Business owners look for ways to reduce their gas bills. A Utility Bidder knows how you can reduce your gas bill, which will increase your profit. The most effective way to do it is to look at your building’s ECP (Energy Performance Certificate).

What is ECP?

It is a report that shows how energy efficient your building is. An ECP will give you an idea about those areas where you can make further improvements to reduce gas consumption. This could be anything from replacing the heating system to draught-proofing or installing insulation.

Importance of Insulation

There are so many properties that have poor insulation. You spend a lot of money to heat your building, but more than half of that escapes the building due to improper insulation. Many experts say that 75% of the heat escapes in industrial units.

There are different ways to improve insulation. You can improve the insulation of your walls or roof or even both. You can also insulate your building internally and externally. Remember that insulation is the most cost-effective way for owners to reduce gas bills and save money.

Close Windows and Doors

Windows and doors play an essential role in the loss of heat. Research shows that 25% of heat is lost due to open windows and doors. Therefore, you should encourage your employees to keep windows and doors closed during winter, especially when heating is on.

It would help if you tried to take advantage of windows, and the best way to do it is to capture the solar heat. Moreover, choose double glazed or triple glaze when you decide to replace your windows. The double glaze is now a minimum legal requirement.

Use Smart Meters

Smart devices have many benefits. It would help if you used smart meters because they enable you to monitor your gas consumption. It makes it possible for you to predict your bill and make the right decisions for energy efficiency.

Go for Cheap Tariff

Reducing your gas bill is more than improving gas efficiency. There is another factor, and it is choosing the cheapest gas tariff. You will be shocked to know that 80% of businesses are overpaying their gas bills.

Gas prices fluctuate in the market, and you should choose the lowest prices. You can hire an expert who can help you secure the best deals when the prices are down. Experts are aware of price fluctuation and how to negotiate contracts with gas providers. They can arrange a perfect deal for you and help you pay the cheapest tariff for gas.

Keep in mind that gas consumption is high during the winter and low during summer. Therefore, gas prices fluctuate due to an increase in demand. Making the right deal at the right time will help you maintain a pleasant working environment in winter.

Your workforce will perform better when the environment is comfortable. Heating in winter is not a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity. An efficient heating system, smart meter, closed doors and windows, and improved insulation are effective ways to reduce your gas bills. Therefore, you should use the methods mentioned above to reduce your gas bills.