The fact is that human beings are visual creatures. Our eyes turn to what’s attractive to us, what bedazzles us, what stuns us. Marketers, designers and advertisers know this better than most.

When it comes to brands trying to market their product effectively, they should know they have mere milliseconds to attract, entice and convince an individual to buy their product. If a brand fails to engage potential buyers within this minuscule amount of time, the potential buyer may never look at that product again.

But with only milliseconds to grab people’s attention and make them buy, how is this achieved? In a nutshell, strong packaging design. Brands with the strongest packaging design sell the most. Many people buy for the label and the packaging as much as they do for the contents. People who adore bitesize chocolate enjoy eating out of pouch packaging. Those who’re of more artistic temperament like packaging designs that are beautiful.

Stand out and capture attention with great packaging design and you’ll engage and convince many more people to buy your products.

In this article, we’re going to dive into how and why strong packaging design sells your products itself.

Strong and attractive packaging design captures attention

Ever notice how when a product with unique or bright or intriguing packaging and design swivels your head and turns all your attention onto it? The designers behind the marketing of that product won your attention for at least a second or two. That’s powerful.

Strong and attractive packaging design can sell your product in and of itself because just getting someone’s attention for that short period of time can be enough to justify a buy. Human beings are not only visual creatures but curious ones, too. Bight colours, an intriguing image never seen before, artistic flair. These are all aspects you can use to strengthen your packaging design and capture the attention of potential buyers.

A brand selling fairly priced luxury chocolates that go all out on crafting glorious, luxury packaging that ripples with refinery will win over many a chocolate fan—from the packaging alone. This is the power of a product selling itself.

Great typography can win over hearts and minds

A lot of direct communication in selling products is done through messaging. A snappy slogan, a friendly biography, a joke. A copywriter behind the writing professionally tailors the text to match the brand and a designer finds matching typography.

The power of communication through designing packaging with great typography communicates care, attention to detail and authenticity. There will be many who will read a brand’s packaging design text and will feel enraptured by a bold, beautiful or funky text that manifests itself as perfectly suited for the product. This can be artistic, too, and make people more likely to trust the product and buy it.

Packaging design that sells itself with a story

People have connected through stories since the dawn of civilisation. We’re still storytellers today. Your packaging is a fantastic opportunity to embed your brand story.

The imagery, the logo, the text, the typography, everything about your packaging design is an opportunity for you to tell potential customers your brand story. If it’s strong enough, your product will sell itself. The fact is people want to buy into what they believe in. They want to give their hard-earned money to a brand that speaks to them.

Impell people to want to connect with you by creating strong packaging design that speaks the language of who you are and the people you want to connect with. Know your target audience and infuse subtle messaging. Your packaging design will sell itself by connecting with those who believe in your brand story and your products.

Product packaging material to target the right audience

Strong packaging design also means paying close attention to choosing the right product packaging material. Part of doing so means choosing material and a shape that matches your brand ethos, the product inside and the target audience. Pouch packaging, boxes and glass bottles are all great options depending on these factors.

Let’s say you sell organic coffee that you want to keep fresh and you want to be easily accessible multiple times by the buyer. Pouch packing is a popular choice and is going to be one of the best options for you (and for many others). Or perhaps you want easy-to-recycle material for your organic body wash. You should do well to ship it in a perfectly sized cardboard container that doesn’t use any more material than necessary.

People are far more conscious and concerned about the packaging and the materials used today. Speak to your target audience by using product packaging that matches your brand ethos, the products you’re selling and speaks to your target audience, and your product will sell itself.