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How to be Successful with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when someone who is considered to bewell-known in the field, uses their reputation or following to market yourproduct. Many influencers use social media and blogs to get out the message.

When comparing influencer marketing to display marketing,many believe that display advertising is less effective than influencermarketing because most people trust the recommendations from those they know.

Here are some tips for running a successful influencermarketing program.

1. Set specific goals

If you don’t define what you want to accomplish with yourprogram before starting, your program can fizzle and you might not reach thepotential you could have.

By having specific goals, you can create an influencermarketing program that works. Laura Gonzalez of AutoNation explains that thegoals you set will determine what tactics you need for the campaign.

Fab Giovanetti from Whole Influence says that when it comesto professional standards, agreements or contacts you have to create a clearflow of communication with influencers because it helps influencers to deliveringefficiently.

2. Give a reason to share

Learndojo’s Sajan Devshi explained that one tactic that madeinfluencer marketing really successful is giving away a product for free. BrianHorn of Authority Media Group says “The right influencer can create a differentworld for your business by enhancing your reputation. So, the best tactic is togive influencers a reason to share your brand”.

He adds that “I don’t recommend going for big entrepreneurs,because they get so many messages and tags every day. Instead, choose theleaders in their specific niche of a market”.

Dan DeBaun explains “Engagement is always higher and itkeeps the product in the mind of the visitor for longer periods of time.”

3. Be open to experiencing other mediums

Most people assume that influencer marketing campaigns yieldthe best results but, you might want to be open to exploring other options.

Take a look at what your customers mostly use. Yasir Haseebof Tekrevol says “Choosing the right social media channel that supports yourgoals is important for the success of your influencer marketing program.”

Videos or Instagram posts aren’t the only ways for yourprogram can thrive.  Nooria Khan fromGigWorker mentions “The best thing that made an influencer marketing campaignsuccessful is through Podcasting. Podcasting provides valuable and informationalcontent to your audience that will help you to be recognized as influencer anda go-to expert, and thought-leader in your industry”.

Mavens & Moguls Paige Arnof-Fenn explains “Instead offocusing on the most popular/branded influencers, you should include theinternal experts, niche experts’ prospects, micro influencers and customers inyour influencer marketing mix. Getting multiple perspectives or insights tendto enrich the discussion and generate more activity online.”