How often should you send a press release with a new announcement? How often is too often? When is the best time to send these press releases? As a business owner, media member, or tycoon, knowing how to get the journalists’ attention is important. After all, capturing public attention is the key to getting your brand recognized in the marketplace. While getting cutting-edge news often may be impossible, establishing a bond with each journalist can make this much easier.

With the right strategies, when you send a press release to their inbox, your name will stand out among others.

On the other hand, spamming journalists’ inboxes can create a bad reputation for your brand. Once media outlets have blacklisted you for spamming, it’s hard to recover their trust. Spamming will automatically establish a poor relationship with media outlets, and it’s hard to come back from that. Making a press release announcement just because you can also establish a poor reputation for your brand. 

You can’t announce every single development in your company, regardless of whether it is newsworthy or not. Doing this will only lead media outlets to blacklist you and soon you’ll be like the girl who cried wolf. When you actually have important news to share, journalists are likely to miss your press release simply because you’ve built a reputation for sharing boring press releases.

Do you want to create the kind of quality content that will leave journalists wishing for more?

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It’s important to learn how to balance the quality of content with the timing of your press release. You also need to identify the proper time to distribute your press release to media outlets for maximum attention.

Why is a press release vital?

In order to get the media’s attention and share your information through different outlets, you need a press release. Using a press release, you can create interesting and factual content efficiently. By providing a firsthand statement or testament, you make it easier for the media professionals at different news outlets to learn about your story. Press releases are also efficient tools when you’re dealing with a crisis in the company. They promote innovations and help with building brand awareness. Using your press release tool will help your business stand out in a competitive space. Most importantly, your press release influences your return on investment.

How do you distribute it?

To get your press release published on various media sites, it’s important to consider simple yet crucial steps. For instance, the publishing process can be simple and efficient when you have a close relationship with the media. Moreover, having access to a reliable media list can help. This list should contain the list of journalists, their media outlets, and their contact details. Once you’ve developed a media list, you need to write a press release email to go along with the press release itself. The email should introduce the press release and highlight its benefits to news sources and readers.

If you have an existing brand, then you can leverage your owned media to generate even more hype. Using channels like social media to promote the release will generate more views and promote your brand name. It will help establish your business name and boost your online visibility. After making contact with the journalist and getting your content published, you can track the performance of your press release. Through reports and analytics tools, you will tell whether this strategy is paying off.

Focus on what matters

For a press release to be great, it needs to be concise. It must be thorough, well-edited, and refined. Sending press releases that you haven’t edited can create a major embarrassment to your brand. As such, you should get a skilled copyeditor to edit the press release before distributing it to the media outlets or journalists. Proofreading can also help you to avoid grammatical errors in your work.

By connecting with the experts at Pressfarm, you can be sure that your content and contacts are top quality. Furthermore, Pressfarm’s services come at a professional rate to ensure your business can sustain a content creation strategy for long enough to generate results. The news cycle is very fast and keeping up with it requires skill and tenacity. At Pressfarm, you can benefit from the experience of our PR specialists and expert writers. We provide diligent services and insightful press releases that will impress your readers.

Some topics are newsworthy because of their recent occurrence. There are also some topics that are interesting because they inspire curiosity among readers. Always make sure your press release focuses on topics that matter to both the public and the company shareholders. However, don’t focus so much on the shareholders and forget the greater purpose that your press release should serve.

Writing an effective press release also requires you to focus on factual content. Even when you have factual content, it’s important to make sure you highlight the benefits of your news to consumers. We consume tons of new content every day. As such, the only way to capture someone’s attention is by sharing newsworthy content. That should be your focus when preparing the press release.

Use the press release effectively

One of the crucial benefits of sharing a press release is establishing relationships with media outlets. It also allows you to connect with new sources. Many journalists prefer publishing exclusive releases that other news outlets don’t have access to. For this reason, if you share an exclusive story with them, you can add a valuable person to your media network.

Once a journalist learns that you can share exclusive stories with them, they will start coming to you for news in their industry. In order to maintain a steady stream of news, journalists rely on partnership networks. Therefore, if you establish a positive relationship with them, you can become one of those partners. This will enable all your releases to have a better chance of getting published.

Pay attention to timing

Timing is a critical factor when developing a press release. Remember, relevant news only lasts for a brief period. Thereafter, it loses the wow factor that makes it worth reading. Therefore, you must take the news cycle into account when creating and distributing your release.

To make sure all your announcements are timely, you need to learn about the news cycle. For instance, Monday and Friday’s news gets the least attention. Oftentimes, this news disappears among other emails in the journalist’s inbox. Keeping the timing in mind will enable your release to feature in headlines instead of getting ignored by journalists.

Therefore, if you are distributing your press release to news outlets, do this during working hours. If you send it earlier on before working hours or after working workers, it will end up at the bottom of their unread pile. Journalists receive hundreds of emails daily, and if yours end up at the bottom, this is bad news for you.

Create an impact using your press release

Quality content and timely delivery are vital. However, they cannot make up for a poor or nonexistent media list. After all, one of the crucial requirements for succeeding in the industry is networking and building partnerships. Strategic partnerships will ensure your content gets proper circulation in the media.

All media outlets look forward to newsworthy content. Thus, none of them want spam emails that aren’t newsworthy. As such, you should only prepare and share a press release with them when it’s necessary. Don’t do it for the sake of distributing your brand announcements to the news outlet. If you do this, you will wreck your relationship with the journalists.

With the right combination of quality content and timely delivery, you can ensure your press release reaches the right people when it matters. More importantly, the right approach to press release writing and distribution will leave your readers wanting to learn more about your brand.