Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of a cryptocurrency. In fact, it is just as important for cryptocurrency developers as it is for brands in other industries. With intense competition among startups and established businesses in the cryptocurrency industry, effective marketing is essential for business growth. Digital marketing strategies are widely used around the world to promote and market crypto projects, helping them stand out in a crowded market.

As we speak, the crypto space is packed with new tokens and coins as a result of the daily launch of crypto projects. As such, there’s no better way to succeed in this market than with a strategic campaign. If you have no idea where to start with crypto marketing, we’ve compiled a guide filled with tips that you can use:

Before we start: There is a difference between a cryptocurrency and an ICO. For instance, a crypto token or coin is a virtual payment system or digital currency. On the other hand, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is a fundraising model that you can use to get enough funds to sponsor a crypto project, startup, or venture.

Cryptocurrency marketing tools

1) Push notifications

Push notifications have the highest open rates among direct marketing strategies. These messages pop up on users’ mobile gadgets, prompting them to read. You can see the notifications on the top screen if the phone is unlocked or on the lock screen if the phone is locked. However, the user must have your app on their phone to receive push notifications.

2) Influencer marketing

An influencer marketing campaign is an effective marketing technique in the crypto industry. It engages specific individuals who have a massive crypto community behind them. If they share your venture with their audiences, your project gets more value, a better reputation, and more traffic. Crypto influencers are also active on different channels, so they can help widen your project’s reach exponentially. You can find these influencers on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

3) Reputation management

The crypto space is unpredictable; a popular company with market authority can experience a disaster unexpectedly. When you’re in the crypto space, the potential disasters include security breaches that can ruin your reputation.

However, if you have a reputation management team, you can manage the situation. This team can also help with building a reputation for your startup during the development stages. They can create a positive vibe and eliminate all sorts of negative publicity.

There are limited regulations in the crypto space, especially when it comes to marketing. Thus, your rivals can employ any means possible to get you off the market. As such, it’s always important to have a reputation management department. They’ll be on the lookout for potential threats. If they notice threats in advance, they can develop a plan to tackle them and uphold your project’s reputation.

A positive reputation also helps foster a successful brand offering. This creates a positive image in the public space. Once you’ve developed a positive brand image, promoting an official offering or launch becomes easier. If you don’t have a reputation management team, you can hire a marketing company with experience in the crypto realm to help you with this.

4) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique that relies on your community members to do most of the heavy lifting. You pay your affiliates when they move traffic to the project site and evoke action. The action could be investing in your project or following one of your groups.

In order to use this strategy successfully, you need to create a campaign that offers rewards to those bringing new visitors. They would do this through their marketing campaigns. For every new client who sees an affiliate’s campaign and signs up, the affiliate will get a commission.

The idea here is to tap into the affiliate’s network of audiences and build your own. By promoting your venture on their sites, they can encourage some of their followers to check your project out. Since they’re leveraging their networks to promote your brand, your venture can benefit from the added exposure.

5) Email marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct campaign strategy. If you can put together quality email contacts for this campaign, you’ll be sure to get positive results. With this technique, you can promote offers, product launches, or the project as a whole to certain people.

This is an excellent strategy for promoting new coins/tokens. You also stand to benefit a lot from email marketing when you lease marketing services. There’s less work on your part and the results are bound to be positive.

If you decide to run your own email marketing, you’ll need to compile a mailing list consisting of recipients’ email addresses. You’ll also need to create quality content to share the content. Finally, make sure your mailing list is only composed of people who are eager to learn more about your venture and invest in it.

6) Display campaigns

If you are familiar with paid promotion, then display campaigns shouldn’t be too hard to use. This technique entails product promotion on several popular sites in your niche. In this case, your marketing content can be in text, flash, audio, video, or image format.

Many startups in this industry are using display campaigns as one of their primary techniques. This works effectively when promoting new tokens or coins.

7) Reddit

Reddit is a social network that supports content sharing and news. Moreover, it accommodates different types of media formats including links, images, and text. If you have an important announcement about your crypto project, it’s the best platform to use. On Reddit, you can inform the crypto community about your venture. Additionally, you can use this platform to build your crypto network.

