Thanks to blockchain technology, ICO is quite famous as the best crowdfunding model. But even so, many projects are failing to hit their cap limit during an ICO launch. And it’s all because of a poor marketing approach. Therefore, if you’re planning to unveil your ICO project, it’s safer to invest in a blockchain marketing agency. Contact a crypto agency and they’ll help you achieve successful fundraising.

Unfortunately, there are tons of crypto agencies available in the marketplace to pick from. And having no idea what to look for makes it a frustrating task. Oftentimes, you’ll get confused about which company will suit your project interest. With key things to consider like budget and quality service, it’s even harder to settle on one option.

Thus, if you’re in a similar situation, this guide has critical information that will help you choose the best crypto firm for your project. It includes key factors that you must consider to ensure you’ve hired the right company. Now let’s begin:

1. Outsourcing/ in-house services

It’s important to identify the specialty of a particular blockchain marketing agency before hiring its services. For instance, there are marketing agencies that strictly provide in-house services. On the other end, there are others that outsource some of their services. But this shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Outsourcing experts for particular roles demonstrates the maturity of that company. It shows that this company knows their strength and weaknesses in blockchain marketing. And where they cannot manage, they’ll outsource an expert for your project. And that is enough proof that your project is in safe hands.

That said, you don’t want to experience the services of companies that fake their expertise in a particular field. It’s better to work with those that admit their weakness and still provide an alternative solution.

Therefore, you should ask the agency to be upfront on in-house and outsourced experts. If they’re open and clarify this, then they’re a trustworthy and credible company you can partner with. That means you should expect remarkable marketing strategies. Even though many ICO marketing agencies have in-house professionals, you should still inquire about their specialty.

And if you decide to work with an agency that outsources some of their services, they should be the best. Also, look into the services of their partners; are they the best in the industry? And, do they deliver results? Further, you should have access to professional campaign services. They should help you with developing marketing platforms such as social media channels, legal assistance, and documentation.

2. Trustworthiness

The last thing anyone expects from a marketing agency is poor results. When you choose an incompetent marketing firm, chances are their marketing tactics are also poor. To make sure you’re partnering with the right company, look into their marketing tactics. Do these tactics support result tracking?

And that’s why it’s essential to assess the strategies that a marketing agency relies on. Also, the amount of investment you have to put in and their objectives. The best marketing agency in this case is transparent about the strategies they use.

They’re upfront with their analytics, especially during an ongoing project. This will allow you to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. But most importantly, it presents you with the data you can use in optimizing your token sale.

The potential crypto marketing company should walk their talk.  For instance, you don’t need the services of a company that preaches about social media campaigns yet their accounts are dormant. Therefore, when evaluating the marketing agency, confirm their presence on social media.

Check out their current campaigns on these platforms and whether these campaigns have an influence. Also, confirm if they have an online presence besides social media. Do they have a business site? If they have, how well is their site optimized?

Always remember, top-tier Company fulfills their promises no matter how great they are. And you can tell they’ll deliver on your part by simply looking at how they market themselves. If their brand is doing exceptionally well, then you can trust that your project will receive the best attention.

3. Experience of the agency

There’s always a close relationship between the ability of a company to launch a successful campaign and its experience. More often, the more experience the company has, the more successful its strategies are. And that’s because from working with various brands, they can tell what will work and what will not.

The same case applies to the blockchain marketing agency. It’s essential to consider their experience before hiring a company. First, run a background check on them. Specifically, look for testimonies, portfolios, and case studies. These pieces of information will enlighten you on whether the company is capable of handling ICO promotion or not.

Additionally, check their previous results, especially of projects they’ve done recently. What are the clients’ feedbacks? Are they positive feedback praising their services, or are they complaints? Further, look at the strategies they employed, and their level of focus on these projects.

Also, look into the agency’s case studies. It will shed more light on the type of marketing strategies the company employed on different projects. The case studies should help you determine whether the company’s marketing approach is in line with your project objectives. To guarantee this, the previous projects of the company should help you. Confirm whether they’ve worked on a project similar to yours. And what was the outcome of that project?

Also, you can retrieve more Intel from former customers.  Of course, you may not access all the former clients. But happy customers are always ready to share their experiences with a given company. And more information is available for retrieval online. Another important factors to consider are – How the company handles conflicts. Do they meet the deadlines? What kind of experience do you get from working with them?

