How to Get Media Coverage from Media Outlets

When you are first starting out, one of the biggest issues that you may have is getting media attention. It is difficult to build credibility, awareness, and exposure if you aren’t able to gain media coverage.

It is important to find the right methods of getting media exposure because some may not work when you are first starting out. So, you may need to be a bit creative when thinking about how to get press. This guide can provide you with the tools that you would need to win the media coverage that you need.

What is media coverage?

Before you can start applying media coverage tips to your business, you need to know what it is. However many ways you look at it, media coverage basically means publicity and in the world of PR, it can also be called “earned media”

Your goal is to win earned media, which is a way of building your company’s reputation by using press coverage through third-party media publications. You will also be applying owned media, which would be any content that you are publishing on your own channels.

Earned media vs. Owned Media vs. Paid Media

There are many media and marketing tactics that can grow your company and they may all seem confusing together, but let me break it down for you.

Earned media can include: Social media shares, viral content, customer success stories, recommendations, guest articles, product review pages, and media mentions. This is media that you have basically “earned” it comes from the things that you are posting and feedback from your target audience.

What are the benefits of earned media?

  • Builds awareness: it allows you to reach more of your targeted audience. It opens you up to new customers across different media outlets. It gets more eyes on your product/service.
  • Heightens your credibility: Producing great articles for publication can demonstrate your industry knowledge and build credibility in your field. It shows that you are informed about the market that you are trying to break through.
  • Boosts you SEO, Increases your leads and sales, and ultinately increases trust.

Owned media can include: Blogs, websites, mobile apps, whitepapers, case studies, social media accounts, and media kits. This type of media is what you create on your own, things that you have put up that are trying to reach an audience.

Paid media can include: PPC ads, sponsored content, display/banner ads, and retargeting. It is basically advertising that is directly paid for. This would include using social media influencers to promote your product/service. It can be very effective in driving traffic to your business, but you would need to gain and receive sufficient trust within your target market, which is where the influencers come in.


STEP 1: Build your narrative using owned media

You need to make sure that your internal message, branding, and in-house content is in great condition so that when you pitch to media outlets, it seems like you know exactly what you’re doing. If the things that you are writing and posting are lacking in details and looks like it has been done by an amateur, you are less likely to even care about giving you media coverage.

Make sure that you convey who you are, what you do, and what your values are.

STEP 2: Identify the most relevant journalists

 The media coverage that you are trying to get should and need to be relevant to your business. Which is why it is important that you research where and how you want to win your earned media.

  • Make a list of all the publications that you read and that you are aware is related to your industry.
  • Use tools to find publications that your competition has put up and have gained media coverage in
  • Select a few keywords that are related to your business or industry

STEP 3: Setup media monitoring

This is relatively related to the last step, it is important once you have posted or been posted that you listen to what your target audience is saying about your brand, your competitors and anything that is related to your business.

STEP 4: PR Tactics for winning press coverage:

  • Guest articles
  • Press releases
  • Podcast appearances
  • Product Reviews Page
  • Newsjacking
  • Interviews

STEP 5: Goal setting

It is important that you set reasonable goals for yourself. Basically state things that you know you can achieve, because if you aim too high and you are not able to achieve them, it would seem that you are unreliable to your audience.

STEP 6: Start building relationships with the press

Make friends with the press, you need them on your team if you want to emerge into the market. You can start building relationships through social media, connecting with them locally, and using programs like HARO to find the relevant journalists and media outlets for you. 

STEP 7: Pitching to media outlets

Once you have developed a relationship with them, you can start pitching to them. However, do not do it in a way that seems pushy. Find a way to connect with them on their level first and then go from there. At the end of the day, they are getting so many messages daily about people that want media coverage, so find a way to stand out and they are more likely to read through your pitch.

Provide a good hook for them to be attracted to by

  • Providing a fresh perspective
  • Offering new insight
  • Challenging the norm
  • Breaking new ground

Media coverage is a very important part of PR, so figure out a way to be personal and different from the competition. Make sure that what you are doing is relevant to them, don’t waste your time pitching to an outlet that doesn’t accept guest posts, don’t pitch to more than one person at the same publication at the same time, and when you are trying to follow-up, don’t seem too needy or pushy.

You want them to like you. You want them to be interested in what you are trying to get media coverage for. You want to be different.

Effective press coverage requires four things:

The Story

The Storyteller

The Publication

The Journalist

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Brendan Ciecko

Founder & CEO at Cuseum (Techstars ‘15)

Already have your story

Perhaps it’s about your journey as a startup; your innovative approach to metrics; an exciting new feature; or a new investor or talented team member who is helping drive your product forwards.

Assuming that you’re the storyteller, there are now just two pieces of the puzzle left. You need a publication. And we’ve created a list of 100 startup-oriented websites, blogs and online magazines for you, below.

