There are more than 4.8 billion online users in the world. And over a billion of this number visit TikTok monthly. While this social platform was recently launched (2016), it ranks among the most famous social channels in the world. It even ranks higher than Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. As of now, TikTok is the trendiest platform and many content creators are striving hard to get their accounts verified. In this article, we’ll look at how to get verified on TikTok. Read on:

What’s TikTok Verification?

Well, this is a status you attain on TikTok marked by a check sign indicating your account is genuine. It distinguishes your account from counterfeits masquerading as you. Not to mention, this status indicates you are credible, influential, and genuine. With verification, you can be able to counter impersonation and solely own your brand.

How to Get Verified on TikTok: Influencer Step-by-step Guide (2023)

Benefits of Getting Verified on TikTok

Getting verified on TikTok comes with numerous benefits that can benefit your brand. Not to mention, it will positively improve your online presence. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Increase Credibility

TikTok platform has billions of active users, as such, to stand out among them, you need to gain credibility. And the best way to achieve this is by getting your account verified. When users on this platform notice the check verification sign next to your name, they know they can trust you. It’s a sign that your account is popular and trustworthy. That being said, get your account verified if you want your target users to take you seriously.

  • Protection from Impersonation

If you’re doing well on TikTok, your success won’t go unnoticed. And some malicious people would want to take advantage of that. Oftentimes, they would create mirror channels or try to impersonate you. Through this means, they would steal some of your viewers and others might pretend to own your business.

But through TikTok verification, you can assure your target audience and clients that it’s you they are dealing with. It’s a guarantee that they are not scammed by someone else. And with the checkmark beside your profile name, the audience can confirm it’s you before transacting or following an account with your name.

  • Improve Visibility

In addition to credibility, account verification helps improve the visibility of your account. On the positive side, the channel algorithm often favors verified accounts. As such, your account will benefit from more exposure. Besides your content reaching the current followers, it will also get exposed to potential ones.

  • Monetization

Do you want to make money through your TikTok account? Well, getting verified is one of the best ways to achieve this. It grants you more monetization options, for instance, being a verified influencer enables you to get noticed by major brands. As such, you get the chance to sponsor various products and improve the value of your brand.

  • Greater Authority

Nowadays, the business space is highly competitive. Every brand wants to be an authority in their niche. Not to mention, they want to dominate the market. As such, building authority is significant when it comes to obtaining market dominance. When you have authority, you gain credibility, customer trust, and a competitive edge.

With a verification mark on your profile, you are on the right track to gaining dominance and authority in your niche. Of course, achieving this requires lots of resources. But with the right strategy, it’s not impossible.

Are you Eligible for TikTok verification?

While getting verified on TikTok has potential benefits for your brand, not everyone can get verified. But on the positive side, everyone has a chance to initiate the verification process. On the downside, it’s unclear how the channel assesses your verification application. It’s not a transparent process. But even so, here’s how you can tell if you are eligible for verification:

Public account

Before you start the process, ensure you have an active TikTok account that’s public.

Complete Account Profile

Have you filled in all the details in your account profile? Whether it’s a personal or business account, ensure all the required profile details are filled. Simply, ensure the following sections are filled:

  • Your bio
  • Your name
  • Have at least one TikTok post
  • Profile picture
  • If it’s a business account, then you will need a verified business email that represents your organization.

Active Account

Your account must have been active for the last six months before initiating the verification process. Of course, having a single post for the last six months doesn’t affect the verification process. However, having more videos can improve the chance of your account getting verified.

100% Authentic

Your account must be original and not an imitation of others. Therefore, ensure the account you are verifying belongs to you. TikTok doesn’t verify accounts imitating other users.

Notoriety: With a significant online engagement before or during the verification process, you can improve your chance of getting verified. And that’s where notoriety comes in. Your brand needs to get recognized by major news outlets or channels and generate engagement as a result.

How to Apply for Account Verification on TikTok

Previously, you had to apply directly to TikTok or have a direct contact to apply for account verification. They did not have a portal that would allow you to submit your applications. But that has since changed with the new implementations.

With the new portal, you can easily request for verification. Start by opening the TikTok app and in your account profile. And then open the Menu. Thereafter, look for “Settings and Privacy” and from there, you will find “Manage Account”. Under “Manage Account”, you will find “Verification”, tap to initiate the process. You can fill in the fields and follow the prompts to the end.

It’s also worth noting, that not all users on TikTok have access to this function. But even so, you still have a chance to get verified. Simply visit the official TikTok site and apply for verification from there.

Once you complete the application form and submit it, you now have to wait. This is the most exhausting part. Within a few days after analyzing your application, the team at TikTok will send back their feedback.

