The digital age has undeniably offered millions of young, technologically savvy people the opportunity to achieve financial independence from the comfort of their living rooms and bedrooms. There is seemingly no shortage of ways for someone to make money online, and this page will hope to tell you about one, albeit a very popular one, called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is something we have all likely heard about – there are advertisements everywhere on the internet, marketing so-called affiliate gurus who promise to teach you how to start affiliate marketing and make a million dollars overnight.

This page, however, will go that extra step and tell you about how you can get started with affiliate marketing without having to pay a penny for the guidance of a ‘guru’. It is important that, outside of this page, you conduct further research into the subject of affiliate marketing. It is a very long, complex topic, but is certainly worth the hours you will undoubtedly spend reading into it. There is a lot to go over, and of course, all of it cannot be fitted in this article, but we hope that what is included is enough for you to get a basic understanding of affiliate marketing.


Before moving on to the individual steps that one must follow to learn about affiliate marketing, it is worth mentioning the benefit that can be derived from a simple course. It is important now to distinguish between ‘gurus’ and courses. Gurus will offer you a comprehensive five-lesson plan that will allegedly make you a ‘master’ at affiliate marketing – an affiliate marketing course will go over, study, and require examination, over a period of months. You can derive great benefits from one of these courses, and if you want to know everything that there is to know about affiliate marketing, then signing up for one of them is absolutely imperative. They are very informative, highly interactive, and will have you understanding everything that there is to know about affiliate marketing in a matter of months.

Getting Started

When getting started in affiliate marketing, if you are opting to not go with a course, but to learn yourself, then you must first decide which avenue you are going to pursue, and which niche to get involved in. Affiliate marketing is, essentially, marketing and selling other people’s products, but making a profit for yourself; the companies will give you a percentage of the profit on the products that you are selling for them. You can gain up to fifty percent with some companies – and as little as five in others.

It is very important to first research which niche you want to get involved in. This is the first step of venturing toward financial independence – and the first step toward launching your very first affiliate marketing site. However, you cannot approach companies and apply for affiliate schemes until your website (which will be explained later) has been running, has authority, and has content posted on it.


The second stage of getting started with affiliate marketing is to set up your website. Your website will have to be, for the purposes of appearing organic, a blog. If you launch a website that is just a shop. It will not garner the same interest that a blog and review site would. Additionally, affiliate programs may not consider your website for their affiliate program if you are a simple shop. Most affiliate websites begin as blogs – then through reviews (albeit often falsified reviews), they begin to advertise and market products.

The Website Itself

First, you need to buy and host a website. By this time, you should already have your niche established and should know what direction you hope to take your website. You can find very cheap hosting by searching around carefully online. It may be best, at first, to just run your website off of trials. Many would-be affiliate marketers have sunk a fortune into hosting their website and developing their site. Only to discover that affiliate marketing is not for them, and they have lost their money. Set your website up for as low a cost as possible.


Secondly, you will want to start designing and creating content (once you have designed your home page and made it appear as organic as possible). It is best to post content from the perspective of a person. Who reviews the products that the page is set up to the market. If, for example, you are setting up an affiliate marketing site that markets tangerines. You should set your page up as a long-time tangerine aficionado and fan. Post about them non-stop and write engaging content that goes over how interested you are. How passionate you are about tangerines.

Affiliate Programs

Once you have decided on your website’s direction, your niche, and have created and developed an organic website. You should have some authority behind your website. It is now time to move onto the most important stage of affiliate marketing – finding a suitable affiliate program. Again, if you are writing about tangerines, you should find a tangerine wholesaler who offers an affiliate program. You will have to apply for an affiliate program. It can take a while for them to get back to you. It may be, because of this, worth applying for a few at once.


With your affiliate program sorted, it’s time to move onto SEO marketing or search engine optimization. This is the main avenue for affiliate marketers to market their websites and draw in traffic. SEO marketing is quite complex, and it is far too complex to summarize on this page. SEO marketing can be of great benefit. Can help you to bring a large amount of traffic to your website. If you are interested in affiliate marketing. You should already have a brief understanding of how SEO marketing works, as the two topics go hand in hand.

Now, with the help of this page, you know everything that there is to know about starting your own affiliate marketing website. Affiliate marketing can yield huge profits if you stay determined. Determination is a great quality, but is one many do not have – do not give up. Keep pushing and your website will achieve great things.