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Now you have everything you need, it’s time to contact a journalist with your story. Before you jump in and send a generic email, check out our guide to effective cold emailing: How to Cold Email Journalists the Right Way.

Getting effective publicity as a startup is not easy. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. And that’s great to know if you’re already trying to balance being a founder, CTO, marketer, accountant and more in your startup business. Our article on 10 Do-It-Yourself PR Strategies for Startup Founders is also a great place to start.

So go knock yourself out with our list of 100 publications for startups, search for some journalists in our database, read the guides we’ve shared – and get your startup some great press coverage. And if you need help crafting a great sales pitch, or producing powerful content and pushing it out to social media, then check out the Launch and Campaign packages where we can help you figure it out.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

1. Wired

The Wired Magazine falls into Condé Nast’s portfolio of online magazines. It’s a tech site devoted to business, culture, design, gear, science, security and transportation. A well-known site in the tech world, startups that get published here also receive lots of publicity from other related websites.

2. Forbes Tech

Forbes is one of the largest websites online. It publishes articles on business, technology, investing, entrepreneurs, leadership and lifestyle. Their lists of Forbes 30, and richest people in the world have also given the website and the company at large wide acclaims as the trusted source for investor, tech and business news and analysis. Following that, their technology section has become a force to deal with in the publishing world, with their detailed yet less geeky reviews, analysis, and opinion posts. The website has 52 million monthly unique visitors and over 26 million social media followers.

3. Digital Trends

Digital Trends has grown massively to 747k fans on Facebook and 794k Twitter followers. The website publishes trusted reviews of appliances, mobile phones, cars, Desktop PCs, Games, Laptops, Printers, Speakers, TVs, and wearables among other things. Their interesting features and videos are also among the most loved in the tech world. The website receives 24 million monthly unique visitors as a testament of its authority online.

4. TechCrunch

This is the crème de la crème of the startup publishing world online. Michael Arrington, founder of Crunchbase, was also the founder of this company that started as a blog publishing news on startups in Silicon Valley and beyond. After being acquired by AOL in 2010, and keeping Arrington as CEO for a while, the blog grew from just that to a publishing company that is visited by the who-is-who in the startups and tech world. For that reason, getting published on the platform has been recently equated to the perfect publicity. They write news and feature articles on startups in every niche ever. They also have a very widely publicized event called TechCrunch Disrupt for startups. In the event, lots of startups get introduced to the public.

5. Huffington Post

Founded by Arianna Huffington in 2005 and later sold to AOL in 2011, this is one of the go-to sites for all-round news on the web. It publishes everything from tech to politics, sports, fashion and entertainment. The site is now owned by Verizon which acquired AOL in 2015. As a testament of its popularity, it receives more than 3 million comments on the site each month.


CNET is undoubtedly the world’s largest technology website that has existed for over 20 years. It publishes in-depth reviews on hardware and software products and has established itself as the web’s go-to for people who want to discover new products. It has diversified its publishing into almost every category in technology. From news to reviews, how-tos, deals and downloads; its editors are so much in demand but if you get yourself into this one, you will probably be published in every other tech news site there is.

7. Venturebeat (VB)

This is probably one of the biggest competitors to TechCrunch. It specializes on startup publishing. Basically, if your startup gets featured here, it’s a big deal. Startup enthusiasts, innovators and tech gurus visit this site in millions per month (8 million readers a month) to read and discover what’s going on in the startup world. Their VB Events attract thousands of attendees who are ready to engage, socially-connected and extremely tech-savvy.

8. ZDNet

This is yet another humongous tech site owned by CBS Interactive. Their articles are geared towards Windows, Cloud, Innovation, Security, Data Centers and Enterprise Software. Heck they even have a section called CXO that is dedicated to making CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs understand technology and other important aspects of it like cybersecurity, network security, etc.

9. Gizmodo

Gizmodo does random tech posts about almost anything to be honest. It’s difficult to understand why they are so huge. And I think that’s exactly the point. They publish about startups very often, and provide tips and tricks to almost anything tech. They have a very large readership spanning millions per month and rank 106th and 373rd most visited website in the US and the world respectively. Most of its articles are written with a sense of humor with a very active community that push comments to articles every day.


This is a website dedicated to news, reviews, howtos, guides and tutorials on anything Apple. The articles range from Apple’s operating systems to their devices. Startups that make products and services for the Apple ecosystem have been featured on the site occasionally.


Startups in the gaming niche relish the chance to get published here. Very few, if any, websites do better gaming publication than Gamespot. The publishing company is owned by CBS, the owners of CNET and more than a dozen other online magazines. They have a following of 1.5 Million Facebook fans and 2.4 Million on Twitter. Their YouTube channel has 2.4 Million subscribers. Their video game news, reviews, and giveaways get a lot of attention online.

