensive enough with key details so that it becomes easier to choose the right advocate for your project. With the following criteria, you’ll be able to assess your audiences before choosing a crypto influencer:

  • Which platforms your audience hangs out on
  • Target audience interests
  • Target audience pain points
  • The psychographic and demographic profile of your target audience

Nowadays, social media platforms have inbuilt analytic tools you can leverage. As such, influencers can determine the type of following they’ve got. When you’re contacting the influencer, make sure they’re upfront about the type of audience they’ve got. Just to be sure, you can ask for proof.

Once you’ve got information on the type of audience each influencer has, you can compare them. Thereafter, you can choose an influencer whose audience aligns with your target audience. Additionally, it’s important to consider the platform where the influencer is based. When dealing with crypto, you can find potential audiences on YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter.

If you’re launching your campaign on YouTube, then you’ll need help from a top YouTube influencer. The same applies to Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. Telegram influencers are especially essential in your campaign. Therefore, you must include at least one of them.

2) Choose the best media

Choosing the right media for your project isn’t easy either. Just as with choosing the influencer, it also has challenging aspects. That’s because many influencers tend to focus on a few platforms. Therefore, you need to evaluate your project goals before deciding who the best influencer to fulfill them is.

For example, if you’re building awareness, then the best crypto influencer for your project should be active on Twitter. After all, a large percentage of crypto enthusiasts get their crypto updates from Twitter. Therefore, if you run your crypto influencer campaigns properly on this platform, your content will reach potential audiences.

On the other hand, you can also benefit from using Telegram campaigns for your crypto campaigns. This platform allows you to target specific audiences through the crypto communities. With an easy-to-use interface, programmable mods, and a reliable community, Telegram will help your project grow. Most importantly, the audience on this platform is highly engaged. Connecting with these people will create positive relationships between potential investors and your project.

After choosing the best media to use for crypto influencer campaigns, it’s time to work on your crypto influencer list. You need a comprehensive list of crypto influencers who are relevant to your blockchain project. With their help, you can execute campaign plans for your project and achieve your objectives.

3) Give the influencers a chance

Unlike you, influencers continuously engage and interact with their audiences. As such, they understand what their audiences need and what turns them off. Therefore, if you need a shot to make a lasting impression, then give them some freedom as they’re marketing your project.

Keep in mind that your project won’t be the first one that your target influencer has worked with – all influencers have a history of working with multiple brands. In other words, they’ve got the skills and experience required to do this job successfully. They’ll channel your messages appropriately to the target clients.

Additionally, collaborating with an influencer is a chance to achieve more and boost your business to new heights through influencer campaigns. With enough investment and room for your influencers to do their job, the results will startle you. Even though you’ve got a chance to contribute to preparing the marketing materials, do not overstep.

Allowing influencers to exercise their expertise in this field freely is what it takes to be successful. If anything, micromanaging the effort of influencers will be counterproductive. As a result, the campaign efforts will not attain the expected results.

Additionally, note that crypto influencers are not the same even when they’re from the same niche. Each of them has a unique way of creating their content. That said, some influencers prefer complete artistic freedom when you hire them.

On the other hand, some prefer close contact with the owner throughout the campaign period. For instance, some influencers will ask for the complete draft of the marketing content. Therefore, before you hire them, make sure you ask what your working relationship will be like.

Will they come up with the entire marketing content or will you be the one to provide it? Moreover, will they allow you to contribute or micromanage every step of the process or would they prefer complete freedom?

Crypto influencer marketing supports direct communication between the influencer and the marketer. Therefore, creating a reliable partnership is possible. As long as you understand each other’s roles and boundaries, there’s nothing to worry about.

4) Partner with a crypto influencer marketing agency

Preparing a comprehensive list of the top crypto influencers is not something you can do overnight. It’s a tasking job that can be frustrating to you or your management team. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this can even be impossible if this is not your area of expertise. If you realize that this isn’t something you’re good at, you should consider hiring experts. PR specialists such as those at Pressfarm will help your project connect with relevant influencers to market it.

When you partner with an influencer who fits your brand, then attaining your business goal is possible. By drawing from their artistic abilities, significant following, and expertise in the crypto space, they’ll market your project successfully. At Pressfarm, we’ve deployed successful crypto influencer strategies for many brands. With our exclusive crypto influencer list, you can partner with the best team in this industry.

