Probably when starting your business, it fitted the small space you are in now. With time, after getting more clients and expanding your products, space became much smaller. You might not shift to a larger space because your business fits the location exactly, or you may not want to disappoint and lose the existing clients. How do you improve this small space and make it comfortable for your clients?

A more comprehensive, more comfortable space ensures that your clients are served comfortably. Therefore, it is essential to adopt some ways that can improve your business space. Here are some ways you can make your space more extensive and more comfortable.

Personalize Your Space

You don’t have to stick with the original building design anymore if you want to expand your commercial space. You can customize your space to use all the available areas, including the parking area, the pavements, and others more to serve your customers better.

One way you can do this effectively is by having umbrellas or makeshift tents outside your business premises. These promotional umbrellas not only will increase your commercial space but will also help in shouting your business out to the passerby, helping you get more clients than before. Ensure to create such sunspaces to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Light Up Your Spaces

light up your commercial space

Lighting is essential in any business since it creates space and creates peace while carrying out your business engagements. In most cases, dark areas tend to create unnecessary stress and make space appear more cluttered.

As a result, you should try as much to increase lighting in your commercial space. You can do this by either adding more lights or finding ways to increase the flow of natural light to your business. Some clients will avoid dark business places not because they are not safe but because they think they aren’t designed for business.

Use Shelves to Create Vertical Spaces

How is your product arrangement? Is it haphazard or presented neatly on shelves?  You can place your wares on different levels other than placing them all in horizontal spaces to create more space and make your commercial space neater. This ensures that you display your products without cluttering the small space.

Besides creating more space, the creation of vertical spaces also helps you display your products more widely than when using horizontal spaces. It makes your goods more appealing to any client entering the store. You can also use colorful dividers and drapes that will help guide the client’s vision upwards and create a perception of a big store.

Painting Some Walls Bold Colours

Adding some pop of bold colors to one of the walls of your premises will create a perception of larger office space to your clients. White physical space does wonders to any business, you can also add other colors, including sky blue or bright red, to make the office space more enormous and vibrant.

Adding a pop of colour to your space is one of the most cost-effective and modern ways of improving your office space for your clients. Besides this, you can place wallpapers, printed curtains, or having fabrics on back walls to make your business space cozier and spacious.

Getting a larger commercial space will mean incurring huge monthly costs in rent that might bring your business down. You might also lose your existing clients if you change location. To get around that, you can use the above tips and tricks to improve your existing office space and make it more comfortable for your clients.