12. Business Insider

Business Insider has grown since it was launched in 2009. It now boasts Jeff Bezos among its investors. Amazon’s CEO co-owns the site now with Axel Springer SE which bought 88% of the company for $350 Million in 2015. It’s basically a business, celebrity and technology website. And aren’t their tech articles good?! They feature several innovative startups every week and write long-feature articles on tech people who are making things happen. With an Alexa ranking of 99th in the US and 342nd worldwide, it’s definitely among the top sites on the web.

13. WSJ Tech

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a news website for everything, but when it comes to tech there is no slacking for them. They report it like nobody else and unlike other general news sites, give focus on every piece of tech news article as it breaks. They have a vibrant tech section and startups appear to be a liking for them as they have reportedly widely about startups and continue to do so.

14. Touch Arcade

This is one of the oldest iOS gaming sites online. They cover the latest games and apps for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. They are the largest site dedicated to iOS gaming with more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month. They review a lot of games from the App store and have continued to do so for more than a decade now. They have a very active community who post comments and forum threads on various iOS games. As a matter of fact, they have written about iOS gaming long before the App Store was launched.

15. Xconomy

The founder of Xconomy, Robert Buderi, was formerly the editor in chief of MIT’s Technology Review. He launched Xconomy to provide business and tech leaders with timely, insightful, close-to-the-scene information about the local personalities, companies, and technological trends that best exemplify today’s high-tech economy. He has built the website into a voice on the exponential economy, through the delivery of news, events, and other initiatives geared towards the business world and technology.

16. Mashable

This publishing company calls itself the digital media company for the connected generation. It was founded in 2005 by then 19-year-old Pete Cashmore who lived in Scotland at the time. It has grown into one of the largest websites online today and getting startups published on the platform has become a normality. It initially focused on social media news that is why it ranks top 10 for some majestic keywords, e.g. Facebook. It has diversified into tech and entertainment and occasionally features startup news.

17. Guardian Tech

The Guardian is a general news website dedicated to the whole world basically. Their Tech section is served with fresh content every day, ranging from news articles, to startups, opinions, gadgets, games, reviews and in-depth analysis of tech trends.

18. Silicon Angle

This website publishes articles about startups in the Silicon Valley. The media company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Some of their sections include cloud, mobile, big data, social, bleeding edge and columns for the opinions.

19. Recode

Recode is owned by Vox Media after it was acquired in 2015 following it’s prominence in tech business and startups reporting. Its topics range from media, commerce, emerging tech, enterprise, mobile to, podcasts, reviews and social media news and analysis. The company has amassed thousands of followers 313k) on LinkedIn as a show of how serious professionals take them. To add onto that, they have 263k followers on Twitter and 273k fans on Facebook.

20. Gigaom

Gigaom is a publication focused on big data and startups. They write in-depth analysis on several topics including Internet of Things, data, work technology, mobile and cloud among other things. The site reaches over 6.5 million monthly unique readers who are captivated by the intelligent research pieces, events and articles published on the website.

21. Computer World

Computer World is focused on delivering detailed reviews, analysis, guides and news on cloud computing, computer hardware, consumerization of IT, data centre, emerging technologies, networking, mobile, wireless, and operating systems. With close to 1.5 million social media fans spread across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, this website has become the go-to for credible computer information.

22. Quartz

Quartz began publishing in 2012 and has since expanded into major markets worldwide. Quartz publishes creative technology, politics and business articles to their millions of monthly visitors and over 1.5 million followers on social media platforms.

23. The Next Web (TNW)

Founded in 2001, TNW has grown into a full-fledged tech website with a taste for startups among other things. It has grown from just a tech blog that talks about tech news to a platform for deals, events, and conferences which they host in various cities within and outside of the United States.

24. ReadWrite

This company began as a blog founded by Richard MacManus in 2003. It has since grown to become the go-to source for content and news dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) and the Connected World. Following its long internet presence, it has established a relationship with the tech industry’s top technologies, thinkers, and companies that work in the data, privacy, security and platform fields. IoT startups have been featured on this site severally.

25. Engadget

It calls itself the most trusted consumer electronics site in the world. While such a claim is very subjective and arguable, their numbers can prove it. With a reach of 20 million monthly global readers and 10 million monthly US visitors, it sure reaches more than what most tech websites can dream of. Ranked 356th most popular website in the world according to Alexa, general tech consumers have stuck by this website for years since it was launched as a blog by Peter Rojas in 2004. The company writes about all tech news and has an event called Engadget Live where they host nationwide interactive series on new technologies.

26. Arstechnica

It’s another one of Condé Nast collection of sites. Launched in 1998 by Ken Fisher, it describes itself as the technology publication for the ‘alpha geeks’. It sure is for the geeks and it’s easy to see that immediately you load the homepage. It’s not as general as some other tech sites and mere tech knowledge would still not suffice if you wanted to understand most of their articles. Their readers demand a particular accuracy to reviews, software, hardware, etc. They have diversified into tech, science, business & IT, cars, gaming & culture, and policy.

