The popularity of social media is attributed to the fact that it helps people connect with their peers and have a fun time. When such people enjoy an image or video, they will be likely to share it. Memes are enjoyable and hilarious content created on a relevant social or current affairs theme. While some memes use satire to make people laugh, others offer hilarious social commentary.

There are several meme generator tools available today thus making it a challenge for content creators to weigh their options. Irrespective of whether you are new to video making or are looking for high-precision tools, InVideo is the best option for creating meme videos. Here’s how you can use this tool to create meme videos.

Create a Meme Video

When you use a platform like InVideo, you can come up with social media videos in a matter of minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating videos.

Step 1: Log on to InVideo with your credentials and then select the template. The tool has several meme templates for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can choose to create a video from scratch by opting for a blank template.

Step 2: Choose the aspect ratio of the meme video that you wish to post. For example, if you intend to post the meme as an Instagram feed post, a square video will be ideal. However, for a Facebook story meme, you can go for a rectangular orientation.

Step 3: Upload the hilarious video from your device and then trim it with the slider device. InVideo allows precise video slicing and lets you perfect the video. If your recorded clip has audio, you can mute it at this stage. InVideo has a diverse library of stock stickers, images, and audio clips that you can use to make your memes hilarious.

Step 4: The captions of memes contribute to their humorous appeal. At this stage of your video making, you can add hilarious texts to the videos. The Impact font and Comic Sans are the ideal fonts for your memes. Try to have the captions in a color that is contrasting with the background.

Step 5: Dramatic music helps to make a video more hilarious. InVideo lets you upload your music or choose an appropriate one from its media library. If you are planning to make your video meme into a GIF, you can click on the trash icon to remove music from the video. For meme images, you can skip this step.

Step 6: At the last stage of video creation, you must preview the video to look for glitches. After you are satisfied with the video, render, and export it. You can then choose to download the meme video to your device or directly post it on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Tips to Create Meme Videos

By now, you realize that InVideo simplifies the process of video creation. However, you need to walk the extra mile to ensure that your meme videos get you the response you had always wanted. Here are some tips to help you in your meme-making journey.

Understand Your Audience

Try to create a buyer persona of your target group to have a clear picture of the expectations. While this is important for all types of video content, memes can be especially sensitive. An irrelevant or out-of-touch meme will backfire and earn negative publicity for your brand.

Do your Research

Any meme that you share reflects your brand. That is why you must do ample background research on the origin and evolution of a meme before refurbishing or reposting it. Ensure that the meme’s evolution is in sync with your brand’s values. That way, you will avoid the embarrassing situation of having to apologize to a group because your meme offended them.

Keep an Eye on Viral Content

Keep an eye on current affairs and viral YouTube content to identify subjects that are meme-worthy. If you can repurpose a subject that is gaining popularity in social media, the meme video will have a higher chance of getting viral. Also, when you create a meme video, try to repurpose it across multiple social media platforms to increase your chances of getting trending.

Know When to Draw the Line

While creating memes, you are allowed to poke fun at yourself as well as others. However, avoid making fun of your customers, competitors, or any ethnic or racial group. As far as possible, try to be neutral and learn how to draw the line between hilarious and insulting.

Incorporate Your Brand Identity

The purpose of a meme is to get people to enjoy the content and spread the word among their peers. However, all of it will yield no marketing gains if you fail to incorporate your brand identity in the video.

If you have brand colors, logos, or taglines, get creative with the ways of incorporating them in the meme.  For meme videos, you can add funny or dramatic music that people relate to your brand. That way, as your meme gets viral, you can expect a significant boost to brand familiarity.

Refurbish Content

As a content creator, it may not always be feasible for you to create original memes. Look out for viral memes and come up with innovative ways of refurbishing them with your brand name. If you create other forms of marketing content, look for B-roll footages with funny expressions and come up with innovative ways of making it into a meme.

The most important thing about creating memes is consistency. Memes are a welcome addition to most digital marketing strategies and help you portray your brand in a fun and light-hearted manner. This is especially useful when you are trying to cater to a younger target audience.

When memes are used in sync with other forms of digital content, you can expect your social media users to get hooked to your social media channels. Over time, this will result in more conversions and better sales and boost the success story of your organization.