As always, a successful marketing agency will help you reach the cap limit during token sales events. Therefore, you should confirm how many projects have had successful fundraising and how many have failed.  Lastly, confirm the influence of this company on the mainstream media. And do they unveil new strategies now and then, or do they rely on old techniques?

4. Current Trends

Blockchain technology isn’t static. Therefore, you must work with a company that can efficiently adapt to the changes. And that’s because the latest trends can alter token sales either positively or negatively. A great example is the Twitter ban on crypto ads. That means everyone who had invested in paid ads suffered a loss.

However, if you’re partnering with an agency that is flexible in adapting to new trends, your project is safe. They will easily shift to another marketing strategy and ensure your token sales are successful. Promoting tokens in the crypto space requires quick adoption and evolution with the trend. This is an assurance that your company will be in safe hands when you partner with such companies.

That said, choose a blockchain marketing agency that adapts easily to the changing trends in the crypto market. It should be able to evolve its strategies and align with the new trends, especially when they occur unexpectedly. Also, they should keep you updated on the upcoming changes in the blockchain industry. And whether this change affects the current campaigns for your project.

Also, there’s no need to invest your time in confirming whether your marketer is up-to-date with the current trends. If you’re certain you’ve picked the right agency, then trust in their efforts or abilities. But before you put your trust in them, assess their approach to the latest news in the crypto space.  Also, you can ask them how they get information on the latest changes in the crypto market. Additionally, how do they update their clients about these changes?

5. Does the marketer have your project’s goals at heart?

Your project goals are an integral part of the campaign. And if the marketing agency is not focusing on that, then it’s a wrong pick. At all times, your project goals must be considered in their marketing tactics. To confirm this, look into their plan on how to boost your project performance.

Further, a reliable marketing company will assist you in re-organizing your project ideas. They should guide towards a successful path. By working with them, you will acquire new and innovative strategies to implement in your project. Also, the company should deliver their plan before receiving your check. ‘Cause some of them will be offering promises they can’t honor.

Well, an inbound blockchain marketing campaign requires research first. Unfortunately, this takes place after signing the contract with the agency. However, if they’re a credible company, they will help you find new opportunities and in setting new goals. Even better, they’ll design a robust work plan you can use to attain your project’s campaign goals.

6. Budget

The blockchain industry is highly unstable, hence, there’s no one-size-fits-all price range. The cost you’ll incur for your marketing campaign depends on the agency your hire and their specialty. That said, there’s no price standard for hiring a blockchain marketing agency.

That’s because the agencies operate differently, especially in providing their services. For example, some agencies provide all-inclusive in-house marketing services, while others outsource some of their services. They’re agencies that charge hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Therefore, you must consider this before setting your budget and hiring a marketing agency.

Also, blockchain projects need an effective marketing strategy. However, to access such services, you’ll need to invest time and resources. Resources will be catered to by your budget. Time on the other hand depends on how long it will take the results to reveal. Lastly, the budget you set may determine the level of campaign you will benefit from.

7. Are your Business Goals Addressed?

While marketing agencies need funds to run their business, that doesn’t permit treating their clients as paydays. The agency needs to treat clients with the value they deserve. In this case, choose a marketing agency that cares about your business goal instead of how much you’ll pay.

The best way to know whether they value your project goals is by testing their honesty. A genuine blockchain marketing company will demonstrate that they understand your project objectives. They’ll even share briefly how they will address your project goals. Through their skills and experience, they’ll uphold your brand’s value and work in line with its goals.

Assessing a project is a critical part of a successful ICO launch. Unfortunately, not all marketing agencies offer this service. Project assessment is important in the following ways: first, it helps in guiding the agency on the direction to take.

Secondly, it highlights the does and don’ts in your project. Lastly, it clearly outlines what is next after the ICO campaign is over.  Through this assessment, you can develop a marketing budget that will fulfill your business’s post-campaign marketing needs.

Getting Started

In your blockchain project journey, the initial marketing approach can greatly determine whether it will succeed. Therefore, it pays to invest heavily, and kickstart your project with vigorous marketing. While your team can work on some of the campaign strategies, working with a marketing team is more resourceful. The marketing agency will not only employ robust techniques but will also reduce the burden of work for your team.

When choosing a marketing agency, the above tips should be helpful. They’ll guide you in deciding what’s best for your business as you choose a team to partner with. However, with so many pieces of information to evaluate, it can become overwhelming as well. There’s your project objective at one end, while there’s a budget to work with on the other end.

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