27. The Verge

Launched as a partnership between Engadget’s former Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Topolsky, and Vox Media in 2012, the siite has grown quite fast. Initially, it was a tech site but has gone on to diversify and is now what you’d call a Lifestyle website with a certain tech taste. Aside from tech, it now publishes lots of articles about entertainment, science, and cars. Its reviews for gadgets have gained wide acclaim online for being short, to the point and easy to understand for the normal man just looking to buy a phone, for example. In the past, they have shown that they are not shy of writing about really innovative startups as they do from time to time.

28. Kotaku

This is another gamer’s guide. It publishes news articles on games and writes several opinion articles about games, game publishers and other serious gamers things like gadgets and devices. It’s also a big deal in the gaming niche and has very active community of readers, commenters, gamers and tech enthusiasts.

29. PC Mag

PC Mag is one of the largest PC websites online. They have reviewed almost all PCs and laptops to be honest. They are basically the home of reviews for the PC and Laptops. Now they have diversified into any other gadget you can think of, from mobile phones, cameras, gaming, monitors, printers, wearables, routers, servers, software, speakers, headphones… you name it. To double up, they post the latest tech news, opinions and even coupons for those of their readers interested in getting daily deals.

30. TechRadar

This is among the largest tech websites there is. Known for their exhaustive reviews and very detailed buying guides, they have built a name for themselves across the world. They review anything in tech, from wearables, laptops, gaming, mobile phones to tablets, audio visual components, computing accessories, and cameras. Their news, deals and howtos also span the same range of content. According to Alexa, they are the 796th most visited site in the world; not a mean feat.

31. Games Radar

Another gaming website that broadcasts gaming news, reviews, guides and more. Their following on social media is one of the largest for any gaming website, standing at 1.2 Million Facebook fans and 610k Twitter followers. Like all other sites owned by Future Plc, they also have digital magazines available for subscription.

32. PC Gamer

With a staff of more than 20 hardcore gamers, PC Gamer is not short of gaming content and attention thereof. More than 3.5 Million follow their articles on Facebook, and 1.2M have accepted them as a gaming boss website on Twitter. Their YouTube isn’t as huge as the well-known YouTube gaming channels, but at 170k subscribers and counting they are not being left behind. They also have a Twitch channel that streams games as their staff plays them in the office. They publish news, reviews and guides to various games for the PC.

33. Tech Republic

TechRepublic focuses on business and technology, pushing out comprehensive articles on cloud, big data, security, innovation, startups, data centres, software and tech & work. It intends to help IT decision-makers recognize various technologies and strategies that can empower and streamline their processes in businesses. With a vast community of IT leaders and a compelling professional resources library, the webcasts, research, software downloads, blogs, white papers, and community forums, this website aims to be the leader in business and tech industry.

34. Information Week

They are a large tech website that looks at how tech affects business. Most of their visitors include CIOs, CTOs, IT VPs and managers among other IT professionals numbered in the thousands. Their articles from Strategic CIO, Internet of Things (IoT), Development, Security, Software, Cloud, Mobile, Big data, Infrastructure, Industries and IT Life. They also host a couple of Events and Webinars geared towards business and tech professionals.

35. Pando

Pando Daily is a company aimed at reporting on startups in the tech field. Their founder was formerly a TechCrunch editor, who went on to found Pando when Arrington sold TechCrunch to AOL. Now the site has grown exponentially, although albeit slower due to its monetization system. However, with a group of solid investors in the company that include Marc Andreessen and Accel Partners among a dozen others, this site can only get better in startup reporting.

36. InfoWorld

This is one of the destinations of choice for IT decision-makers and business executives who are looking for expert analysis on enterprise technology. Drawing their experiences from business leaders, the media company has been known for identifying tech trends early on. Using their mix of opinions, feature articles, and entreprise software reviews, they help technologists and business executives transform their infrastructure, accelerate application development and establish technology leadership. InfoWorld focuses their content on Application Development, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile, Open Source, Security and Reviews of business tech.

37. Streetwise

Boston-based media company, Streetwise Media, is a company geared towards editorial content for startups. It has smart and empowering discussions along with events in Boston, Washington D.C, Chicago, and Austin. They have dedicated publishing websites for these locations too. Boston Inno, DC Inno, Chicago Inno and Austin Inno serve as preeminent local tech news websites for Boston, D.C, Chicago, and Austin respectively. On these four sites they feature local startups and local news, amongst more editorial content and events for the connected generation.

38. The Inquisitr

The Inquisitr is an internationally renowned news website that gets 40 million unique visitors every month. The site also has a huge influence on social media with over 2.5 Million Facebook fans and 54k followers on Twitter. The good news for startups is that The Inquisitr has a special category dedicated to Startups under the Tech section.

39. iPhone Life Magazine

iPhone Life Magazine gets 1 million monthly readers who come to read their variety of articles that range from news, accessories guides, apps and howtos. They also publish a physical magazine, one that they call the largest focused exclusively on iOS.