Our experts at Pressfarm can help crypto developers create newsworthy content that will appeal to the media as well as target audiences. They craft all your content personally, from press releases and email pitches to press kits. Our PR database of over 1 million journalists and our customized media lists also give you the ability to find and connect with the best media professionals in your industry. These are people who can help share the story behind your project and draw potential investors to you. We also help increase online content visibility by optimizing your branded content to appear in relevant search results on various search engines.

5) Assess the relevance and credibility of the crypto influencers

Forming partnerships and collaborations with like-minded opinion leaders is a major aspect of crypto influencer marketing. Moreover, the relevance of the influencer to your business is a key factor to consider.

Having said that, choosing a crypto influencer is a major step in a crypto influencer marketing campaign. In fact, we would even go as far as to say that it marks the difference between a successful campaign strategy and one that’s bound to fail. Therefore, choosing a relevant and authentic crypto influencer for your project should be a priority.

For example, engaging beauty influencers to promote crypto projects will lead to failure and loss of resources. For starters, they won’t have the right audience for your project. Moreover, you’ll only find a few who are interested. Additionally, given that crypto is not heir area of expertise, they will struggle to come up with marketing content.

Choosing the wrong marketing influencer will also raise questions about your project’s credibility. Moreover, it will create doubts among your investors regarding how successful your marketing will be. To avoid all these drawbacks that could cost your project its reputation, choose the right influencers, using relevance and credibility as your primary guiding factors.

Since you’re promoting a crypto project, crypto influencers who have blockchain expertise are the best fit for your business.

6) Consider the influencer’s following

We all agree that the number of followers does count when choosing an influencer to promote your brand. However, there are times when engagement trumps numbers. Therefore, it’s also important to consider influencers with a few numbers of followers as well. As long as the influencer’s followers are engaged, it shouldn’t matter how many they are.

Yes, hiring an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers may be compelling but doesn’t mean it’s a wise move. If the influencer doesn’t understand cryptocurrencies, then partnering with them could be a waste of resources. On the other hand, you might have an influencer who understands the industry very well but they may only have 5000 followers. Working with such influencers is valuable to your project and business as a whole.

In a nutshell, carrying out extensive research is vital if you want to end up with a valuable influencer.

7) Focus on what’s working

It’s important to constantly keep track of your influencer crypto marketing strategies. By assessing their performance, you can identify those that are doing well. Thereafter, you can focus on what’s working and amplify your efforts in that direction.

For greater impact, you can repurpose these strategies with help of a robust marketing plan on social media. Doing this will keep your campaigns fresh. Most importantly, your campaigns will be more appealing to new prospects.

Another impressive plan for repurposing robust strategies is tagging. When you identify a new client, you can tag them on content that you produce if you think they will find it valuable. The great thing about tagging is that it allows the audience to share your content with their network. When this sharing is replicated by their audience, you’ll reach many audiences.

8) Treat your influencers with respect

If you acknowledge the expertise of the influencer in their field, they’ll be motivated to create the best possible content for you. Given that this is their field, they understand what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, avoid micromanaging at all costs. This only makes the influencer feel undermined. The best way to build a strong and valuable influencer relationship is by asking questions openly and listening to them.

Instead of forcing your ideas, let the influencers suggest options and then choose from these options. You can ask them about previous projects that they’ve worked on – projects that are similar to yours. Inquire about the strategies they deployed for those projects. Ask about the techniques they intend to apply to yours and why.

9) Agreeing on a mutually-beneficial strategy

Just as with prospective clients, you can also motivate crypto influencers to work extra hard. You can start by creating an affiliate program. In this program, you can provide affiliate links they can use when directing traffic to your brand. Thanks to these links, you’ll not only get more traffic but also be able to track progress. Your focus with this campaign should be conversion.

To encourage the generation of more conversions, then choose the CPA mode of payment. Cost-per-action will prompt your influencer to enhance their efforts. Thus, every new conversation they generate will be a motivation to generate more for more payment. If you’re not great at striking these deals, then a professional agency can choose the best influencer in the market with the best deals for you.

Get started with your crypto influencer marketing today

Crypto marketing is essential if you’re running a blockchain-based business. It allows you to boost the growth of your business by doubling or tripling the sale of coins or tokens. Ultimately, cypto influencer marketing will be a robust marketing technique with the potential to generate an impressive outcome.

For many crypto projects, influencer marketing has proven to be a powerful campaign strategy. Despite this immense potential to deliver results, there are many ways in which your business marketing efforts can fail when you leverage crypto influencers poorly. Fortunately, you can avoid having your influencer marketing campaign go south by reaching out to PR experts such as those at Pressfarm for help.