When you’ve created your Kickstarter campaign page and you’re ready for everyone to view your project, you can start driving traffic to your funding page with a strategically designed landing page. This is when people typically start to interact with and visualize your funding page. You may expect many potential backers to come running to support your Kickstarter project simply because the landing page looks good. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.

Your aspiration should not be just to get people viewing your page but to get people interacting with your page. If you want a Kickstarter campaign page that converts, you need to optimise it strategically to generate sales.

With that in mind, it is essential to check out some tested and tested practices from previous successful Kickstarter campaigns.

This article is going to help you understand key elements that will help your page entice people to pledge and not just view your page.

Understand the psychology of potential backers

Among the most crucial things that you should do while advertising your product is understanding the psychology of potential backers. Will the product make them emotional? Will it stand out from other alternatives on the market? Will it create a need? These are just a few of the questions that you should have in mind before you start the advertisement of your campaign.

It is crucial to keep in mind that in the present marketplace, people prefer to buy things based on their emotions and not logic. Even if your product is of high-quality materials and great features, that alone might not tempt someone to purchase.

People will visit your page with the need to feel something. A good Kickstarter campaign is the kind of campaign that makes people laugh, generates excitement, or creates curiosity. It’s not easy to leverage emotions to encourage people to part with their money, but if you recognize the buyer persona and their interests, then you should have an idea of what will capture their attention.

If you’re creating a Kickstarter video, it’s also important to optimize this video for your viewers. Researchers have found that viewers make a decision within the first 8-10 seconds of the video. For this reason, it’s crucial to focus on generating positive emotions within these 8-10 seconds.

Once you’ve influenced the emotional state of your audience, follow up with a more logical brand message that will justify them to pledge to your program. In most cases, the viewer’s eventual decision is driven by their subconsciousness and emotions. By optimizing your Kickstarter content with this in mind, you will see many fascinated people ‘interacting with the campaign.

Include catchy images and engaging text

Nothing can capture the eyes of potential backers more than creative images depicting the product. Beyond creating a video that features the product you’re crowdfunding for, it’s important to include images that showcase the same product from different angles, and in different settings.

Your primary product icon is known as a hero image. This hero image should impress potential backers and give them an idea of how the product would fit into their everyday lives. Make sure you use images that represent your campaign or product in the best possible way. Avoid using simple graphic art that you can get on your computer or stock images from online. The more realistic your images are, the easier it will be to earn trust from people who are considering parting with their hard-earned money to back your project.

Prioritize image quality

Make sure you choose images that will make your product more attractive to backers. It’s also important that the images you use are clutter-free so that the product is the focus. When put together, the images you choose should also be an accurate portrayal of your vision.

After selecting the best images, you need to develop some clear and concise text to describe your product. It helps to have someone on your team who has good copywriting skills do this. Rambling on and on will create confusion, leaving backers unsure of what the product does and what they’re supposed to do next. Keep things short and concise and leverage PR writing skills to create attractive headlines and subtitles.

Once you’ve come up with the marketing copy, test it on friends and family. If it doesn’t give them the urge to buy the product you’re promoting, you need to go back to the drawing board and find ways to make it more compelling. You can also draw inspiration for your copy from successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Create must-have rewards

Having desirable and attractive rewards on the funding page is the key to creating conversions and encouraging potential backers to part with their money and support your project. Here are some key principles that you can follow to come up with attractive rewards:

  • Develop accessible rewards – After conducting your market research, come up with reasonable and accessible prices for the rewards. Less expensive rewards will encourage sponsors to support your project. Ensure that you don’t underestimate backers who want to be part of fundraising.
  • Less is more – You should be aiming to create a maximum of 8 reward tiers. Avoid overwhelming potential backers with many choices.
  • Create scarcity – When backers see that there are limited products remaining, they’re more likely to act quickly and back it. Don’t display too many products on your Kickstarter page, and make sure you update the numbers as people pay for the products.
  • Include add-ons – Create add-ons to complement the original product and increase the appeal of what you’re offering. This tactic pushes backers towards the product option that looks more complete.

By following the tips above, you can make your rewards more enticing to backers and increase the amount of funding you get.

Highlight the need for your products

In most cases, products sell because they satisfy a need or solve a problem. When backers visit your Kickstarter page, they need to get the impression that this product solves an important need. This is where a killer Kickstarter video comes in – the structure of your video should highlight a problem, the effect or impact the problem has on daily life, and how your product can solve it. You can also reinforce this messaging through headlines, GIFs, images, and videos on your funding page.

You can also highlight everyday scenarios to highlight the problem, the outcome, and the effect it has on people’s lives.

The bottom line

In order to succeed on Kickstarter, you will need a Kickstarter campaign page that converts because that’s the only way of generating sales and hitting your funding target. It is essential to optimise your Kickstarter page with tried and tested practices to maximize conversions. Always keep in mind that before you can launch the project, you should analyze its effectiveness and make preparations for the pre-launch phase of your project. Make sure the video is short but describes well the project. Additionally, ensure that the pictures are of the best quality and the messages are attractive.

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