40. 148Apps

148Apps was founded in July 2008, a few days after Apple launched the iTunes App Store. The website has focused on providing their readers with the very best iOS applications through their reviews and news sections. With the goal to curate and sort through the applications in the App store, they have grown their readership to 700k unique visitors every month who contribute to the 2.5 million page views they receive monthly. They also keep track of the latest changes in pricing for applications and make their readers aware of the same.

41. GeekWire

GeekWire is the largest online publication based in Seattle with 1.2 million unique visits and 2 million page views. With over 170k fans on social media, it has stamped itself as one of the fastest growing tech publications in the region. They host events that see over 800 attendees and partner with several large companies to push for the reach of a tech-savvy audience. They have a serious focus on startups, with sections on the site focused on startup growth. Besides that, they publish news articles, resources, events, and deals. A job portal has also been incorporated on the site.

42. Techhive

Techhive is a technology website focused on providing its readers with reviews of both hardware and software products, ranging through several categories. They also publish feature articles on entertainment tech, the connected home, as well as technology news. The website has published several resources and even created a resource library on the platform for their readers and whenever they might need them.

43. Mac Observer

This website is dedicated to Mac geeks who are seeking for news, reviews, podcasts and opinions regarding Apple and Mac. With a minimalist design, the website is one of the highly visited websites in the world according to Alexa. The content apart from news also includes mobile app reviews as well as columns, quick tips and editorials.

44. Pocketnow

Since 2000, Pocketnow has focused on reviews of portable gadgets including tablets, mobile phones and wearables. To add on to that, it is now a full-fledged technology news website coupled with editorials, deals, interviews and podcasts. Being one of the oldest publications devoted exclusively to mobile technology, the website has gained authority online and become one of the largest with millions of monthly readers and about 1 million social media followers.

45. Gamezebo

Gamezebo is games review website focused on iOS, Android, PC and online games. With more than 2 million monthly visits, the website is the largest review of all the little games out there. In addition, the website is not just a review website. It publishes about the gaming culture and follows up on stories related to gaming as well as news.

46. eWeek

eWeek has grown exponentially since 1983. It has become a trusted resource for IT professionals with their news, in-depth analysis of entreprise IT trends and reviews of products. It was originally called PC Week. Due to their 36 years’ experience, they have become a trusted voice in the areas of X86 servers, PCs and sophisticated software.

47. Bloomberg Technology

eBloomberg delivers expert analysis of financial markets, business, and technology worldwide. Their technology section is streaming with new articles every day, focused on startup guides, analysis and news.

48. Product hunt

Product Hunt is a place where very many startups are listed or list themselves every day. However, the most attention goes to the products that surface above the rest. To surface, you just need to package your message well, and have a nice product… to which you will receive upvotes. The more upvotes you get, the closer you get to the surface. When you list your startup, it will have a link back to your startup’s website and people will head there to test and feel your site as well as subscribe if you have a subscription form.

49. Betalist

If you are a startup that’s looking to get early adopters onto your platform, this is one of the best places to get your startup into. This website is visited by several thousands of tech people who are interested in information about upcoming internet startups. However, there are rules that you should comply with before getting listed. They include: The product should not be publicly available, you must not have been published on Betalist before, must have a distinct and decent landing page, must have an opt-in form to collect email addresses and the startup should be in the tech niche. The website sees more than 70,000 page views every week with over 10,000 newsletter subscribers who will all be informed about your startup. Add that to the 30,000 followers on Twitter and you have yourself some nice coverage.

50. Hacker News

Hacker News is an aggregator of tech news. The platform is run by the popular Y Combinator and it focuses mostly on startups in general. However, going from its name, you will expect a lot of tech people there so it’s important to submit if your startup is in the tech niche. That is when you will get the most important feedback. The front page has stories which are ranked by points divided by the power of time since they were submitted. The same ranking applies to comments. The platform has no down-votes but is an important place if you are looking for startup traction.

51. Crunchbase

This is the place where you go to when you want to discover any information about companies in the world and the people behind them. Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, founded Crunchbase with the goal of tracking the companies that featured on TechCrunch. However, today, it’s grown to become arguably one of the largest libraries of company information around the world. If you are looking for startup coverage, Crunchbase is obviously a very good place to start. It has several tabs where it shows your company’s employees, seed rounds, statistics, company details and news among other types of information.

52. Digg

Before 2012, Digg had become a noisy platform where everyone went to post links to anything they wanted people to see on the internet. After 2012, it was revamped with new systems in place and it has since taken a U-turn of some sort to the right direction. With an editorial team that curates the best content from everywhere online, and of course, from various media outlets around the word, Digg has found its voice yet again. That’s not to say that when you submit your startup it won’t be accepted, actually, it will. If it’s a really innovative one, then you could find yourself on the front pages. The publicity and traffic that will come with this is mindboggling.

