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How to Achieve an Effective Product Release Note

Product release notes act as a direct line of communicationwith your customers or users. When used effectively, they open up a unique engagementchannel that keeps your users excited about what’s coming next. Sharing releasenotes also helps set the right expectations. It is a great way to retainfrustrated users who might be in the dark about bug fixes or new features andto let users know that their feedback was used to make meaningful changes.

The best practices that apply when communicating yourproduct releases include;

  • Keep product release notes brief

You only need a few sentences or bullet points

  • Avoid technical jargon

Use plain language.

  • Help users explore new features

Give a brief overview of what the new feature does and whereone can find it.

  • Write release notes like they matter

Don’t be afraid to sound too excited

Distribution of product release notes

Product release notes should drive engagement. Therecommended channels include;

  • Emails
  • App store
  • Blog post
  • Social media
  • In app messaging

Examples of product release notes

1. Slack’s multichannel release notes

This is a great example because;

  • It makes sure its users will never miss frequentupdates on social media and the App Store.
  • Their twitter posts demonstrate the value byfocusing on a single update.
  • The social and in-app updates are short andsweet, but have links to in-depth release notes.
  • The App Store lets users know that Slack iscontinually monitoring for bugs and making improvements.
  • Its personality shines through across allchannels.

Slack makes a special effort to write unique release notes.  Use the compact space of a product releasenote store to show users what you do.

2. HubSpot’s in-depth product update blog posts

This is a great example because:

  • It has long-form content which is a great featurefor releases that may change the way users use your product.
  • Uses short blog posts that teach users how touse new features.
  • HubSpot allows readers to filter by categoriesso they only see updates that are relevant to them.
  • These releases are SEO-friendly help docs, thatis, they are searchable and have value.

HubSpot uses tooltips to show their new features whilethey’re in the platform. Tooltips are meant to be short and sweet but for userswho want more information, tactical blog posts are great.

It’s always a good idea to use blog posts to break thefeature release down into teachable part in cases where the update might affectyour user’s workflow.

How to make a bigger impact withgreat product release notes

Your team always works hard on each new feature and so, don’tsell yourself short. A product release provides an opportunity to share withyour users and potential users. It will help you to re-engage users, buildexcitement and extend your brand’s reach.