After joining the platform, look for crypto subreddits and actively participate in them. Moreover, you can search for crypto communities to share your content with. As with any other social group, it pays to participate first. Launching your campaign on the first day of joining can turn people off because it’ll just seem like you’re looking out for yourself.

8) Paid promotion

Not everyone is familiar with crypto marketing. In fact, digital marketing is a strange concept for many people. However, that doesn’t stop them from investing in this step. Through paid promotions, anyone can launch a powerful marketing campaign.

You can access this service on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, among other platforms. This strategy involves the use of banners and videos promoting your token or coin. Besides driving a successful ICO launch, you can use paid ads to generate traffic. However, if you still need assistance with setting up this technique, contact a digital marketing company.

9) Blockchain communities

Every crypto project needs a community to back it. It’s with the help of the community that you see many successful projects in this space. The communities often comprise investors, crypto enthusiasts, and critics.

Community participation in your project can assure you not only of a successful launch but also a better project. For instance, these audiences will always point out any flaws they detect – whether it’s in the security or design. With their recommendations, you can make several adjustments and develop the best product.

You can promote your project to potential users in blockchain communities and gain their support. Building and being part of a community will also help you with the coin offering event promotion.

Before you join a community, make sure it’s relevant to your project. After joining the community, you need to participate and become an active member. After earning the trust of members, you can start promoting your token or coin.

The best way to capture everyone’s attention is by answering questions and providing feedback as an expert. Once community members see you as an authority figure, they’ll be open to anything you’ve got to offer.

Finally, promote your project, venture, or crypto. Describe its history, current level of development, future, and benefits. You can also provide links for further information. If people are interested, they’ll have many questions to ask. Make sure you answer them promptly.

10) Press releases

Take advantage of PR services and popular news channels to let the public know about your project. Fortunately, there is a handful of crypto media you can choose from. With their help, you can publish your coin or token press release. Also, PR agencies and press release sites are great platforms for publishing your content.

Thanks to their large user base or number of readers, you can easily find audiences to communicate to. This allows you to quickly develop your network of readers and investors.

11) Social media

A robust social media strategy is all it takes to build an active community around your project. How do you achieve that? Well, you can start by creating dedicated accounts on Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among other networks.

With your accounts ready, you should launch a campaign to gain followers. However, your focus should be on crypto audiences. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a community that doesn’t understand what you are offering. On these accounts, you should regularly update them with the progress of your coin or token.

If you are unfamiliar with this technique, you can hire professional social media marketers or a marketing company to help.

13) Direct messaging

Direct messaging is a highly-efficient promotion technique you can use for the future crypto launch. After all, when people are ignoring their emails, direct messaging does the trick. That being said, when you combine this with email marketing, you’ll be able to reach all potential clients. Using direct messaging is also a guarantee that almost everyone will open and read your messages.

To launch this strategy, you need to start by collecting prospects’ phone numbers. With these contacts, you can send promotional messages directly to a recipient’s inbox.  With mobile messages, you’re likely to get more feedback than you do with email marketing. To run direct messaging efficiently, lease messaging software or hire the services of a marketing company.

14) Web designing

It’s always important to start by designing a website even before you’ve launched any other campaign strategy. A website is an integral part of a successful project campaign. It provides vital pieces of information that potential users interested in your project will be looking for. Besides designing it, you’ll also need to set up a management routine to keep it up to date.

You should start by choosing a relevant design that is a good reflection of your project. Thereafter, you can develop the site and fill it with essential information about your project. If there’s any piece of information you think your clients may need, make it available on this site.

Through your website content, convince prospects that they should invest in your venture. You can provide all the possible reasons as long as they’re persuasive. Don’t forget to highlight what they stand to gain by joining your venture.

An investment is worthwhile when it has a brighter future. Therefore, remember to mention the plans for your project. Prospects will only consider your project if there are enough resources to help them understand it. Therefore, make sure you provide a detailed description of your project.

Start generating publicity for your crypto project today

This is all the information you need to promote a cryptocurrency. You can decide to try your luck and do it yourself or hire expert help. In most cases, getting an expert to implement the above tips may be the best option. This helps you to save time and money while freeing you up to focus on project development. Without expert help, you may waste time and resources trying out several techniques only for them to fall flat.

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