53. BGR

Initially, when it was launched in 2006, BGR was known as Boy Genius Report which was later abbreviated to the current name. The site was launched with the intention of making it a leading source of news and reviews for the consumer electronics market. Now the website receives 11 million monthly unique visitors making it one of the most visited websites online. Due to the company’s syndication partnership with Yahoo, MSN, CNN Money, Fox News and more, it’s serves an audience of upto 200 million monthly readers. It has since diversified to focus on Tech, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Social and Business.

54. Reddit Startups

This is the subreddit where all interesting startup stories happen. It’s not a media publication but if your thread on reddit gunners a lot of focus and attention, you know this will get you into large media publications. Lots of tech and startup journalists hang out here waiting for the next big story to write about.

55. Addictive Tips

Addictive Tips was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing little daily tech tips to readers to help them solve small issues that occur in tech. Now, it’s one of the fastest growing blogs in the world. They have covered mobile apps, desktop tips using simple applications, features and updates of several tools.

56. Android Pit

Android Pit publishes reviews and news articles based on the Android platform. The site also has a large forum where the readers and visitors consolidate thoughts, ask questions or begin forum threads for tips and guides, etc. With more than 400k social media followers and a particular prominence on Facebook, the traction for an Android based company from getting published here could be very beneficial.

57. PC Advisor

This is a trusted internet resource for reviews of several types of hardware, from PCs, to laptops and mobile phones. Furthermore, the site has diversified to reviewing printers, wearable tech, cameras, accessories, and displays among many other consumer electronics. Downloads, forums and howto sections have also added a lot of quality to the site.

58. Tech2

Tech2 writes articles on new gadgets that include laptops, mobile, tablets, TVs and gaming devices. Their reviews are also widely read as are their opinions, news, and analysis of upcoming tech trends. The website publishes a startups section that contains startup-related news.

59. Killerstartups

This website has reviewed over 88,000 startups since 2007 and received over 100M visits since then. It’s a startup review website where you can submit your startup and wait for that review when it gets published. Simple as that.

60. Netted

This website is run by The Webbys Team who traverse the web to discover interesting websites and killer applications. They have been known to provide really good publicity to startups. Arianna Huffington has positive things to say about them apparently, “Nobody knows the web better than The Webbys team. If Netted says an app is killer or a site is a must-visit, it is.”

61. Appstorm

This website has dedicated news sections for iOS, Mac, Windows, Web and iPad. It features new products released under those platforms every day. It’s a good place to get listed on once you launch. Sometimes they highlight apps that are related on the same list or do a separate feature for an app.

62. Springwise

This is a website that features new businesses opening around the world. Here is the catch; the business has to be innovative. With their network of 20,000 Springspotters in more than 190 countries who help them discover new innovative businesses, they call themselves “the source of innovation intelligence.

63. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is a blog about tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done. It’s not necessarily a tech website but it has published occasional articles on innovative software, tools and apps. They also publish on clever use for household items, important if you have created an innovative product in the household niche.

64. Android Central

Owned by Mobile Nations, it’s the most popular Android-dedicated website in the world. If you are looking for any android news, event, tips, guides and reviews, you will probably find it here. Their social media reach is also immense, boasting 930k Facebook fans and 790k Twitter followers. On Google Plus, they have 372k followers and continue to grow. Their information isn’t only limited to news, guides and tips; they feature several mobile apps and deals from various companies around the world. Their forums are also growing by the day, with several new threads every month.

65. MIT Technology Review

This is probably one of the world’s oldest technology magazines that moved online following the discovery of the Internet. Since 1899, and with the current staff of 65 people, Technology Review has continued to provide an intelligent, lucid, and authoritative filter for the overwhelming flood of information about technology. They do this with serious journalism, written in clear, simple language, by a knowledgeable editorial staff, governed by a policy of accuracy and independence. And they have the backing of the #1 technology university in the world, MIT. Startups that have been featured on this site are extremely innovative, scientific and inventive with metrics based on research and serious lab/testing work.

66. Android and Me

An Android-dedicated site that sees more than 10 Million page views every month, it publishes information about deals, news, articles and guides for the Android user. For Android app publishers, to be featured on this site as a review would cost you $300 per app. It’s a favorable figure considering the number of readers the site attracts every month.

67. Android Police

This Android news and reviews website has a very dedicated community of commenters and Android fans. They review everything Android, from applications to devices and related hardware. They are also well known for their streak when it comes to providing leaked information about new devices and software. They publish podcasts and offer giveaways as well as alerting their readers of the latest deals and downloads in the android market.

68. PC World

This Android news and reviews website has a very dedicated community of commenters and Android fans. They review everything Android, from applications to devices and related hardware. They are also well known for their streak when it comes to providing leaked information about new devices and software. They publish podcasts and offer giveaways as well as alerting their readers of the latest deals and downloads in the android market.

