Hiring people to help you achieve the objectives for your startup is very critical. Many startups fail because they make mistakes when it comes to hiring. This is why hiring is a big discussion in the startup world. How do you make sure you hire the best talent for your startup? Here are some of the things you should consider in your hiring process:

1. Culture

Nothing has been emphasized in the business and startup world as much as the culture of a company. The ability of your next hire to fit the company’s culture is one of the guarantees that the person you are hiring will be good for your company. You don’t want to hire someone who will disrupt how your employees work, and how your company runs its business, especially not in a negative way. Any positive influence on the company’s culture is welcome. You should therefore assess if they can fit into your company’s culture.

2. Teamwork

The best hire you could possibly get is someone who fits nicely into the team and can take team roles because they are good at teamwork. Hiring talents with teamwork capabilities can be the best thing you do for your startup. As a rule of thumb, this needs to be one of those things you check first. The best talent will know how to work with people in your company. They will not only bring their awesomeness to the workplace, but they will also create a positive effect on your startup team. If they are all team players, you have a solid team that works together and can beat anything.

3. Sell your vision

Most startups begin without capital and money to put into paying salaries. When you are this kind of startup who is possibly bootstrapping in order to avoid expenses, you should have a very nice vision for the company. When you need to hire, candidates won’t work for you if you have no vision. They could come to work for you for the money, but it isn’t the same when you have no money. That is when you need to sell your vision to them, let them know that if they pass up the chance of working with you, they are passing up a chance to be some important part of a company that will grow to be very big in the future.

4. Give them a small project

Sometimes testing your candidate is the best way to gauge if they are the person you want in your company. Give them a small project and see how they get it done. Sometimes, as I have learned from working in architecture, the process matters more than the result. Gauge their process of getting it done, see their strong points and see how they manage their time and your deadline. If you don’t like their way of doing things, they are probably not a very good fit.

5. Hire even those who are better than yourself

Don’t be afraid or intimidated into hiring people who are lesser than you in terms of abilities and strengths. Hiring people who are better than you should be the motto because that’s how you know whether they are the best talent or not. Do you want the best talent working for you? Then hire A+ employees even when you are a B+ manager.

6. Pay well

When you have the money to pay salaries, pay your employees well. Offering attractive packages is a very nice way of ensuring that the talents continue producing top-notch work and keeping your customers happy. Far more than everything, it is one of the best ways to ensure that your employees don’t leave to go work with other companies who are offering better pay. If you can’t pay them well because the money is limited, go back to the third point above and sell your vision to them.

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