Are you looking for ways to promote your ICO? Your marketing strategies will make the difference between a great ICO and one that flops. Moreover, a vigorous, effective, and comprehensive strategy is what it takes to have a successful ICO.

Crypto marketing

If you need help with successful crowdfunding, then you should consider implementing some crypto marketing strategies. This is one of the most influential techniques that can hike token sales and help your business reach its objectives. However, how you use it has an impact on whether it will be effective or not. Whether your goal is attaining a large number of social media followers, building community, or fundraising, marketing is the key.

Promote your ICO: Effective marketing tips to use

Successful promotion of your ICO requires powerful marketing strategies. With these strategies, you’ll not only capture the attention of serious investors but also obtain the funding you need. Without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks you can leverage:

1) Develop a road map

The launch of an initial coin offering (ICO) should follow the same procedure as any company launch. First, you must know your product. Following that, you need to identify the target clients. Finally, you need to develop a clearly outlined growth plan.

Oftentimes, the process starts with the preparation of a critical document known as the white paper. This document is a comprehensive description of the entire project. It also plays a part as a technical guide. In this document, you must clearly outline the roadmap of your project.

Keep in mind that investors and prospective clients will use your white paper to judge the feasibility of your project. Without it, your investors won’t even think twice about investing in your ICO. While you’re creating this document, you need to ensure your goals are reasonable and achievable.

2) Create an execution team

Relationships play a critical role in the ICO promotion process. If you need to grow and progress, then you’ve got to assemble an execution team. Your team should comprise professionals in this industry – more particularly, experts in your project.

These people should be able to account for every step during your ICO launch. Having an experienced team is not only resourceful to you but also adds value to your project. Therefore, you must consider team members with a passion for cryptocurrencies/blockchain, whether you need technical support or crypto HR services. These people must be inspired to create a difference through a career in crypto.

3) Invest in community building

Community building is among the determining factors that will influence the success of your ICO. Therefore, you must take this part seriously and employ all the resources you’ve got. Without a community, reaching the cap limit during fundraising would be impossible. Moreover, your crypto community adds credibility to your project and helps in improving the general structure of your project.

Besides creating a sturdy foundation for a triumphant ICO launch, the community also helps with building project buzz. By generating hype for your project, your community members will encourage more prospects to get on board in support of your project. Moreover, if you can sustain the buzz, your project will get more organic traffic. When you have a massive community that’s actively participating, then investors will be naturally drawn to your project. Furthermore, your project will capture the interest of the press and crypto enthusiasts.

There are different techniques you can leverage to build a community. Even so, engaging with crypto influencers is the most powerful way to do your community building. A good influencer marketing strategy brings about guaranteed success of your ICO project. If you’re going to use influencer marketing, then you need to get started before the actual ICO launch. If you start early, you’ll boost your chances of success even before you launch your ICO.

4) Perform a project viability check

Ideas can be very remarkable. However, if problems keep on popping up during implementation, then that’s a big problem. Investors are supportive of ideas, especially those that will generate great returns for their investment.

While problems are part and parcel of a successful ICO, you need to foresee them in order to plan to overcome them. If unforeseen issues are the daily highlights of your project, then you’re bound to lose serious investors. It’s even worse if your project is deemed unviable from a technological perspective.

If you’ve got an improved version of your project, then you should unveil it. Oftentimes, people overlook security and salability, but that shouldn’t be the case. It pays to invest more time and resources in developing an impenetrable security system. Consider using smart contracts, running security tests, and performing audits to ensure your project is a worthy investment and remains so.

If you can explain the value of blockchain technology in your business model, then you’re on the right course. Lastly, you should never overlook minor mistakes since they can lead to larger and more devastating impacts.

5) Use robust marketing techniques

Public relations strategies and community building are powerful ICO marketing tools that can improve the visibility of your project. They’ll enable your crypto business to stand out in this crowded industry that’s filled with thousands of competing projects.

Before you start, make sure you set your marketing budget. This budget will determine the results of your campaign, especially if you’re outsourcing help. To be realistic, your budget should make up 5 to 10% of the fundraising target.

This amount will be enough to run the project promotion successfully. When promoting an ICO project, your campaign should include online ads and social media campaigns. Furthermore, you also need to initiate direct communication with the target clients to demonstrate your influence in the industry.

With the help of social media, you can share your goals with target audiences. Using social media platforms, you can update these people on every step you take, including the changes you’re making in the project. The best social media platforms you can use include Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit. However, if you want to initiate engaging conversations with the audience, then Telegram and Discord are the best options.

All these social media platforms are great channels for marketing your ICO. By building communities on these channels, you can remain connected with clients even after the launch.