69. Android Authority

Android Authority reaches upto 30 million readers every month who rely on them for news, reviews, features and product recommendations. They have a team of tech bloggers, android device reviewers, and video producers who work on the website daily. Founded in 2007 and now with 21 contributors, they are a hub of android content and definitely competing at the same level as other Android websites we have mentioned.

70. Today Online

This is the media property of Singapore’s second most read newspaper, TODAY. Despite being a general news website, they cover about tech in Asia and around the world in great detail. Most of their tech news coverage is in great detail and consists of startups springing up in Singapore and Asia.

71. Talk Android

Another one of those websites dedicated to Google’s Android platform. The site publishes Best of, guides, Reviews, Deals, and Podcasts. Looking at the site’s social media presence, it’s a pretty small version of the other android websites we have already mentioned but for startups, any publicity from anyone is good publicity.

72. Linux

Startups in the Linux niche can utilize this platform for publicity since it’s one of the largest publications dedicated to Linux operating systems. They are the go-to source for Linux news, as well as open source technology, best practices, careers and industry trends. Their audience is targeted since Linux isn’t for the everyday man. It’s for the systems administrators, developers, CIOs, and devoted technology enthusiasts who know what the Linux kernel is.

73. Boing Boing

This will probably not strike you as anything more than a viral blog but it actually is a newspaper from Mill Valley, California. With more than 500k fans on Facebook and 230k twitter followers, they have quite a large influence on social media. It’s a general news website with a lot of tech-based articles. They are huge fans of technology so much that their ‘about’ page looks like a command line.

74. Android Headlines

This website was founded in 2010 for the Android community. It is well famed for its comprehensive news coverage and in-depth reviews of mobile apps. They even offer ‘appvertising’, meaning for a small fee they could review your mobile app and expose it to their 3 million monthly readers turned critics, beta testers, and early adopters.

75. iMore

iMore receives 11 million dedicated monthly readers interested in the content about Apple’s products from hardware to software. They publish howtos, guides, deals, and best of apps in the App store. They also have a very active forum that sees several new threads posted every day.

76. Eurogamer

Eurogamer is a gaming website that focuses on reviews, news, recommendations, and guides for games. Their articles are geared towards users of Playstation, Xbox, PC, Playstation, Wii U, 3DS, Playstation Vita, iPhone, Android and iPad. They have a large subscriber base on YouTube of more than 200k subscribers, which complements their growing Facebook and Twitter pages of 302k fans and 196k followers respectively.

77. Creative Bloq

Startups in the creativity and design niche have been published on Creative Bloq before severally. That’s because it’s a renowned design website, with their design pieces centered mostly on tech and not design itself necessarily. They have a variety of sections including reviews, howtos, advice, inspiration and digital magazines. With a large social media following on Facebook and Twitter of 300k fans and 155k followers respectively, this is one of the most followed design websites online.

78. Music Radar

Music Radar, owned by the parent company of TechRadar and Creative Bloq, is among the most known websites in the music and music tech business. They publish in-depth articles about guitars, drums and tech. On top of that, they have a group of digital magazines you can subscribe to.

79. T3

It calls itself ‘The Gadget Website’ and it publishes about gadgets in the mobile, entertainment, auto, and wearables niches. They also add that up with tech news and digital magazine subscriptions.

80. Make Use Of

MakeUseOf wants you to learn more about technology and the many ways it can improve your life. They get 19.2 million monthly visits and to their outstanding number of articles, 38,000 to be exact. Their email subscribers are also pretty huge, standing at 400k and 700k fans across their social networks. They write news articles, and in-depth guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Social Media, Smart home, DIY, Security, Gaming, Self-improvement, Entertainment and Finance among other topics.

81. Time

The Time is an online general news website belonging to Time Inc. Nevertheless, it has a very comprehensive tech section that elaborates news and the latest in the tech-sphere. Their attention to startups is also paramount and it’s common to see new tech startups featured on the site weekly.

82. Android Guys

This is yet another Android-based blog with history since 2008. Their reviews, deals, news, and android tips have kept their community growing, albeit slower than other Android news websites, but still growing nonetheless.

83. Techvibes

This website has been around since 2002, a pioneer in technology news broadcasting on the internet. They have recently been acquired by the Konrad Group and following that, have revamped their website with a new responsive and modern design. They focus on technology and digital culture and how these two are ingrained in our modern lifestyle. They also have a job board that posts about available tech openings in various tech or non-tech companies.

84. Next Big What

This is a community of founders, startups, CXOs and product marketers for Indian startups. It’s not a news website like the others in this list. It is a community where people post about their experiences in startups, or even a new product, and wait for response from other likeminded individuals. Tech news editors hang around here as well, waiting for a worthwhile story to break. The sites is also visited by a lot of bloggers interested in finding stories to write about.