How to enhance the probability of getting verified

Are you worried that you may never get approval for account verification? Well, we are here to help you. Simply optimize your TikTok account and ensure every important detail is available and accurate. Start with:

Updating your Picture

You need to upload your current photo as your profile picture.

Update Bio

In the bio, describe yourself and your brand. Also, you can provide links to your business site and contact details. Additionally, link your other social media accounts if you have them.

Grow Profile Visibility

With the help of relevant keywords and hashtags, you can enhance the visibility of your profile. And this also applies to the comments, reposts, and posts on all the posts in your account. These strategies can be more fruitful if you leverage keywords and hashtags that target the general audience. With this approach, you will be getting more users and engagement that can help grow your account.

Quality Content

This is paramount if you want to engage your current audience and even attract new ones. Based on your target audience, post content that triggers engagement as often as possible. The more consistent you are the more engaging your followers will be. If anything, your posts will be linked to their page. And the higher engagement your posts generate, the more they will get linked to other users as well.


According to the verification team at TikTok, quantity is still as essential as quality. Therefore, if you want to get verified, you must post consistently. Oftentimes, the verification team considers accounts with consistent posts as authentic and worth verifying. Therefore, if you are not posting content regularly, you should start.

NOTE: Meeting all the above standards doesn’t guarantee account verification by the TikTok team. Daily, thousands of users’ applications for account verification on TikTok are often unsuccessful. Thus, if your application gets declined, that shouldn’t be the end of it. Continue adhering to the above steps and applying over and over until you get verified.

Does the number of followers affect your chance of getting verified on TikTok?

Yes, the number of followers you have on your profile influences the probability of you getting verified on TikTok. However, it’s not the only factor that determines whether you will get verified. But of course, having a significant number of followers can improve your chance of attaining the verification checkmark. It presents you as an influential figure on the platform.

How to utilize the Blue Verification Tick on TikTok

Once you’ve successfully obtained the coveted blue verification checkmark on TikTok, it’s time to leverage it to maximize your presence and influence on the platform. Here are some effective ways to make the most of your TikTok blue tick:

Build Trust

Users have more trust in verified accounts than those without the verification mark. As such, use this opportunity to build a loyal following since you’ve obtained the users’ trust already. Always be transparent and promptly respond to feedback and questions from your audience.

Participate in Trends

When there’s a virtual challenge, take part in it. Use the hashtags to enhance the visibility of your brand. Your blue checkmark can help your videos stand out among the competition, increasing your chances of going viral.

Brand Authority

With the verification tick, it means your account is authentic and has some level of authority. But that’s not enough. You should further establish your brand as an authority in your niche using this opportunity. Share valuable insights, tips, and knowledge to cement your reputation.

More Collaboration

With a verified account, you will attract collaboration. In this case, leverage this chance and obtain quality collaboration. Partner with brands and influencers that can help improve your influence in your niche. Also, thanks to collaboration, you will attract more prospective followers in your niche.

Engage with Followers

Engage with your followers by hosting Q&A sessions, live streams, or responding to comments. Your verified status shows that you are a genuine and approachable creator.

Engage in Trending Conversations: Keep an eye on current events, trends, and conversations in your niche or the wider world. Your blue tick can give your voice more weight when participating in these discussions.

Utilize TikTok Ads

If you have a budget for advertising, consider running TikTok ads to reach a broader audience. Your verified status can increase the trust factor in your ad campaigns.


With the blue badge, you can run cross-promotion on different platforms effectively. As mentioned earlier, the badge indicates authenticity, as such it’s worth mentioning it in your campaign. Doing so will help establish trust among target users and attract more followers.

NOTE: When you get the verification mark, you’ve obtained a valuable asset. As such, you should leverage it to expand your brand. Of course, keep on sharing quality content consistently. And most importantly, leave a positive impact on your audience.

Getting Started

In conclusion, getting verified on TikTok can be a game-changer for content creators, influencers, brands, and public figures. The coveted blue checkmark badge not only adds a layer of credibility to your profile but also unlocks numerous opportunities for visibility, engagement, and collaboration. However, it’s crucial to remember that verification is not solely about the badge but also about the commitment to producing high-quality content and fostering a positive and engaged community.

To increase your chances of getting verified on TikTok in 2023, you should focus on building a robust personal brand and a strong presence by consistently creating content, finding your niche, and engaging with your audience. Meeting TikTok’s eligibility criteria is the first step, and ensuring that your account complies with their guidelines is equally important. Once you’ve submitted your verification request, patience is key. TikTok’s review process may take some time, so use this waiting period to continue producing outstanding content and growing your audience.