You’ve likely already heard many business management guides telling you to be more proactive with your customers, but what exactly does that mean? For a startup owner struggling to keep everything afloat, what does it mean to be proactive with your customers? The definition of being proactive is to start something rather than waiting for something to start.

With regards to businesses, it’s about reaching out to your customers rather than relying on marketing tactics alone to accomplish the task. In a way, marketing is a form of being proactive, but there’s much more you can do to achieve your goals. Here are a few easy ways you can be proactive with your customers!

1) Using telematics to help reach out to your audience

One thing that can attract customers to your business is the ability to tailor-make the customer journey and experience. It’s not enough to know what your target audience wants, as more and more people demand companies to have flexible services based on their situation. For example, when you talk about auto insurance, it’s not easy to find a balance and give the consumers what they want. Even worse, people aren’t happy about insurance in general, so you’ll have to sell it if you’re going to turn heads.

In this case, you can use telematics to help promote usage-based insurance or behavior-based insurance. It allows auto insurance companies to gauge the driving behavior of their customers, which means better drivers have better deals. UBI insurance is fantastic for both companies and consumers, as it’s a win-win situation for both.

2) Responding correctly to user feedback

Being proactive typically involves urging customers to write down reviews and feedback. While it’s a great way to learn what people are thinking, what’s the next step in the process? To put things into perspective, many people feel they can trust a company that responds to their issues. If someone writes down a negative review, it’s a good idea to respond to the feedback as soon as possible with some solutions. Offering solutions can help your company in more ways than one. The most direct benefit is it allows you to fix your relationship with unhappy customers.

The second benefit is even if they don’t respond, the fact that you tried to patch things up by responding to their feedback shows others that you care. It’s that proactive approach that can help any business thrive.

3) Using social media platforms to your advantage

While reviews and feedback are great, finding newer and better avenues to communicate with your clients is always a good idea. What better way to do so than with an active social media account? It’s a fantastic way to keep up with your supporters. You can also offer discounts and promotions through social media campaigns.


Being proactive is a must for any business looking to experience standout success. The above tips are there to see you through the challenges. With a bit of practice, being proactive with your customers will come as second nature.