85. Network World

Network World has been for over two decades. It is known as the premier provider of information for Network and IT executives. This is not limited to news and reviews about security, LAN & WAN, Software, Mobile & Wireless, Unified Communications, Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Management, Applications and Data Centres among others. They also host a string of events around the US to cater for marketing and IT objectives for both new and established businesses.

86. Tech In Asia

Tech in Asia is a well renowned startup media company whose focus since the beginning has been to serve and build Asia’s startup ecosystem. Their media, events and jobs platform has gained wide acclaim in Asia’s tech community. The company holds annual conferences in Singapore, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Jakarta. On the Tech in Asia website, you will find the latest news and in-depth interesting articles about startups. They have also created a jobs portal, with more than 1,000 job openings listed from companies like Facebook, Uber, Caroussell and more.

87. O’Reilly Media

Since 1978, O’Reilly has written and promoted technology development by educating technologists and entrepreneurs through their books, events, online training courses, webcasts, and evangelism. The media company has built an active technology community, with its long history of advocacy and evangelism. The Inc. Magazine has called the founder and CEO Tim O’Reilly “the Oracle of Silicon Valley”. O’Reilly Media continues to play a huge role in the growth and implementation of the World Wide Web, open source software, big data, and the Maker movement.

88. Android Tapp

Android Tapp is a leading source for consumer reviews of mobile application software for the Android ecosystem. They also feature Android phone, tablet and accessory reviews, industry news, app recommendations, and interviews with a wide range of mobile developers. The company has its own app called Blue Stacks which has more than 100k installs. Additionally, their millions of monthly visitors, 150k registered members and thousands of social media audience help them share their articles widely online.

89. AllTopStartups

AllTopStartups was started in 2010 by Thomas Oppong and has since become an important resource website for young entrepreneurs and growing businesses. The site is now home to hundreds of contributors providing startup advice and founder lessons you need to be an entrepreneur.

90. The Register

9.5 million IT professionals visit The Register every month to read insightful articles about data centres, software, security, networks, infrastructure, development, business, hardware, and science. The IT professionals include but are not limited to software engineers, database administrators, sysadmins, networking managers, project managers, all the way up to CIOs.

91. CrazyMikesapps

Run by Mr. and Mrs. CrazyMike, this is a website that publishes reviews for the best apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. To add on to that, they have app promotion services. In-depth reviews, high quality demo videos and news articles make this site one of the top sites for developers wishing to get their apps reviewed or published.

92. Techdirt

Techdirt says that they drive their passion off innovation, which is a core value in what they publish. The blog uses proven economic framework to analyze and offer insight into news stories about changes in government policy, technology and legal issues that affect companies’ ability to innovate and grow. Their startup section also publishes research and analysis articles to assist startups in making business decisions. Their readership stands at 1.5 million visitors per month, with 1.4 million comments and 64,000 posts already published on the site. Business Week and Forbes have previously awarded Techdirt with Best of the Web thought leaders awards.

93. IT World

IT World is geared towards offering technology decision makers, business leaders and IT influencers an environment that is unique and enabling for them to gather and share information which will help them do their jobs efficiently. To enhance this goal further, the company has created a section called Trusted Voices that consists of hand-picked experts throughout IT World, who answer the readers’ questions, respond to comments and write about what they have learned even through trial and error. The goal of this website is to help tech influencers and experts make decisions, solve problems, put context into recent news, product announcement or tech trends.

94. Financial Post Startups

Delivered with a Canadian voice, this section of the Financial Post is all about startups and distinctively so. The articles on the FP Startups area are all focused on news, features, advice, and tips for emerging or existing startups. Even so, the larger part of the site is focused on financial news, with in-depth analysis of the state of companies and economies.

95. iPhone in Canada

In 2007, iPhone In Canada was launched as an independent source for news documenting the iPhone in Canada. Since then, the website has grown into one of the most followed Canadian websites for iPhone users. A pioneer in its niche, the company has been quoted in international media publications like CNN among others.

96. Pocket Lint

Pocket Lint is a trusted gadgets reviews and news website in the UK. With less geeky reviews, they have managed to grow their reach to millions of page views every month. Their reviews include but are not limited to mobile phones, virtual reality, smart home, cameras, and wearables. They also publish news and deals as additional sections on the website.

97. InfoQ

InfoQ wants to help progressive software development teams to adopt new technologies and practices through their thorough analysis of technology solutions. Their cutting edge content focuses on development, architecture & design, data science, culture & methods among other categories. Their monthly reach is 1.2 million visitors.

98. iLounge

iLounge is a leading website focused on news, articles, reviews, deals and accessories for iPhone, iPod, TV, Mac, iPad and every other Apple device there is. iLounge also has a forum that is very prominent, and receives a lot of posts and comments bringing together the Apple community.

99. Cult of Mac

This website publishes and follows everything Apple. Their articles focus on newest deals, latest news, reviews, and howtos which are complimented by a magazine and podcasts. The website has over 900k social media followers.