Use a Customer-centric CRM (Customer Relationship management)

If you use a traditional communication process, problems can arise such as:

  • Unorganized conversations
  • Missing important information that was discussed with customers in other departments
  • Inefficient use of time.

Choose a customer-centric CRM that has a conversational interface for modern customer relationships. Look for features such as automatic recorded activity and email intelligence that allow you to organize and quickly respond to conversations.

Your CRM should have the following four strategies on how to manage customer conversations;

1. Meet your customer on the right channels

Use the right channels to help with both prospecting and customer nurturing. To make it easier for customers to reach you, you should be available on multiple channels such as Live chat, Social media, Email, Phone, SMS/text.

To get the best channel for your business, consider audience demographics and the complexity of your product or service. If possible, each channel should be integrated on one platform in order to have a holistic view of the customer and be aware of what’s going on to help exceed customer expectations and also increase customer satisfaction.

2. Engage Proactively

Customers like to always feel valued. Don’t make the customer reach out instead reach out to them. Track customer activity to provide quick, quality responses. Customers consistently take to this platform to talk either positively or negatively. If they are talking negatively, ask them how you can help or can offer problem-solving resources.

Always show your customers that you’re listening. Offer quality answers to them and also the resources to solve their problems.

3. Balance automation with the human touch

Automation should complement human interaction and not eliminate it. Automated communication can make the customer conversations feel impersonal. When facing difficulties, most customers need to talk with a real person. Ensure that your reps are there to offer personal assistance.

You can automate tasks that waste time and those that won’t affect the customer relationship such as sorting emails and basic FAQ. Your goal is to create a communication strategy that is efficient and is amazing to the customers.

4. Focus on current customer conversations.

Your CRM should be able to track conversations across channels and departments, which allows you to identify opportunities for customer retention. By using a system that integrates support tickets with sales, you ensure that there are no opportunities to close a deal. You should ensure that communication for the customer is seamless.

5. Put your customers first in conversations

If you are using an outdated process for communication, choose a CRM and a strategy that focus on the customer because they are the most important part of your business. When you are having meaningful and quality conversations with the customers, you tend to create strong customer relationships which provides a competitive advantage for your business.

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