You can also market your ICOs on top-ranking crypto media sites to further your brand reputation. This boosts your credibility and influence in the crypto industry. As a result, you’ll secure the audience’s trust. More critically, you’ll acquire more serious investors and community members to back your ICO.

Post-ICO marketing

The post-ICO phase comprises three main components, product development, marketing, and security. It starts instantly after crowdfunding sales and drives your project to the crypto marketplace. Meanwhile, your team of professionals will be developing the project even further. The main objective of a post-ICO campaign is getting your project listed on tier-1 exchanges. Additionally, it allows you to update your clients about your current success in the industry.

Post-ICO campaigns also involve regularly publishing quality content on your business website. The content produced covers broad topics. For example, you can begin with the latest project updates, your success journey to this point, and create some informative content.

In addition, you must host an ask me anything (AMA) session. An AMA session allows you to engage your community in the project. It’s also an opportunity to identify their interests so that you can improve your project accordingly. Most importantly, you must also note their dislikes.

How Pressfarm can help

While ICO campaigns offer tons of opportunities, the real challenge is in launching and maintaining them. The entire process of marketing an ICO is time-consuming and requires a lot of resources, tools, and skills that your team may lack. That’s why hiring crypto companies can be helpful. Partnering with a PR or marketing agency that has experience in the crypto space – as Pressfarm does – increases the success rate of your ICOs.

The experts at Pressfarm will leverage their expertise in community building, social media marketing, and influencer marketing to ensure that your ICO is a success. Beyond that, the Pressfarm team is composed of experts in creating quality content such as press releases, and guest posts. If you need help launching your ICO successfully, the team at Pressfarm can give you exactly what you need to reach investors far and wide.

Other ICO marketing techniques

1) Build a website

Without a business site for your ICO, digital marketing will be an impossible task. Whether you’re already investing in influencer marketing, social media marketing, or email marketing, you still need a site. The website provides a solid foundation for digital marketing.

When building the site, make sure the general layout is easy to navigate. Keep the design simple so that it can serve both novice and tech-savvy investors. Of course, you’ll need assistance from a specialist to optimize it.

2) Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you’ve invested resources into producing amazing brand content, you need to do what it takes to give it exposure in the digital space. With SEO, you’re not only targeting crypto enthusiasts but also the general public. Remember, your site serves as a vital channel of communication. If you use it properly, there’s no limit to how far your message will spread. Optimizing your message for a wide audience will is the key to interacting with potential investors.

The search engine can be an essential source of funding for your project. Thus, if you maximize its potential, you’ll be amazed by the results. Search engine optimization is the act of improving your site’s visibility online. In order to attain search engine optimization, you need to use proven strategies. The best strategies will drive immense traffic to your business website. If you want to achieve this, then you must employ some of the following practices:

  • Use quality images
  • Distribute relevant keywords across your marketing content
  • Continuously update your site

These are just some of the basic SEO steps you can take. To enjoy the best results, consult an SEO expert.

3. Run airdrop campaigns

There’s always an allure in free offers, especially when tokens are up for grabs. When you offer these for free to the public, you’re bound to draw the attention of many. Airdrop campaigns use the same concept. They offer free tokens that attract the audience’s attention. More precisely, these campaigns are an encouragement to prospects that your project is worth looking at. With this technique, you can easily promote your ICOs.

For the past few years, this method has been of great help to many crypto projects and companies. Moreover, it can also raise the value of your tokens/ coins. Of course, as with all other marketing strategies, airdrop campaigns have some element of risk. Luckily, with the help of these tips, you can reduce the probability of failure:

  • Set a solid objective and stick to it throughout
  • Create a perfect balance between the free tokens and those for sale
  • Build trust

4) Engage in instant messaging

Instant messaging will be resourceful before and after the ICO launch. It allows you to communicate directly with your community to share your thoughts. To enjoy this service, you’ll need to create your own crypto community on Telegram or Whatsapp. You can also target popular platforms with an immense number of crypto communities.

5) Paid promotion

Most ICO promotion techniques take time before reaching target audiences. Therefore, you’ve got to run your campaigns very early to reap the benefits. However, if you want a marketing technique that instantly reaches prospects, then paid promotion is a good option. These campaigns reach many audiences simultaneously and provide instant results.

However, you need to set aside a significant investment for this. Keep in mind that crypto ads are banned from mainstream platforms like Facebook and Google; so you need to develop workarounds for this. Through research, ensure the platforms you choose for paid promotion completely support your campaigns. A good example of such a platform is Bitmedia.

Your turn

ICO marketing doesn’t need to be so complicated to be successful. With the right strategies, you can launch an effective ICO. If you need help at any point in the process, you can reach out to the experts at Pressfarm – they can help you with brand awareness and encourage users to adopt your project.